Kang Tao For Almost FREE Ice Cream – Don’t Waste Your Time At Shopee Farm

Bros & Sis, as you are aware you can get a FREE FamilyMart Ice Cream at Shopee Online if you play Shopee Farm.

But you have to be quick to get the “seed” at 12am or 12pm.

And if you managed to get the FREE Ice Cream Seed, you then have to water the plant for few days before you can harvest the voucher.

For those of you who are new to Shopee, it is dam troublesome to redeem the FREEE vouchers too. Click here to How To Redeem Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream and RM5 Grab Food Voucher.

And here is the joke, a Bro who managed to harvest the RM5 Grab Food Voucher with the Shopee Farm game after wasting time watering it for days wanted to redeem it – and it was out of stock!!! Hahaha.

So for those of you who want the FREE Ice Cream playing the Shopee Farm game at Shopee Online App, I am going to show you a quicker way to get the FREE Ice Cream….. well almost for FREE.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 to get your almost FREE Ice Cream INSTANTLY.