More Than 3K FREE Shopee Coins Without Purchasing A Single Thing From Shopee

About 2 weeks ago, I shared with you guys that I started collecting Shopee coins on 21st November and even published an article on how to earn FREE Shopee Coins. And the joke is I have not shopped at Shopee for more than 6 months but mainly at Lazada where they have many “official stores”.

The main reason why i started to collect Shopee Coins was to research how many coins I can earn within a month.

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And then, less than a week after I started to collect Shopee Coins, the American Express Credit Cards are able to be used at Shopee!

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Like I said, I was mainly shopping at Lazada and not so much Shopee. BUT now with FREE Shopee Coins and me able to use AMEX at Shopee, this will definitely entice me to make Shopee my first choice for Online Shopping versus Lazada.

12.12 Sale is only a few days from now and if you are like me where I want to use my AMEX card whenever possible to earn FREE air miles, then you must get the Maybank AMEX Cash Voucher.

Anyway, coming back to my FREE Shopee Coins where my wife and I have a combined more than 3K Shopee Coins without needing to purchase anything from Shopee! The Shopee Coins were (and are) FREE from thin air. So this means my wife and I have collected a combined more than RM30 worth of Shopee Coins which can be used to offset payment at Check Out and best part is that the FREE Shopee Coins can be used with Cash Vouchers collected and AMEX!

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