AirAsia FREE Big Points With Big Loyalty App – Update

Back in October 2020, I showed you guys How To Earn FREE AirAsia Big Points with the Catcher Game at Big Loyalty App.

Click here to watch How To Earn FREE AirAsia Big Points Daily with Big Loyalty App

I also had an article where I showed you How To Convert Big Points to Cash and where you can earn FREE AirAsia Big Point.

Click here to read my article How To Convert AirAsia Big Points To Cash With Big Loyalty App And Big Points Gift Card.

Today’s article is to update you on How To Keep Earning More FREE AirAsia Big Points. You see, I reminded a few of my Bros & Sis recently on how to earn the FREE AirAsia Big Points at Big Loyalty App and some did not know that (1) the Catcher Game is still available for us to earn FREE Big Points and (2) how to maximize earning FREE Big Points from Biggie Wonderland.

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