Fave App and Big Loyalty Partnership Will Be History Soon

For years the Fave App was and still is fantastic as we can use our AMEX to make payments. And we also earn AirAsia Big Loyalty Big Points which we can then use them to offset payments at Fave too.

Unlike Maybank Credit Cards where we are given ample notice on changes to TnC, for eWallets and Apps the TnC can change overnight.

Yesterday night and this morning two of my Bros messaged me to inform that Fave partnership with Big Loyalty ends on 28th Febraury 2021. I was searching for the email and finally found in under Junk, hahaha. Below is the email from Fave:

So for those of you who do not use the Big Loyalty App to redeem Lazada Vouchers but instead use the Big Points to offset your Fave payments take note.