FREE Money From TnG eWallet

I would guess most of you would have the TnG eWallet App and earning cash back like I did in the last few months from the Hunter Game. And out of the blue we were also rewarded with FREE additional Ang Pow on CNY (I was blessed with 5 Ang Pows from TnG eWallets, incl. my wife’s phone, for amounts of RM1.88 and RM3.88).

The TnG Hunter Game has been around since November 2020 and hopefully there will be another one next month. I have been earning more than RM30 in cash back per month with the game (including with my wife’s phone).

Last month a Bro told me he received FREE money from his TnG eWallet when he signed up for auto reload including for RFID. But I was stubborn and did not bother… come to think of it, damn stupid of me…. FREE RM15 money by simply signing up for Auto-Reload….. instead I am willing to waste time “watching” Shopee Live earning few sens daily per phone (but since I am using 3 phones, I can earn about RM1.50 per day including Coins from the Games and FREE Shakes).

Well, I woke up today and saw that there was a notification at my phone and it was from TnG reminding to sign for Auto-Reload and to earn FREE Money.

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