How To Double Dip And Earn 20% Extra Cash Back With ShopeePay

Many of my followers are Shopee fans and they taught me how to earn more cash back.

However I am not a ShopeePay fan but I am producing this article in order to help you guys who are not aware of the fabulous ShopeePay Cash Back promos.

Firstly, you need to have the Shopee App of course. Then you need to activate ShopeePay.

So with you topping up your Shopee Wallet with the right credit card, you can then earn cash back. E.g. topping up with Affin Bank Duo Visa (3% cash back) or Public Bank Quantum MasterCard (5% cash back).

And with the ShopeePay Cash Back Promos you get to double dip at hundreds of merchants including petrol (at Caltex) and groceries (at Mydin)!!!

Basically you need to spend RM15 with your ShopeePay at selected merchants to earn RM3, that’s equivalent to 20% cash back which is way better than any credit card! But some of the cash back promos you just need to transact RM5 with Shopee Pay.

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