How To Double Dip And Earn 20% Extra Cash Back With ShopeePay

How To Earn Cash Back with ShopeePay

If you are familiar with ShopeePay, all you need is to tap on Participating Offline Partners to see where you can earn FREE Money when you transact RM15 with a particular merchant using ShopeePay.

For those of you who are new to Shopee, I created a step by step video tutorial.

Click here to my YouTube Chanel to learn how to earn FREE money with ShopeePay.

UPDATE May 2021

You can only earn the RM3 cash back once per day regardless of which merchant you use Shopee Pay at.

However, if there is another Promo, for example you can earn 25% cash back capped at RM8 per transaction limited to twice per month, then this promo can also be used on the same day as the RM3 cash back mentioned in the above paragraph.

Check out Shopee Pay for cash back promos and you be happy to learn you can earn cash back daily.

And if you earn RM3 per day, that’s RM90 FREE money per month!!! HOWEVER, in view of Covid-19, it is not worth it to risk your life and your loved ones if you have to leave your house just to earn miserable RM3 per day!!!