Maybank Bonanza Grab Challenge Is Back For March 2021 – BUT Is It Any Good This Time?

Starting from 3rd March 2021 to 23rd March 2021, you are eligible for GrabRewards Bonus Points with (1) Maybank2U and (2) Maybank Credit Cards when you top up your Grab Wallet. But are these promos any good considering we will earn nothing when topping up.

Please note that YOU MUST activate the above mentioned challenges at your Grab App.

Maybank2U Challenge

For this Challenge, you need to top up your GrabPay Wallet with Maybank2u for the first time.

Link and top up a minimum of RM50 to get 500 GrabRewards Points. You can select how long you want it linked for – 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Applicable to first time user only.

GenX’s Comments:

Well if you do not have a credit card that earns you nothing for topping up your Grab Wallet, then I guess this promo is good FOR ONE TIME ONLY because you earn nothing after the first top up!

So how much is 500 GrabRewards Points worth?

Well, with 550 GrabRewards Points you can redeem RM3 GrabMart Voucher.

So with you topping up RM50 and earning less than RM3, it works out to less than 6% cash back. If you are not an active Grab user and earn very little GrabRewards Points, this promo is a waste of time because you can most probably get RM5 to RM8 discount with Grab Promo Codes which are available most of the time.

Maybank Credit Card and Maybank2U Challenge

Earn GrabRewards Points when you set auto top-up with any Maybank card OR Maybank2u

Enter a minimum auto top-up of RM50, and upon low balance triggers, you’ll be rewarded with up to 2,400 GrabRewards Points!

  • First auto top-up trigger: 400 GrabRewards Points
  • Second auto top-up trigger: 800 GrabRewards Points
  • Third auto top-up trigger: 1,200 GrabRewards Points

GenX’s Comments:

As you are all aware, we earn nothing when we top up our Grab Wallet with Maybank credit cards.

Well, once again if you do not have a credit card that earns you nothing for topping up your Grab Wallet, then I guess this promo is good FOR THREE TOP UPs ONLY because you earn nothing after that.

Assuming you do Auto-Reload 3 X RM50, you will then earn 2,400 GrabRewards Points where you can redeem RM15 Grab Voucher. This works out to be 10% cash back!


From the above 2 challenges, the 3X Auto-Reload Challenge seems worthwhile as you can earn 10% cash back (in terms of vouchers); and that’s if you are bothered with the Auto-Reload thingy. As for me, both above challenges are a hassle and a waste of time compared to previous Maybank Grab Challenges. Therefore I will take a miss on this challenge, haha.

For more info, visit your Grab App.