Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream , Pizza & Noodles – FREE Is The BEST!

Ever since I produced tutorials on how to earn FREE Shopee Coins and FREE Food at Shopee App, ,many of my followers have joined me in playing Shopee Farm.

At Shopee Farm, we can water others but max up to 20 people only.

In respect to the above, many people water my plants (I have more than 1 phone) at Shopee Farm but however I can’t reciprocate as there is a max 20 people that I can water. Therefore, I apologize to you if you are watering my plants but I am not doing the same to you.

As most of you know by now, in addition to earning FREE Shopee Coins at Shopee Farm, you can also opt for FREE Food such as FamilyMart Ice Cream, Pizza Hut, Boat Noodles plus cash vouchers too.

Below is what a Sis message me recently….. she earned more than RM100 worth of FREE Food!!!

The Sis who sent the above resides in the Northern states and she sent her 10 FamilyMart Ice Cream codes to her aunt in KL!!! Below is the photo which shows her aunt’s fridge in KL overflowing with ice cream, hahaha.

After she sent me the above messages, she used her FREE Shopee Farm Pizza vouchers and her family had a pizza feast 🙂

She has also used the FREE Boat Noodles vouchers for FREE lunch…. who says there is no such thing as FREE lunch? Hahahahaha.

I have not been bothered to play to earn the FREE Food from Shopee Farm as I prefer Coins…… However now that I have so many coins, the Sis had shown me the light as to what I must do….. I should be playing Shopee Farm to earn FREE Food and I should stop playing to earn FREE Coins as I have too many of them (about 3K in each of my 3 phones every start of the month which I mainly use to pay bills and therefore more than enough not including my wife’s phone which has 5K plus)!!! Hahaha.

If you are new to Shoppe Farm and have no idea how to claim your FREE Food Voucher or Cash Voucher, click here to my article titled How To Redeem Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream and RM5 Grab Food Voucher.

Anyway, the Sis mentioned above also reminded me that after we claim the FamilyMart FREE Ice Cream Code, we need to use FamilyMart’s App to complete the redemption. She even tooK the trouble to send me a image of FamiyMart’s App. And that’s why her aunt could use the code in KL whereas the Sis resides in Penang 🙂

FYI, the Sis above graduated from an overseas university which is ranked in the World’s Top 50 Uni for her professional degree. That is why she is so smart and more importantly is that whenever she sends me any messages, they will be detail and concise so that the info is clear and I do not need to guess. I hate it when people sent me messages without any details or just a link and expect me to guess what they trying to tell me.

In respect to the above, that’s why my articles, which are mostly tutorials nowadays, are freaking long and presented in a systematic manner so that you have full info and don’t screw up, hahahahahaha.

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