Optimizing Grab HOTDEALS And Baskin Robbins Trick

In my previous articles I have mentioned many times that it is a waste to use our GrabReward Points to redeem for RM5 or RM10 Cash Voucher because there are always Grab Promos where we can easily save RM5 or even more than RM10.

Until early April, Grab Promo Code HOTDEALS gives us 50% discount, capped at RM12 off, for our orders.

As shown to you previously, I did earned myself several FREE GrabFood RM50 Cash Vouchers during the last Points Back Promo and I still have one unused.

And if you are a long time follower of mine, you will also know that I am a Baskin Robbins fan and my favorites are Macadamia Nuts N Cream and Praline & Cream followed by Very Berry Strawberry.

Therefore I was contemplating if I should use the Grab RM50 Cash Voucher to get a Handpacked Quart or Twinpacked Pint.

Why Twinpacked Pint you may ask? Well, you see, Baskin Robbins plays dirty!

If I were to order a single Handpacked Pint or Quart, I do not have the options to select Macadamia Nuts N Cream! However, if I were to select TwinPint or TwinQuart, then only I get to have my Macadamia Nuts N Cream.

So recently I have been ordering the Twinpacked Pint just so that I can have my Macadamia Nuts N Cream, haha. And sometimes the twinpack comes in a nice cooler container.

Then I was thinking, it would be a waste if I were not to use the HOTDEALS promo where I can save RM12 from thin air. Moreover, the RM50 GrabFood Voucher I have expires only at the end of the year and I can also use it for dinner.

So I decided to do a comparison… scroll down and click on Page2 to see calculations…and ended up making a big sacrifice but at the same time created jobs for 2 people.