Maybank Premier Cards: Reduced Minimum Spending Requirement For Annual Fee Waiver In 2021

On 13th March 2021, Maybank officially announced that the spending requirement for their Premier Credit Cards have been reduced from RM80K to RM50K.

Click here to see the announcement. Below in italic is copy and paste of the same announcement.

Dear Valued Cardmembers,

In response to your evolving needs amidst the ongoing pandemic, we are pleased to inform you that we will be reducing the minimum annual spending requirement for annual fee waiver from RM80,000 to RM50,000, for annual fees chargeable in 2021. The card types eligible for this revision are as follows:

• Maybank 2 Cards Premier
• Maybank World Mastercard
• Maybank Visa Infinite
• Maybank Visa Infinite Diamanté
• Maybank Manchester United Visa Infinite
• Maybank Islamic World Mastercard Ikhwan Card-i
• Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Visa Infinite Card-i

Kindly be informed that the above revision will take effect automatically for cards with anniversaries in May 2021 to December 2021. For those with anniversaries from January 2021 to April 2021, the annual fee will be manually reversed on 1st April 2021 should the minimal spending requirement is met.

This measure is a gesture of our appreciation for your support for Maybank Cards and we look forward to continue serving you.

Huh? Based on the above it means the Diamanté also has the same spending requirement as those of us who hold the Maybank 2 Cards Premier where the annual income requirement is RM100K?

If above is true, then the Diamanté is of equal standing/level/class with our M2CP hahaha.

I would have thought the Diamanté would be Free For Life considering how much AUM one has to have with Maybank to qualify for the card. I tell you, the super rich with Maybank Visa Diamanté, what you should do is follow my footsteps and deposit a little tiny bit of your AUM in Maybank into Alliance Privilege, RHB Premier , StanChart Premier and UOB Privilege in order to qualify for their FREE For Life credit cards. And since you are at it, also deposit with CIMB to qualify for their Preferred Visa Infinite too.

And once you have all the above Privilege/Premier/Preferred Banking status and credit cards, read all my credit card posts and you then be able to maximize from different trasnaction categories to earn more air miles quicker. Plus, with so many FREE FOR LIFE credit cards you get to bring your entire family into Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA too, but then again you and your family are flying First Class…. well, you can use the FREE For Life credit cards to get your maids, nannies and body guards free access to the lounge then 🙂