How To Redeem Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream Part 2 – With FamilyMart Online App

Previously in my article titled How To Redeem Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream and RM5 Grab Food Voucher, I showed you how to “claim” the FREE FamilyMart Sofuto Sundae CODE which we have earned from Shopee Mart.

Well, above is just the first step for the FREE ice Cream!!! There are more steps, hahaha.

Actually I was not bothered to claim the previous FamilyMart Sofuto Sundae I earned from Shopee Farm because it was damn troublesome (as I needed to go to a FamilyMart store) and therefore I let it expire.

But because one of my followers showed me the ice creams she earned, I was inspired and decided to opt for the ice cream again, and moreover I had lot of FREE Shopee Coins. So I collected 2 FamilyMart Ice Cream from Shopee Farm recently.

Click here to read Shopee Farm FREE Ice Cream , Pizza & Noodles worth more than RM100 – totally FREE!

Well, I just went to FamilyMart to redeemed 2 different flavors of FREE ice cream and therefore I can now give you more specific details on how to redeem the FREE ice cream.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 for Step by Step Tutorial on how to redeem the FamilyMart FREE Ice Cream.