Enrich Miles Is Now Enrich Points – Bonus Enrich Points For April

All of you would have received email from Enrich stating the effective 1st April 2021, Enrich Miles will be know as Enrich Points.

If you are an Enrich fan, you have up to 3rd April to convert your credit card reward points to Enrich Points and earn 25% Bonus Points.

So what is so good about Enrich Points?

Basically it is like Shopback but in this case we earn Enrich Points instead of cash back when we purchase stuff via Enrich Shoppe which is powerd by Rebate Mango.

From the above you can see than for Booking.com, you will earn 2 Enrich Point for every $1 spend. For Malaysia Airlines ticket, 0.5 Enrich Miles for every $1 spent.

WAIT – it is stated $ and not RM!!! And what the heck the $ stands for? USD, AUD or SGD?

I am pretty sure the people at Malaysia Airlines is not that stupid to have $ meaning Ringgit Malaysia.

So you better check what currency the $ stand for. If it is USD, the Enrich Shoppe Rewards is damn useless.

Once again, Enrich Point is a partnership with RebateMango.

So how much is one Enrich Point worth?

Well from below, 1 Enrich Point is worth RM0.01!!!

I tell you, I really do not understand why Malaysia Airlines would want to partner with Rebate Mango where we can also use Shopback and earn 1.5% cash back which is way freaking better than the 0.5 Enrich Miles for every $1 spent via Enrich Shoppe powered by RebateMango!

If you ask me, Malaysia Airlines just made themself jatuh standard from using the word Enrich Miles which is more prestigious compared to Enrich Points.