Duit Now – Malaysia National QR Code For Banks And eWallets

Below is a statement copied from Duit Now’s website:

DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s National QR Standard established by PayNet under the BNM’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework. Through DuitNow QR’s interoperability, any compliant QR Code can take payments from any participating Banks and e-Wallets.

Soon every merchant in Malaysia will only be displaying the Duit Now QR Code. Why? Because the merchant will get the payment credited into his/her bank account instantly.

The government has even started to impose traders to accept eWallets in order to obtain a Trading License. Click here to read a report at The Malay Mail titled E-wallet among licensing requirements for market traders in Putrajaya, says deputy minister.

And for us consumers, the Duit Now QR Code is also fantastic as we can now use our desired eWallet at the merchant.

For examples:

  1. a shop only accepts TnG eWallet or Boost. But you want to use GrabPay.
  2. a shop only accept GrabPay but you want to use TnG eWallet.

Well, with the Duit Now QR Code, you can pay with several eWallets of your choice!

And did you know that you can use Shopee Pay for payment using the Duit Now QR Code?

Actually you can even use Boost and TnG eWallet with Duit Now QR Code today!

Soon, GrabPay, Fave Pay and Big Pay will also be able to use the Duit Now QR Code.

So are credit cards history with Duit Now QR Code? Well, NO! In actual fact the government is encouraging more people into debt!!!

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