Enrich Redemption Fiesta – Shopee Cash Voucher

If you have checked your email, you will know that you can now redeem your Enrich Points for Shopee Cash Vouchers, BInfinite Points, Sunway Pals Points and etc.

Basically you can redeem RM50 Shopee Cash Voucher with 4000 Enrich Points.

Well, the above works out that one Enrich Point to be worth RM0.0125 or about 1 sen!

Unless one has Enrich Points expiring soon, why would he/she even want to consider getting RM0.0125 value for their Enrich Point!

As I showed you previously, you get better value with your Enrich Points with Enrich Hotels. If you miss this said article, click here to learn more on how to get better value from your expiring Enrich Points.

But of course the best value you get from your Enrich Points is when you redeem for a Business Class ticket to London BUT that won’t be happening anytime soon…. so go for a Staycation 🙂