AirAsia Big Loyalty App – Big Points Gift Card

I am sure you have seen the Big Points Gift Card Promo in your Big Loyalty App where it was mentioned you get 10% off shop with Ikhlas.

But I guess I am damn blur because I can’t seem to find anything on Shop With Ikhlas anywhere in the Big Loyalty App.

When I click on the promo, all I see is how much we need to pay to get a specific gift card.

So from the above, we need to pay RM51 for a 5000 Big Points Gift Card.

Most merchants sell their gift cards at a discounted rate or for the same amount. For examples Grab and Lazada.

But Big Loyalty, i.e. AirAsia, is unique, they sell their gift cards with less value than what you pay. I guess their CEO is super smart and thinks the rest of us are super blur.

So once again (I previously did show you how worthless AA Big Points Gift Cards are), let’s do some calculations:

A. Pay RM51 to get 5000 Big Points. Therefore it means you are paying RM0.0102 for 1 Big Point.

B. You need 6075 Big Points to redeem for RM50 Lazada cash voucher. Therefore it means in this case your Big Point is only worth RM0.00823

From item A and B above, you pay RM0.0102 but you get RM0.00823, which means you have lost 19.31%!!!

Who in the freaking mind would want to lose 19.31% for nothing!!!

So even if there is a thing called Shop With Ikhlas to get 10% discount where 1 Big Point is worth RM0.00823, you are still losing right?

Below so called promo better still – Big Loyalty claims that a Caltex gift card worth RM50 is being sold at RM70!!! Who is so stupid to pay RM70 and get RM50 value for petrol?

From the above, it is stated that we need 8750 Big Points to redeem the RM50 Caltex Gift Card. In this case, 1 big Point is worth RM0.005714.

What the above means, if you were to purchase the Big Points Gift Card and then redeem the Caltex voucher, you will be losing 43.98%!!!!!!

If Big Loyalty App is to be a Super App, there is much to do and they can start by giving us better value for their Big Points.

Having said the above, as long as we can earn FREE Big Points with the games in Big Loyalty, many people will still visit the App. But once they stop giving us FREE Big Points, there is no reason for us to visit the Big Loyalty App daily which means the App will be useless, hahaha.