Face Shield – Frame and Replacement Shield

The government has now officially recommending that we wear two masks. Below is an SMS from MKN (Majlis Keselamatan Negara) which all of you should have received in all your mobile phones.

Double Masking

Unless you have a N95 Mask, you better double mask!!!

Since we are told to double mask, might as well improve our protection further by wearing a face shield too.

Our MoH DG did say – Wear double face masks, face shields, says Noor Hisham, click here to read it.

So don’t be stubborn but double mask and wear face shield whenever you go out.

Actually I bought a few face shield last year, the type which has sponge at the front with elastic band (image below). I thought this type of face shield would be suitable for me since I wear glasses/specs; BUT I did not like it as I can’t wear my cap properly.

So recently I bought another type which has a frame where one wears it like specs. And to my surprised, it was super light and very comfortable and I could wear it even with my glasses on! And the thing is they are super cheap too. You can get one for less than RM2 at Lazada!!!

I actually ordered the frame face shield from 2 suppliers at Lazada last week, i.e. Certo for RM3.67 per piece and another supplier for RM1.90 per piece. And the RM1.90 is also super comfortable.

And below is a video of the Certo’s face shield

Well the RM1.90 face shield was delivered to my home yesterday and it is exactly like the video above where the frame sides are flexible and therefore very comfortable.

Now there are 2 protective films which you must remove from the plastic shield otherwise your vision will be impaired.

Below are 2 photos, as you can observe yourself, the RM1.90 face shield does not really impair your vision BUT I do not recommend wearing it when you are driving. .

So I wanted to get more of the RM1.90 face shield but no more stock from the same supplier!!!

However I found another local supplier called One World Marketing at Lazada where we can purchase the shield only.

And when I was ordering the frame and shield at Lazada from One World Marketing, I could get a RM5 Lazada Discount Voucher when the order amount was more than RM15 (no idea where it is from as I will click Collect Voucher from here and there, haha) and use it with my credit card too. Thus I did not use the FREE Lazada Cash Vouchers which I redeemed from Hotlink, Grab and etc.

So Bros & Sis, a face shield is very cheap, so don’t be stubborn but get a few for you and your loved ones so that your protection is taken to another higher level when you double mask. And remember to remove the protective plastic films on both sides.