GrabMart Cash Voucher For Eureka Popcorn

I do like GrabMart because my order will be delivered within an hour. Last month, I had 4XRM40 GrabMart Voucher redeemed from Points Back Promo end of May 2021 and I used them for oranges (because my regular wholesale fruit seller was under quarantine and therefore his shop was closed) and stock up on Panadol, toothbrush, Listerine and etc.

During the last Grab Points Back promo at the end of June, in addition to redeeming several RM30 GrabFood Vouchers, I also redeemed 3XRM40 GrabMart Cash Vouchers using my wife’s Grab Account. I could have redeem more RM40 GrabMart vouchers but I did not; because I have stocked up most of the essential stuff I need last month utilizing Grab PayLater Promo (with my wife’s and my Grab Account) to earned RM220 FREE Money and a Grab Challenge where we also had to use PayLater and earned 40K GrabRewards Points.

With Points Back, effectively we only need 3,840 Grab Rewards Points to redeem one RM40 GrabMart Cash Voucher. This works out to 96 GrabRewards Points = RM1 which is really good compared to the standard 160 Grab Rewards Points = RM1.

So with the 3XRM40 GrabMart Vouchers in hand, my wife immediately used one of them to order her baking stuff. So I still have 2XRM40 GrabMart vouchers remaining.

Since tomorrow is the start of EMCO for most of Selangor and some parts of KL, to stock up, I ordered Baskin Robbins ice-cream yesterday night and have it delivered to my home this afternoon where I used HOTDEALS promo code and saved RM12.50. I then immediately repeated another order with Baskin Robbins using the HOTDEALS promo code but this time I used my wife’ Grab Account. So in total I kind of saved RM25 without using any GrabRewards Points or voucher!

Then I asked my wife to go use the RM40 GrabMart voucher to order whatever she wants before most of the shops close starting from Saturday due to the EMCO. However, my wife also has nothing to order. FYI, all our market needs (vege, meat, fish, Dutch Lady fresh milk and etc are delivered straight to our home where the owner of the market will get her daughter in-law to do the delivery just for my mum – my mummy will just make a phone call once a week).

So my wife asked me if I wanted Eureka popcorn which can be ordered via GrabMart and I said – try lah. She then proceeded to order 3 flavors yesterday night and have them scheduled for delivery this afternoon (we have received the order). The total amount added up to RM50.70 and after deducting the RM40 GrabMart voucher I paid RM10.70.

Now, we may also use the HOTDEALS promo for the Eureka popcorn and get RM12.50 off for the order. But like I said, we had no idea what to use the RM40 GrabMart voucher for and decided to use it for the Eureka popcorn. Moreover, the HOTDEALS promo is until end of July where each Grab account is entitled to use it 4 times.

Therefore I still have one more remaining RM40 GrabMart Voucher to burn plus with my wife’s Grab Account we have 6 more opportunity to use HOTDEALS. And if the end July Points Back offers the GrabMart voucher again, my wife and I currently have more than 35K GrabRewards Points ready to redeem more than 5XRM40 GrabMart vouchers…… and today is only the second day of the month which means we will have more GrabRewards Points again before the next Points Back promo 🙂