FREE Money With Grab App Again

Last month I showed you guys how to earn FREE Money RM110 with Grab PayLater Promo. Well once again we have the opportunity to earn FREE Money this month for essential items.

Below is one of the Grab Promo which I received via email:

From the above:

Using GrabPay where the minimum spending must be RM150 with a selected merchant, you can earn RM20.

As for the Grab PayLater promo where you also need to spend minimum RM150, you can earn RM30.

Therefore, in total you can earn RM50 with RM300 spending which works out to be 16.67% cash back. And if you use a cash back credit card that earns you 5% cash back when topping up your Grab Wallet, that means in total you will get just above 21% cash back 🙂

For new users, you can earn another RM40 in total but you will also need to spend another RM300.

And then at my Grab App I saw another promo just for PayLater:

With respect to the above, for existing user it means we can earn another RM30 with the second PayLater payment. Combining the 2 promos, I guess we, existing users, for this month can earn the following:

  1. RM20 with RM150 spending with GrabPay
  2. RM60 with RM300 (2xRM150) with Grab PayLater.

However, to spend RM450 on essential items with Grab PayLater with only a few selected merchants is kind of tough – I know because I showed you last month how I earned 2XRM110 with my wife’s and my Grab accounts. So if you can purchase roughly RM300m best you split it to 2xRM150 and utilize PayLater and earn RM60 which will give you maximum 20% cash back. Once again you can earn another 5% cash back with the right credit card to top up your Grab Wallet.

Now in addition to the Rebate, you will also earn 3X Grab Rewards Points.

However, a few of my disciples told me that they could not sign up for Grab PayLater or Grab assigned them RM0 for their Pay Later Account!!! For my case, Grab initially assigned a credit of RM1000 for my Pay Later Account and then increased it to RM1500 after I used it twice. My wife’s case, on the other hand, Grab set her PayLater limit to RM400 only.