Earn FREE GrabRewards Points By Watching Ads

This morning a Bro messaged me to informed that he earned FREE 10 GrabRewards Points for watching an Ad at Grab App after ordering his food.

So I googled and found below info at Grab Malaysia website where the have many types of ads at Grab App and one of them is offering 10 GrabRewards Points for watching a video ad.

Anyway, I went and check out my Grab App and at the Homepage there is a Video to watch!!!. So I clicked on it and it played for less than a minute and I earned 10 GrabRewards Points!!!

So I then closed and open the Grab App and there were many random static ads, examples below:

So I kept closing and opening the Grab App and true enough there is another video ad:

So I repeated the process again, i.e. closing and opening the Grab App many times, until I saw another video ad.

And then I drafted above.

I then close and open the Grab App and the Astro ad (the first video in this article) reappeared so I clicked on it and the video played BUT when it finished I did not earn any GrabRewards Points. So I guess if you have watched the video ad before, do not waste your time on the same day. Maybe the next day you may earn 10 GrabRewards Points again. Try and you will know.

So the next time when you visit your Grab App, look out for video ads and watch them to earn FREE GrabRewards Points 🙂

UPDATE 22nd July 2021

Yesterday I managed to watch 5 Video Ads at Grab and earned 50 GrabRewards Points.

However, for my wife’s Grab which is on her iPhone, I only managed to view 1 Video Ad yesterday!!!

Therefore how often and how many video ads appareling may also depends on your GrabPay usage.

Two person also told me that we do not need to “close” and “open” the Grab App but simply “refresh” it and one Bro taught me how to do it by just swiping down! So I created a video to show you 🙂

Click here to my YouTube to see How To Refresh Grap At HomeScreen

The video was taken with my new Samsung Z Flip which I was holding on with my left hand and therefore kind of shaky but you get the point.

Also in the video I showed you the 5 Video Ads (same image as above) which I managed to earned a total of 50 GrabRewards Points yesterday BUT today nothing since the same video ads which appeared yesterday (.e. Astro, Romano coffee and Romano Parfum) reappeared, i.e. no new Video Ads for me to watch!!!

UPDATE 29th Aug 2021

New Videos – Disney’s Hotstar, Taiwan and Pizza Hut

There is another video on 3M Mask but we won’t earn any GrabRewards Points…. you will see the words Learn More instead of earning 10 Points. So next time before you click on any video, read the note.