Cheap Antivirus For Your Computer – Don’t Be Stubborn But Install One

There are many anti-virus software in the market and to be honest I have no idea which is the best but Norton and McAfee are two of the antivirus software I have been using for years.

PC Magazine Editor Choice for Antivirus 2021 are Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee and Webroot.

On the other hand, even though PC Mag gave Norton Antivrus Plus similar score compared to McAfee, but it seems that it was not an Editor Choice simply because of pricing.

Like I mentioned, I use both Norton and McAfee.

Norton Antivirus

If you visit Norton Antivirus Malaysia website, you will note that basically for 2021 they are offering only Norton 360 Standard (1 user), 360 Deluxe (5 Users) and Premium (10 Users) and Norton Antivirus Plus for single user only. It is extremely important that you know the current Norton Products’ Classification as many sellers online are still selling the older versions.

I recommend that you purchase directly with Norton Malaysia Official Website if you are a Norton fan like me to ensure you get the latest protection.

One of the features I like about Norton is the SafeCam for PC where Norton has prevented Microsoft Edge to activate my webcam on several occasions!! Norton has also prevented BlueStack from opening my webcam.

HOWEVER, there is one BIG NEGATIVE about Norton Official Malaysia Products – IT DOES NOT COME WITH VPN!!!

I really don’t understand why Norton Malaysia does not offer VPN. In other countries, the Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe and Premium comes with Secure VPN. Below are the products and price of Norton at their Australia website.

As you can see, all the Norton 360 offer Secure VPN in Australia but not in Malaysia. Of course the Norton 360 price is higher in Australia when convert to Ringgit Malaysia….. and maybe this is why the VPN feature is omitted for the Malaysia version.

Comparison of Norton 360 Standard Malaysia Versus Australia

The price of Norton 360 Standard are RM79 and AUD59.99 (RM180) for Malaysia and Australia respectively.

Therefore the Australia Norton 360 Standard cost RM100 more for the VPN feature!!!

We can get FREE VPN in Malaysia but it may lag. And I am not going to sign up with another paid VPN provider where I need to renew the least yearly which is damn troublesome. I would rather pay for the VPN feature that is built in with my Antivirus and renew both one go.

Currently my Norton 360 Deluxe (5 devices) is a Malaysia version and it is expiring soon; therefore, I am going to get a Norton 360 Australia version…. but not from Norton Australia but Officeworks šŸ™‚

So for AUD38 or RM120 I get a Norton Premium with VPN which is what I want for my main notebook. The 360 Premium comes with 100GB Cloud Storage which I do not need and also Dark Web Monitoring (I have no idea what this is but it sounds like my PC will be better secured, haha).

McAfee Antivirus

FYI, I have an ASUS notebook that I use purely for Online Banking and this computer is installed with McAfee and it has VPN! The McAfee came preinstalled with the notebook and most probably I just agreed to renew the lease when the FREE Trial expired (I can’t really remember what I did).

Like I mentioned earlier, my current Norton 360 Deluxe for 5 devices are expiring soon and for my main computer I am getting the Norton 360 Premium Single User from Officeworks. So I need another Antivirus Software for another 3 computers since I have terminated the auto renewal feature.

I decided to go with McAfee Antivirus for the other 3 computers that are currently part of the Norton 360 Deluxe mentioned above where the subscription is expiring soon.

Now, McAfee it seems does have an Official Store at both Lazada and Shopee and the prices are the same.

Below image shows McAfee Total Solution 1 Year for 3 Devices for RM69 only and another called LiveSafe 3 Years 1 Device for RM89. Both products are really freaking cheap compared to Norton!!!

I decided to go with Shopee for this purchase because I have more than RM100 worth of Shopee Coins!!! Click here to read the Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money. The thing is this, except for TNB, most of my bills (ASTRO, Air Selangor, Maxis Postpaid and UNIFI) are already paid in Advance with the FREE Money I have been earning in the past few months.

And since I will be earning more FREE Money in the days ahead and considering the Shopee Coins do have an expiry date, it makes sense that I use the Shopee Coins to offset the payment for the McAfee Antivirus from McAfee Official Store – YES, only buy Antivirus software from Official Store so that you get a genuine latest product AND more importantly you are in control where you do not give away your email to anyone!

In respect to the above, you can get unbelievable freaking cheap McAfee from sellers at Shopee or other Online Platform BUT the McAFee account is not yours!!! I.e. the seller will give you the code to install the McAfee (or other antivirus) using their Account and your computer will show up in their account! Why the heck would you want someone else to have control? And some of the Sellers will ask for you email – why the heck do you want to give away your personal info to strangers?

Bros & Sis, when it comes to security matters, you should be kiasu to the max and not be penny wise pound foolish. Make sure you are in control and no third party has access to or info on your device and never give your personal info to strangers.

Anyway, coming back to my purchase at McAfee Official Store, I decided to get the Total Protection 3 Devices for RM69 from Shopee where I can use Shopee Coins to offset the payment. And if I were to use Shopee Pay, I can earn 10% cash back, i.e. FREE 690 Shopee Coins!!!

Therefore I only need to pay RM51.75 for 1 year protection for 3 devices which means it cost less than RM0.10 per day per computer. And actually I am effectively paying less than RM51.75 because I will earn 690 Shopee Coins worth RM6.90.

Now, you can opt not to receive the McAfee Physical Card that contains the Installation Key Code but I prefer to get the physical card for records and not wanting others to know my code (the person who gives you the code will know the code).


When it comes to security matters, especially if you are using a PC for online banking, best you be kiasu to the max and I strongly recommend that you install an antivirus bought from an Official Store.

And I have shown you above that you can get from McAfee Official Store LiveSafe for 3 years for less than RM90 which means less than RM30 per year and it can be even less if you have Shopee Coins (which you can save another 25%) and Shopee Pay to earn 10% cash back. So get your McAfee from their Official Store and not some Code from a third party where your device is added to their account.

And if you are using public WI-Fi, e.g. hotel FREE WI-Fi, best your antivirus comes with VPN for extra layer of protection.

Like I mentioned, my McAfee in my ASUS which I renew the lease after the FREE trial has VPN. HOWEVER, there is no mentioned of VPN for the LifeSave or Total Protection at Lazada of Shopee McAfee Malaysia Official Store.

So for those of you who do have McAfee antivirus and VPN please comment at my FB for this post based on format below:

McAfee Official Store Malaysia Total Protection 3 Devices from Shopee or Lazada RMXX (if you can remember how much your paid) – VPN Yes or No

Kaspersky Official Store Internet Security1 Device from Lazada or Shopee RM79 – VPN No

McAfee preinstalled LifeSafe (or whatever your McAfee is called) in ACER or ASUS or DELL or whatever your computer brand – VPN Yes or No

For example, my case:

McAfee preinstalled LifeSafe in ASUS – VPN Yes