FREE Money For Shopee Pay Fans

I am sure many of you here uses Shopee for online shopping and best of all we can save up to 25% with FREE Shopee Coins capped at RM30.

And Shopee allows us to use our Maybank AMEX while utilizing the FREE Coins too in order to offset payment. Click here to read American Express Is Now Accepted at Shopee To Earn You Cash Back or Air Miles.

However many of you are Shopee Pay fans where it is stupid to top up Shopee Pay Wallet with Maybank AMEX as we earn nothing; instead many of you use Public Bank Quantum MasterCard and/or Visa Signature to earn FREE Money.

In respect to the above, you have been told that effective 16th February 2022, Public Bank credit cards do not earn anything for topping up eWallet!

Click here to read Revisions To Public Bank Visa Signature and Quantum MasterCard Effective 16th February 2022 where in Page 3 you are told the options you have to continue earning cash back with credit cards when topping up eWallets.

Well, if you do not have the 2 credit cards mentioned in Page 3 of the above said link to top up Shopee Pay eWallet or even Lazada Wallet, you still can earn cash back when you use your (1) Maybank 2 Gold/Platinum AMEX to pay directly on Saturday and Sunday and (2) use your Public Bank Visa Signature or Quantum MasterCard to pay directly on any day of the week instead of topping up your Shopee Pay Wallet.

But like I mentioned, many are Shopee Pay Fans because of the cash back promos offered when one uses Shopee Pay and therefore in order to earn more, they will need a credit card that earns them cash back with topping up Shopee Pay eWallet.

So if you are a Shopee Pay Fan and you are not aware of the current Chinese New Year promos to earn FREE Money, scroll down and click on Page 2 to learn more…..