FREE Money But Were You Disciplined To Perform The Finger Exercises?


I have showed many times how one can earn FREE Money From Lazada, Shopee, Hotlink and Big Loyalty by simply preforming finger exercises by checking in daily to the App.

For those of you who have been granted the password, click here to read Apps That Earn Me FREE Money In 2021 And Revisions.

And the beauty part of Shopee and Lazada is that you can earn more FREE money by you simply getting another mobile phone SIM card and I recommended that you get Hotlink where I have showed you many examples on how I earn FREE Money at the Hotlink App itself.

And with Hotlink last year allowing us to sign up for a new plan called 365 where we get 1 full year of validity for RM30, it is a freaking good deal as it cost us basically nothing but allowing us to earn more than RM100 each from Shopee and Lazada!

I have 3 Hotlink Prepaid Plans and all have been switched to Hotlink 365 last year.

Two of my Hotlink Plans are used to generate FREE Money from Apps showed in the above link.

However, one of my Hotlink Sim was given to my dad because he refused to change his old Maxis Plan without data. So I bought him a Samsung Note 10, which I really like the smaller size compared to my Note 10 Lite and M31, and inserted his Old Sim (as his Line 1 so he can use it to make and received calls like what he has been doing for decades) and the Hotlink Prepaid SIm purely for Data (so that he can use MySejahtera, WhatsApp Calls from overseas, for Parking and surfing the internet when there is no electricity due to TNB).

Click here to read more about Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 And SIM Active 365 Days Period. However now the plan has been revised and called Hotlink Pantas – take note.