FREE Money But Were You Disciplined To Perform The Finger Exercises?

So like I mentioned, with another Hotlink SIM, we can earn more FREE Money from Lazada and Shopee.

For Lazada case it is very direct where once we have accumulated more than RM40 from Daily Rewards, we can then redeem RM40 into our Lazada Wallet where the money can be used to purchase anything or even pay bills directly at the Lazada App.

For Shopee’s case, we are earning Shopee Coins. You can use the coins directly at your Shoppe App which has your Hotlink Prepaid SIM to offset 25% of the transaction (including bills) amount capped at RM30 per transaction.

The thing is, I earn lots of Shopee Coins monthly, so much so most of my bills are overpaid! As such, I have been giving away my Shopee Coins. Now you can also send your Shopee Coins from your Hotlink Prepaid to your main phone line.

So if you have too many Shopee Coins, click here to read How To Send Your FREE Shopee Coins To Friend’s Account.