My Girls Are All Dressed Up With Accessories Gifted by Me

Recently both my daughters dressed up for a special occasions.

On the left, my older daughter with her Prada Christmas Edition 2015 Black Sling Bag because I was very happy with her consistent good results while she was pursuing her Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and was awarded a scholarship after her first year. Therefore the cost of the Prada bag was negligible compared to the Scholarship which saved me quite a lot of money (when converted to RM).

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But, if you are a die hard follower of mine, you would know that today I will no longer purchase any Prada bags for my wife or daughters because Prada quality cannot stand the test of time!!!

In my recent exclusive article titled Must Have Handbags For Women – Part 4, I told a few of you of a must have handbag you must get now and how you can modify it to your liking. Well, similar to the info shown to you in this said article, my older daughter modified her Prada Sling Bag to have a gold metal chain in which makes the bag more classy compared to the leather strap.

To the right of the above photo is my youngest daughter with her Cartier Tank Solo and Small Chanel Coco Handle in Black.

If you have been reading my articles, you will know that I bought the Chanel Coco Handle back in mid 2020 as a 3 in 1 Advance Gift (Birthday gift in 2020, Birthday Gift in 2021 and Graduation Gift 2021). I bought the Coco Handle for less than RM16K and today a new Chanel Coco Handle cost more than RM20K!

Actually when I went to the Chanel Boutique in 2020, it was to get a bag for my wife but my youngest daughter really liked the Small Coco Handle (which the SA initially said there were none in Black for small but the Universe showed it to me and the SA was surprised! You cannot trust any SA, haha). Anyway click here to my article titled My Wife’s Search For Her Latest Dream Handbag – Small Coco Handle and you will learn that I already bought 2 other Chanel handbags before I saw the Small Coco Handle in Black and was allowed to “change”.

As for the Cartier Tank Solo watch, the story goes like this – my youngest daughter wanted a Tiffany pendant for her 18th birthday. To me, the Tiffany pendant was overpriced because it only had a freaking tiny small diamond but cost a fortune. Instead, I went to One Utama and bought her a 0.3 Carat Diamond (GIA certified of course) pendant from Wah Chan with a white gold necklace from My Diamond, hahaha.

Then for her Year 12 Graduation, she told me she wanted a Cartier bracelet……. So I went to check out some of the Cartier bracelets and for less than AUD3K, all I could find were freaking thin 18K gold bracelets with a tiny diamond…… I ended getting the Cartier Tank Solo Large quartz with smooth casing for my daughter purely because I think it is a better buy compared to getting her a Cartier bracelet (which I know she will lose it as she has lost many of her diamond earrings and other stuff- and I myself have lost several gold bracelets).

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So as you can see, each of the gifts above has a story related to it. And if you get your loved one a gift that is CLASSIC so that it never goes out of fashion, the gift can be used over and over again anytime AND more importantly will hold some value where the stuff can be sold for cash in the event of shit happens situation.

But most importantly of all, by me buying gifts for my children, I get to hear them say “thank you papa” and they remembering me as a generous dad instead of them using their inheritance (which they think it is their money) to burn on stuff and would never say “thank you papa” when I am 6ft underground.