My Son’s “Si Beh Ho Mia” Smart Dog

“Wa Ka Lu Kong” (I tell you), nowadays dogs are “Si Beh Ho Mia” (freaking good life).

My son’s dog really has a good life as it does not need to work but only “Chiak” (eat), “Pang Sai” (shit) and “Khun” (sleep) every single day.

As for its food, my son’s dog “chiak” (eat) expensive dog food combined with skinless chicken breast twice every day!!! If you don’t know, skinless chicken breast is the most expensive chicken meat/part in the supermarket.

And the dog will be sitting next to my son when he is having his meal at the dining table.

My son’s dog will roam throughout my son’s house, has a favourite spot in each room, sits on the sofa, has its own dog bed but the dog prefers to “Khun” (sleep) with my son in his bed at night!

And in Australia there are cafes which are dog-friendly. I remember once my son took my wife and me to a cafe which was dog-friendly and they even serve ice-cream for dogs!!!

And the dog also gets to ride in my daughter-in-law’s Toyota Sports Car which I have never experienced before 😦

I am damn jealous of the damn dog!!!

Wa ka lu kong, kau ko ka ho mia pi lang!!! (I tell you, dog has better life than humans).

Humans have to work to purchase dog food, chicken meat and ice-cream for dogs!!! Go figure………

However, the dog is also bilingual and super smart whereby it understands commands and can perform tricks. And when anyone says “che chia” (sit car) it will run towards the door which leads to the garage.

And the dog is really loyal and somehow can tell time and it will start waiting for my son to return home from work where it will lie down near the door… and the moment my son reaches home, the dog will be standing excitedly next to the door with his tail wagging and sometimes even stands up on two legs and the other two paws will be scratching the door as if trying to open the door!

I personally am not into dogs but I am really impressed by how smart my son’s dog is.

Click here to watch a video of My Son’s “Si Beh Ho Mia” Smart Dog at my YouTube Channel.