TnG eWallet Go Pinjam – Another Debt Instrument To Make You Poorer

Bros and Sis, if you got an Android Phone, most probably you will see the same image below:

From the above, under Promotions you will see – No More Mid-Month Shortages! And if you tap on it, you will be asked to provide your mobile phone.

On the other hand, if you have an Apple iPhone, below is what you may get instead at your TnG eWallet Homescreen… where you can see a GOpinjam icon!!!

What the heck is GOpinjam?

I tell you, the people at TnG are really blur…. there is no such word as GOpinjam in BM or English. Go is in English and Pinjam is in BM. It should be Pergi Pinjam or maybe even Mari Pinjam sounds more appropriate. The fact is GOpinjam screams TAP HERE TO ENTER THE SHIT HOLE OF DEBT!

Anyway, I tap on the GOpinjam icon and below is what was shown:

So GOpinjam is basically a Personal Loan by CIMB Bank (which has interest in TnG). One can loan up to RM10K which is a big amount for someone who has no savings in his bank accounts!

OMG! Another debt instrument by a GLC to make the Rakyat poorer.

If you are new to my blog, more importantly if you think that 1.5% monthly interest rate or 3% upfront fixed interest rate is low, you better click here and read my article titled Upfront Interest Loan for Balance Transfer and Personal Loan – The Quickest Way To Be Even Poorer.

Bros & Sis, if you are a fresh graduate or have no savings with banks, I strongly recommend that you do not fall into the Shit Hole OF Debts utilising Credit Card 0% Installment Plan, Buy Now Pay Later with Grab App and now GOpinjam with TnG eWallet App! You have been warned, once you enter the Shit Hole Of Debt, it is very very very tough to get out of it!