Revision To TnG eWallet April 2022

I have told you many times that eWallets are worst than credit cards when it comes to revising their TnCs,

Unlike credit cards where most card issuers will only revise their credit cards’ features once a year, eWallets can revise their benefits/features few times a year!

But most of the Best eWallets in Malaysia (Grab, TnG eWallet and Boost) do give us adequate notice before the new revisions come into effect.

Anyway, effective 14th April 2022, TnG eWallet will once again reduced the amount we can top up with Reload Pins.

So Bros & Sis, do not be Keh Khiang and purchase too much TnG eWalllet Reload Pins.

If you are interested to see where is the above announcement, click on the link below.

Click here to TnG eWallet Announcement on Reload PIN Monthly Limit effective 14th April 2022 at my YouTube Channel. Please note this said announcement was at my iPhone but not shown in my Android as of 31st March 2022.