Revision to Lazada Daily Rewards FREE Money

Bros and Sis, not so good news on Lazada Daily Rewards FREE RM40 which will be deposited into our Lazada Wallet and we can then pay our bills!

A Sis messaged me to tell me that the money we earned from the Lazada Daily Rewards can now only redeem for RM20 cash voucher and we must transact minimum RM120!

So below is what I got from Lazada Shopping App:

What surprised me was that the voucher is valid for one day only! Initially I was like WTF but then thinking about it, the one day validity is actually good. Only redeem when you want it and not redeem and they forget about it – get it?

Well with Lazada limiting the Daily Rewards to RM20 plus the cash voucher is only good if we spend minimum RM120, this is actually a blessing in disguise….. God is telling me I no need to use multiple phones to play the Lazada Daily Rewards, hahaha.

RM20 our out RM120 is 16.67% (say it out in Cantonese – what a lousy number), which is pretty good if you can transact RM120 exactly.

I wonder if the voucher can be used to pay bill and if we can use our AMEX credit card at the same time. If anyone of you did use the RM20 Cash Voucher from Lazada Daily Rewards to pay your bill with your AMEX, please let me know and I will share with all.

Anyway, as you all know nothing last forever and the Lazada Daily Rewards was good while it lasted as I think I easily earned more then RM300 using 3 phones to play – shiok sendiri, hahaha.