OMG – CIMB Can Suka-Suka Change The TnC. So Read Their TnC Frequently!

Previously I told you guys that you must read CIMB’s TnC. Click here if you missed it.

When CIMB launched their NEW Travel MasterCard, they announced that new applicants for the CIMB Travel World Elite MasterCard 1st year annual fee will be waived.

So many people applied for the CIMB Travel World Elite MasterCard based on CIMB announcement above that the 1st year annual fee will be waived with RM3K spending.

Then out of the blue, CIMB changed their TnC!!! Below is the the TnC:

So many who applied for the CIMB Travel World Elite MasterCard are now imposed the annual fee of RM1,215.09!!!

In respect to the above, it is as if CIMB conned many who are existing CIMB cardholders to apply for the Travel World Elite MasterCard (giving them the impression the 1st year annual fee is waived with RM3K spending) and then later all of them have to pay the annual fee!!!

CIMB should honor what hey announced and waive the annual fee of all CIMB Travel World Elite carholders if they spend RM3K within 60 days!!!

Conversion of Bonus Points to Air Miles

Well it is good we can earn 1 Enrich Points (and other FFP) for every RM1 spent locally with the CIMB Travel Elite as shown in CIMB website.

BUT then again, is the conversion above good until 31st December 2023? I cannot find anywhere where it is stated when the above conversion rates are valid until.

You see, the current CIMB catalogue is only good until April 2023!!!

Bros and Sis, you have been warned…. always check CIMB’s TnC and if you are into Enrich Points, you better redeem before end of April and CIMB can inflate their redemption program in May 2023!