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This Airmiles section was created specifically for kedekut people like me where we will not fork out cash for a Business Class ticket. Instead we get to fly Business Class for FREE by utilizing credit cards.

If you have been following me for years, you will know that I can get better returns compared to any cash back credit card in Malaysia by converting my credit cards’ rewards points to airmiles and redeem for a Business Class ticket (easily more than 5% equivalent cash back from my credit cards’ transactions). However, in order to optimize the returns, I will need to use the right card for my transactions either locally or overseas.

So, first thing is you must know what card to hold for LOCAL transactions and you’ll be surprised to know that the wonderful FREE FOR LIFE Entry Level Maybank 2 God/Platinum is really fantastic for accumualting Air Miles.

Maybank 2 Gold Platinum Cards AMEX Review Review 2018

Click here to read my Review of the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum 2018 – It’s A Fantastic Card For Accumulating Air Miles too.  For the password you need to visit my Facebook Timeline and refer to the relevant post in Feb 2018, hahaha.

As promised to my Followers at Facebook,  I will now tell you the best credit cards for airmiles.

Malaysia Best Credit Cards for Airmiles

The Best Credit Cards for Air Miles

Enrich For Local Spending

For Online, the FREE FOR LIFE RHB Premier Banking Visa Infinite is really really good (1EM = RM2 spent locally on Online Transactions). However, this review is exclusive for my Die Hard Supporters only.

For Dining, the FREE FOR LIFE New Revamped CIMB Visa Infinite 2018 with 5X Bonus Points is really really good (1EM = RM2 spent on dining).

For those of you who can’t qualify for the Alliance VI, Hong Leong Bank VI, Maybank World MasterCard, Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve, Maybank VI and RHB Premier VI and holding the following cards for air miles:

Guess what, for Local spending, the Entry Level FREE FOR LIFE Cimb Enrich Platinum MasterCard (1EM = RM4 spent locally) beats the Citibank PremierMiles, SCB WorldMiles and UOB VI!!! So if you do sign up for the CIMB Enrich Platinum after reading this, next time when you fly for free, remember to thank me 🙂

Enrich For Overseas Spending (Including Online)

  • No.1 RHB Premier Banking Visa Infinite (1 EM – RM0.75 spent)
  • No.2 HSBC Premier Travel MasterCard (1 EM = 1 EM = RM0.91 spent)
  • No.3 Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and Maybank Visa Infinite (1 EM = RM0.954 spent)
  • No.4 Alliance Bank Visa Infinite (1 EM = RM1.20 spent)
  • No.5 Maybank World MasterCard (1 EM = RM1.272 spent)
  • No.6 SCB WorldMiles MasterCard (1 EM = RM1.33 spent)
  • No.7 UOB Visa infnite (1 EM = RM1.40 spent)
  • No.8 CIMB Enrich World MasterCard (1EM = RM1.50 spent)
  • No.9 Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite (1EM = RM1.80 spent)
  • Note: AmBank World MasterCard may be good for those who do not need overseas online transactions.

And if you are wondering how about Citibank PremierMiles (click here to read my review in 2018), well, I will just tell you that you will earn 1.6X more airmiles with the SCB WorldMiles from your overseas spending!!! And the SCB WorldMiles is way better than the PremierMiles because you get to enter PPL at KLIA2 and even free limo rides home from KLIA2!!!

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles – the Entry Level Maybank American Express KrisFlyer is really really good where you can earn up to 1 KF for every RM1 spent locally. However, this review is exclusive for my Die Hard Supporters only.

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Click here to read my article on conversion rates of Maybank Visa infinite versus RHB Premier Visa Infinite versus UOB Visa Infinite

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