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This Page was created so that my Followers have easy access to FREE Lazada Promos.

FREE is the Best!

18th May 2021

The thing I like about Lazada over Shopee is that some of the merchants at Lazada will sent me Cash Vouchers without me doing anything.

Besides having bought stuff from a merchant previously, another way to get FREE Cash Voucher from merchants is to add the item into your cart.

Example: The Iqos 2.4 PLUS Holder which is sold out pretty fast but Iqos Malaysia will replenish the stock frequently.

I added the item into my cart but then it when out of stock leaving the item in my cart. Iqos will then send me FREE Cash Vouchers into my Lazada App Message Box which I had to claim them. Below shows two FREE Cash Vouchers which I have claimed from Iqos at the Message Box.

So when the Iqos 2.4 PLUS Holder stock is once again available, I am able to purchase it using the FREE Cash Voucher from Iqos.

Below image shows that I have selected the RM10 FREE Cash Voucher from Iqos.

In the meantime, I also have a Lazada RM20 Cash Voucher which I redeemed from Hotlink. BUT the moment I used this said RM20 Cash Voucher, the RM10 FREE Cash Voucher from Iqos was automatically removed!

So in the end I opted to use the TOTALLY FREE RM10 Cash Voucher from Iqos and paid RM31 with my AMEX Reserve and the Lazada RM20 Cash Voucher can be used for another item that I am unable to use a store voucher.

30th April 2021

March 2021

19th February 2021

A Bro just shared with me how to get almost 50% off for GrabFood Voucher

Step 1 – At Lazada Search Bar key in GrabFood and you will see a GrabFood RM20 for RM18.50 with the words Lazada CNY and Flash Sale. Click on it.

Step 2 – Collect the RM8 Merchant’s Voucher

Step 3 – You will then only need to pay RM10.50 for the RM20 GrabFood Voucher.

Too bad a Sis informed me that the Lazada RM10 voucher redeemed from Hotlink and/or DiGi is not stackable since the Merchant’s Voucher Code is used, else you only need to pay 50 Sen for the RM20 GrabFood cash voucher, haha.

4th December 2020

At Lazada Search Bar key in Samsung and then Tap on Samsung Flagship Store and get a Brand New Samsung Malaysia Note 10 Plus for RM2199 on 12.12

11th November 2020

FYI, I did use the FREE RM50 Lazada Cash Voucher redeemed from Big Loyalty…. but if you do that, then certain FREE Lazada Cash Voucher including some bank vouchers for 11.11 only collected from the Lazada App cannot be used. So you will have to plan to optimize.

7th November 2020 @ 11,45pm

Bros & Sis, previously I create a video to teach you how to Convert Big Points to as good as RM50 cash…. click here to watch How To Convert Your AirAsia Big Points To As Good As Cash.

On 22nd Oct I redeemed the RM50 Lazada Cash Voucher at Big Loyalty and then it disappeared and then reappear again on 30th Nov so I immediately redeemed it again.

Yesterday, the RM50 Lazada Voucher was out of stock. But just a moment ago a Bro informed me that it is once again available. So my wife and I redeemed each the RM50 Cash Voucher.

So far in the last 2 weeks or so, I (including my wife’s account) have redeemed RM250 worth of FREE Lazada Cash Vouchers

Oh, the Hotlink Red Got Deal where we can get RM10 Lazada Cash Voucher for RM6 no longer available today 😦

6th November 2020

This morning I woke up and read a message from a follower that there is a Hotlink Sale for Lazada Cash Voucher – 40% off. And since I only have RM19 credit remaining in my Hotlink, I purchases 3, haha.


FREE Shipping – Automatically Applied if applicable

FREE Credit Card Cash Vouchers – Automatically Applied if applicable

Maybank Weekend Happy Hour – You have to manually key in the Promo Code at Check Out


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