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1st October 2022 – CIMB Travel Credit Cards Second Look

In my previous First Look on the new CIMB Travel Credit Cards, I bestowed the new CIMB Travel World Credit Card and CIMB Travel Platinum Credit Card the title of Best Credit Card for Overseas and Best Credit Card For Airport Lounges respectively.

And if you are holding the Maybank 2 Cards Premier/Platinum/ Gold, you should get the CIMB Travel Credit Cards too.

Click here to read CIMB Travel World And CIMB Travel Platinum MasterCard Credit Card Second Look

30th September 2022 – Malaysia Best Credit Cards 2023

With Maybank Inflating their TP 40% and Alliance 67%, both the Maybank and Alliance Bank credit cards are no longer the best in Malaysia!!! There are so many other credit cards which offer better returns.

The link below is exclusively for Bros and Sis who are attending the Zoom gathering where the password will only be informed during the gathering.

Malaysia Best Credit Cards 2023 For Overseas And Local Transactions

29th September 2022 – CIMB Travel Credit Cards.

Bros & Sis, I present to you the new Best Credit Cards in Malaysia for Overseas Transactions and Airport Lounges 🙂

Click here to read CIMB Travel World And CIMB Travel Platinum MasterCard Credit Card Review

28th September 2022 – Now is a great time to be in London and I have several disciples who are holidaying in Europe now including 2 in London where many of them of course flew there on First Class for FREE 🙂

Click here to read Now Is The Best Time To Go To London and you will definitely save you some money especially if you are departing from Heathrow Airport where there is a Chanel Boutique where the prices are Duty FREE 🙂

27th September 2022 – Another EmiratesNEW First Class Live Travel Report.

Previously I shared with you a Live Travel Report from a young man, who is still in his twenties. flew First Class with Singapore Airlines to Europe.

And for his return trip, click here to read GenX’s Disciple Live Travel Report With Emirates New Suite On Boeing 777 September 2022

The Bro is indeed blessed 🙂

26th September 2022 – Reminders

1st October is only a few days away so:

  1. Go utilize your Public Bank Cash Back now if you have not and next month after you get your Statement and pay the Statement Balance you can start to terminate your Public Bank credit cards and thus removing your liabilities (yes credit cards’ Credit Limit are liabilities in the eyes of the banks) hopefully it will assist you to apply for credit cards that will give you more meaningful returns.
  2. Redeem your Alliance Timeless Bonus Points NOW if you have not because effective next month the TBP required to convert to Enrich Points will be inflated 67%!!!
  3. If you have useless AirAsia Big Points and you want to redeem for TnG Reload Pins or Shell Petrol, you better convert them to Samsung Points before end of this month!

24th September 2022 – Update 8.30pm Announcement for those who passed Project 0.0

Announcement for those who passed Project 0.0 Love & Gratitude

If you are interested to read a new post on Project 0.0, please contact me for the password to the link below:

Love & Gratitude Sep 2020 – You create you own destiny and Zoom Gathering

EPF and Retirement

Back in 2019 EPF raised the minimum target for retirement at RM240K.

Fast forward to current day where our Ringgit was weaken to a new all time low, EPF mentioned that you young people need RM1M when you retire in 20 to 30 years time….. but if you have been reading my articles for years, you will know you will need much more than RM1M even if you are retiring in 10 years or less!!!

Click here to read The EPF Target Is Now RM1M! PW: ILoveGenXYZ

Exclusive tutorial for My Air Miles Disciples only.

Japan will be open beginning 11th Oct but if you go search for a Business Class ticket now for business Class tickets beginning from 12th October, it is very very tough to get a confirm ticket unless you are My Air Miles Disciples where we are sure to get a confirmed First Class or Business Class tickets 🙂

I tell you, many people can accumulate lots of air miles but knowing how to redeem Business Class or First Class tickets to any desired destination as and when we want is a totally different story. As you can see, my disciples and I have no issues flying First Class or Business Class to anywhere on planet earth.

Click here for new tutorial on getting confirm Business Class tickets to Japan in October 2022 – Contact me at the Daily Spam App for password by messaging me the Code Words: Japan Here I Come

23rd September 2022 – 2 posts

Click here to read Shangri-La Sydney Premier Suite City View and Sydney Habour View From Level 36 Altitude Restaurant & Blu Bar

Nearby Shangri-La Sydney is also the Observatory Park and a nice restaurant called Fish On The Rocks where the food is great and service fantastic.

Click here to read GenX’s Live Travel Report Sydney to Kuala Lumpur With Malaysia Airlines Business Class September 2022

I am pleased to inform you that I was allowed access to Plaza Premium Lounge in Sydney but my Business Class ticket was Class U. The good news in a Bro departed from Melbourne with Malaysia Airlines Business Class Z ticket was also allowed access to the Plaza Premium Lounge recently.

22nd September – Do you remember about the Cleaning Services and Durian Scam? Well if you have an Android phone where you are required to download an apk file which will direct your SMS, i.e. OTP, to a scammer, for you own good, you better click here to see the notification requesting for your permission to diver your SMS! Make sure you read all messages and notifications and DENY anything that looks suspiciou. PW: Scam

19th September 2022Click here to my article titled My New Toy – DJI OSMO Pocket 2 Gimbal. Video Of Sydney Opera House Taken From Ferry.

I tell you the DJI Pocket 2 is really fantastic for videos and much easier to handle compared to using a smartphone to take video and even photos.

17th September 2022 – In the air wearing my Seiko 5 GMT Made In Japan Blue Black wannabe Batgirl (because of the original Jubilee Bracelet) but some will call it Batman 🙂 My wife said the replacement Blue Strap looks, haha. But I love my cheapo blue strap because it is damn light and the magnetic buckle allows me to adujust to the exact tightness and fit that I want 🙂

Look near the 6 o’clock and you will see Made In Japan

If you missed my previous ariticle on the new Seiko 5 GMT, please click here to read Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 SBSC003 Blue Dial And Bezel Batgirl Versus Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLRO

16th September 2022GenX’s Disciple Live Travel Report on Singapore Airlines First Class to Europe.

Singapore Airlines First Class and Suite Class Cabin Crew service are second to none and they will always greet you with your surname (e.g. Mr. GenX or Ms. GenY).

However I have mentioned for years that you should fly Suite Class and not First Class, especially if you have limited KrisFlyer miles where you will not have much remaining KF miles if you burned them on a First Class redemption.

If you refer to the new Live Travel report on Singapore Airlines First Class, you will once again note that the seat is very wide BUT it does not mean that it is comfortable as there are no armrest!!! As for sleeping, you get to sleep straight and the bed is wider than Singapore Airlines Business Class seats.

31st August 2022 – Goodbye Facebook. PW: ByeFB

Please click on the image below to read my warning and advice. If you are stubborn and refuse to listen to me, you will be in deep shit and it will be too late to regret.

30th August 2022 – Is It Still worthwhile to collect air miles with the wonderful Maybank2 Cards Gold and Platinum come 1st September 2022? PW: ILoveGenXYZ

22 Aug 2022 – Effective 1st September 2022, GenX GenY GenZ Facebook Account will be closed.