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18th December 2022 – The Final Messages For My Long Time Die Hard Followers

As announced previously, today is the day I will stop producing any more new articles for the public after more than a decade of blogging. shall still remain as it is and once in a while I will still publish exclusive tutorials for My Air Miles Disciples and My Love & Gratitude Disciples only.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have enjoyed my articles and felt grateful to me for whatever reasons πŸ™‚

Before I sign off, here are some reminders:

  1. There is no such thing as The Best Credit Card! All FREE FOR LIFE credit cards are the best. Never ever terminate any FREE FOR LIFE without any condition Credit Cards, especially the Maybank 2 Cards Gold/Platinum; because once you are unemployed it is very hard to get a new credit card!
  2. Cheap No Good and Good No Cheap but FREE IS THE BEST!
  3. What you should do you must do. What you should not do you must not do.
  4. Practice Love & Gratitude where your actions are sincere and you expect nothing in return and you shall see miracles happening over and over again. If you expect something in return for an action which you deemed as a good deed – in actual fact this is called greed and you shall be punished by the universe (e.g. frustration and/or spitefulness which will cause unnecessary stress which will manifest into an health issue).
  5. The Goal In Life is to be debt free (not only monetary wise) and all we need is to eat, shit and sleep as all other actions are for wasting time as eventually we all die and whatever you had achieved (in our thoughts because no one else cares) are meaningless tomorrow.
  6. We can’t take the money/wealth with us to our graves and more importantly what we cherish most when we are old are fond memories – so select a few photos periodically taken with your smartphones and print them into hard copies. The hard-copy photos will remind you of the past and assist you to have fond memories when you look at them and will also allow your future generations to have records of you and they know who gave them life!
  7. Time is of the essence. So take immediate actions now! If you love someone, you better tell them now not tomorrow and hug them while you still can!
  8. Last but not least, nothing last forever.

Once again, my dear Bros & Sis, I sincerely thank you for your past support and you be blessed with a wonderful life on planet earth.

13th December 2022 – Announcements

It has been a nice, burning hell of a lot of fags, editing the never ending errors, wasting time to benefit you BUT yet rewarding because I have met many wonderful people from my blogging years run.

Nothing last forever and I hereby announce that I will post my last message for the general public here on 18th December 2022 and will stop producing new articles except maybe exclusive tutorials for my L&G and Air Miles Disciples.

Nevertheless, if you have my contact number, you may contact me anytime if you need any assistance on any health issues (emotional, mental, body pain, physical injury and etc) where no doctors seem to able to help you…..

And health problems are manifested from stress!

Remember, many people have continuous unnecessary financial stress because they are are after never ending search of shiok sendiri sensations, i.e. new gadgets, new car, bigger house, new clothes and etc. But in actual fact all we need is to just eat, shit and sleep and once you practice Love & Gratitude where you are able to connect with the universe with your heart, your thoughts will be manifested accordingly…. but if you set intention wanting more money that one you will need to sell your soul to the devil!

So if you have been smart while you invested your money the moment your child was born (you have 18 years or so to plan and accumulate the funds) and able to send your child overseas, the next thing is make sure your child obtain the right degree and not any worthless degree! If your child chooses a degree that won’t allow him/her to work overseas then there is no point of you stupidly sending him/her overseas but study locally and the money you saved….. go enjoy life πŸ™‚

Having said the above, you if have no children to feed, then you are blessed and you can go burn your money on anything you wish and want as you can’t take the money to the grave or give the money to other people’s bloodline where your blood is the minority in your grandchild πŸ™‚

11th December 2022 – Many of you are going for holidays and I thought I share with you 2 tips.

The first tip is get a SIM card before you depart so that you do not need to have the hassle to get a SIM when you land overseas. And one of the best place to get overseas SIM card is from Hello1010. My Air Miles Disciples and I have used SIM Cards from Hello1010 and all of us are super happy.

Click here to learn to read Hello1010 – The Best Online Store In Malaysia and Singapore For Overseas Sim Cards For Your Travels PLUS Their Facebook Is Really Informative

The second tip is bring along your Big Pay MasterCard! Not so much because they offer good currency conversion rate BUT it is damn useful in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. you got pick pocket and all your credit cards are gone!) But you kept the Big Pay MasterCard separately from your credit cards and therefore still has access to it). Also you can use the Big Pay to tap here and there for small amount (for paying to enter the toilet or take public transport) or give it to your child. We can control how much we want in the Big Pay Wallet and this control the damage. And the best part is that we can FREEZE the Big Pay MasterCard anytime.

Click here to read The Best Card To Use When You Are Holidaying Overseas

Last but not least, have you been earning FREE Money with AirAsia App? Many may have stopped earning FREE AA Points after they could no longer transfer their AA Big Points to Samsung Pay Account BUT the FREE AA Points may be save you some money when you want to book an AA ticket!

Well, previously (before 30th Sep 2022) I had transferred all my AA Big Points to Samsung Pay before they terminated the method to do so. Today I have close to 3K AA Points again, purely from tapping here and there at the AA App.

I want to buy a ticket from KL to Singapore and checked several airlines and AA was the cheapest. And I could save close to RM30 by using the FREE AA Big Points earned in my App since October – that’s like RM10 FREE Money per month!

And my wife also has FREE AA Big Points too. So I will use her AA account to purchase the ticket to Singapore separate from mine in order to save some money with the FREE AA Big Points in her account.

Click here to read my previous article titled Malaysia No.1 No Budget Personal Finance Blog To Move To Super Blog X? where it teaches you how to earn FREE AA Big Points with AA App. PW: SuperBlogX

10th Dec 2022 – I thought today I will share again some of my previous posts and I am sure many of you will learn a thing or two since my articles are detail and comprehensive.

Click here to read My USA (Hawaii) Trip 2018

Click here to read My Tokyo Trip 2019 Plus Tips On Stopover In Hanoi

Click here to read My Europe Trip 2019 – Denmark, Italy and England

And below are my Business Class, First Class and Suite Class Travel Reports:

This year 2022, I also flew Business Class with Malaysia Airlines Sydney to KL plus Singapore Airlines Business Class KL to Brisbane. And my last flight in November was on Singapore Airlines First Class on the Boeing 777 with Saver option (see photo below).

The First Class seat is just freaking wide where both my arms can’t rest on both the sides armrest at the same time and thus it is not that comfortable!!!

So I have flown with Singapore Airlines Suite Class on Airbus A380 (both old and new), First Class Boeing 777, Business Class on Boeing777 (sleep senget), Airbus 350-900 (on 3 different flights) and even Boeing MAX Singapore to KL.

Singapore Airlines First Class on the Boeing 777 is definitely better than Business Class where you need to sleep senget. But I tell you once again, Singapore Airlines Suite Class is way beyond First Class. So do not burn you KrisFlyer Miles on First Class (worst Business Class) but experience Suite Class before Singapore Airlines inflate their redemption program and also Maybank will also inflate their TP Program in the near future. Once you experienced Suite Class then you can go and redeem SAVER Option for Singapore Airlines First Class (or Business Class and experience the discomfort of sleeping senget which is also an experience by itself) πŸ™‚

Next year I already have booked a First Class ticket with Japan Airlines and I can’t wait to fly Japan Airlines First Class because I had a memorable experience with them when I flew JAL Business Class Tokyo to Melbourne. Plus I have also booked my Emirates First Class tickets on Boeing A380 (where you can shower in the air) and the new First Class on Boeing 777.

If you want to see JAL First Class and Emirates First Class, please visit my HOME Page for reports from My Air Miles Disciples.

7th December 2022 – All Time Favorite ARTicles

As most of you are aware, I am going to stop blogging soon, to be exact on 18th December 2022.

Many of you loved my sick imagination in producing ARTicles for your entertainment, I will reshare some of them below.

However, below articles were not produced from my wild imagination but to tell you not to be stupid being damn calculative thinking that you can take your money to the grave. The moment you die, you will no longer be addressed as Mr or Madam or Ms BUT the dead body!!! And all the money you had while you were alive will be transferred to someone else according to your will or as stipulated under the law.

And another thing, people will say they are leaving their assets/money to their bloodline…. well, the fact is your child or children will only have half of your blood and your grandchildren a quarter of your blood – which means your blood is not the majority – i.e. you stupidly giving your money to other people’s bloodline!

And when was the last time you visited your great great grandfather’s grave? Without him you won’t be in this world….. fact is your great great grandchildren will also never be thankful to you!!

Click here to read Secret To Eternal Happiness

Click here ti read Spending Children Future Inheritance – the most important lesson you will learn when you have more than enough money to eat shit and sleep.

Click here to read about LIFE – Goal Is To Be Debt FREE – and once you accept the fact that life is about eating, shitting and sleeping, you will be stress free πŸ™‚

5th December 2022 – If someone mislead/coned/tricked you into paying money when you are told you do not need to – is it a scam?

Click here to read OMG – CIMB Can Suka-Suka Change The TnC. So Read Their TnC Frequently!

7th November 2022 – Rolex Air King with Horween Leather Strap

Click here to read I Gave My Son My Favorite Rolex Watch And He Changed To Oyster Bracelet To Horween Leather Strap

2nd November 2022Click here to read my Live Travel Report with Singapore Airlines Business Class On Airbus A350-900 where it has the newer Seats for Regional Flight.

25th October 2022 – Citizen Eco-Drive Light Powered Solar Watch is more superior than automatic watch, i.e. Rolex, Patek and Grand Seiko!

Recently I took out my Citizen Eco-Drive Light Powered GMT Worldtime watch from the box and it automatically adjusted to the correct time! I tell you, in terms of technology, the Citizen Eco-Drive which just is need some light will stay ticking forever unlike my Rolex Pepsi GMT and Seiko 5 GMT where both will stop ticking if I do not wear them for 2 days!

My uncle invited me for dinner last weekend and I wore my Citizen Light Powered GMT Worldtime – I love the Blue Strap.

To read my review of the the Citizen Eco-Drive GMT World Time, please click here to my Japanese Solar Watches Page for the link and many other articles on other brand such as G-Shocks.

9th October 2022 – FREE is the Best!

I flew to Singapore with AirAsia recently and entered the Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA2 and Changi T4 for FREE with my credit cards – click hereto read the article.

2nd September 2022 – Today I opened a about 20 years old Martell VSOP for dinner. I tell you, today’s Martell VSOP is horrible but the ones 20 years ago were/are really nice.

And below is my latest Seiko 5 Made In Japan Seiko 5 GMT with the Martell VSOP during the dinner.

Click her eto read my article titled Seiko 5 GMT SSK003 SBSC003 Blue Dial And Bezel Batgirl Versus Rolex GMT Master II 126710BLRO

27th September 2022 – Another Emirates NEW First Class Live Travel Report.

Previously I shared with you a Live Travel Report from a young man, who is still in his twenties. flew First Class with Singapore Airlines to Europe.

And for his return trip, click here to read GenX’s Disciple Live Travel Report With Emirates New Suite On Boeing 777 September 2022

The Bro is indeed blessed πŸ™‚

31st August 2022 – Goodbye Facebook. PW: ByeFB

Please click on the image below to read my warning and advice. If you are stubborn and refuse to listen to me, you will be in deep shit and it will be too late to regret.

22 Aug 2022 – Effective 1st September 2022, GenX GenY GenZ Facebook Account will be closed.