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Convert Useless Samsung Points and AirAsia Big Points To CASH

Double Dipping with Samsung Pay

My Samsung Pay is linked to my Maybank Visa Infinite where I earn 2X and 5X Treats Points for local and overseas transactions receptively. With Samsung Pay, I don’t need to bring my credit cards out. FYI, I don’t even need to have internet connection, i.e. Data Roaming, to use Samsung Pay (which is fantastic when I go overseas).

I tell you, in the New Normal the less we we touch the better including our wallets. Therefore all I need when I go out is my phone where I can use Samsung Pay or use the numerous eWallets Apps.

And every time I use Samsung Pay, I also earn Samsung Points in addition to Treats Points. Therefore, I get to double dip.

Seriously, the Samsung Points are not my priority but it actually gives me more hassle, and I have only myself to blame for being greedy, haha. You see, instead of paying one shot for 10 items and earn Samsung Points once, I will make 10 separate payments at the same merchant at the same time using Samsung Pay to earn 10x points hahaha.

What Can I Do With My Expiring Soon Samsung Points?

As you may know, previously I managed to use my Samsung Points to redeem RM50 (5 x RM10) Starbucks Gift Cards.

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