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AirAsia Big Points Are Not Useless After All


Well, I have been telling you guys for years that AirAsia Big Points are useless because you need unbelievable amount to redeem a flat bed ticket. For example, we need 539,600 AirAsia big Points to Redeem a Flat Best return ticket KL to Melbourne. To earn 539,600K AA Big Points, I would need to spend close to RM485K with my AMEX Reserve!!! If I spend RM485K with my AMEX Reserve, I can redeem at least 2 FIRST CLASS return tickets KL/London worth more than RM70K!!!

KL MEL AA Big Point Flat Bed

However, two months ago, my Project 1.0 Team Member taught me how to utilize the AirAsia Big Points to gain unbelievable maximum returns and I have shared it (How To Save Lot Of Money with Air Asia Part I) with many of my Followers who buta-buta followed my instructions (not necessary my Project Team Members).

Well, today I am going to share with you how you can earn FREE AirAsia Big Points in addition to what I shared in my article How To Save Lots Of Money with AirAsia Part III.

FREE AirAsia Big Points

There are many ways to earn free AirAsia Big Points and I am going to tell you how in case you don’t know:

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