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Qantas Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard versus Bankwest Qantas Transaction MasterCard AND Woolworths Rewards


Recently I published an article that earning Qantas Points is so freaking easy in Australia. In this said article, I showed how a person who can qualify for Australian credit cards can easily earn 200K Qantas Points within a year by simply spending AUD1,500 per month. This is because many banks are offering Bonus Qantas Points to those who sign up for their credit cards.

With respect to the above mentioned paragraph, I showed you guys in one of my previous articles that my Engineer Doctor son (he has 2 Engineering Degrees and a Medical Degree) will have more than 200K Qantas Points by end of this year because he is eligible for new credit cards in Australia. BUT I on the other hand can only earn Qantas Points and snail pace 😦

In additional to the Bonus Qantas Points for signing up for new credit cards, one can also earn Qantas Points by making dinner reservations, Bonus Qantas Points when purchasing wine/liquor, depositing money into a transaction account, Bonus Woolworths Points to convert to Qantas Points and etc.

If you are new to Qantas Points, before you read the rest of the contents below, I strongly recommend that you click here and read my article titled FREE Qantas Points With Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Qantas Shopping, QantasWellbeing, Qantas Wine, Qantas Restaurant, Woolworths Rewards, & Caltex Petrol To Fly First Class For FREE.

My Qantas Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard versus Bankwest Qantas Transaction MasterCard

I have been a Qantas Frequent Flyer member since 2012 but I have not been concentrating on earning Qantas Points from my spending in Australia until only few months ago when I was introduced to Qantas Wellbeing App to earn FREE Qantas Points, haha.

However, I can only earn Qantas Points at snail pace because I can’t qualify for new Australian credit cards!!!

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