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I have published many articles relating to complimentary entries to airport lounges over the years. However, card issuers keep changing the terms and conditions yearly; as such some of the contents in my previous articles may be outdated. So, I thought I should have a PAGE specifically on Airport Lounges where I can update frequently the credit cards that offer FREE entries to airport lounges for your quick and easy reference.

Update April 2017 – UOB Visa Infinite P

UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite P has terminated the Priority Pass Membership Card effective 18 April 2016 and replaced it with Airport Companion by DragonPass Mobile Application! You are still entitled to 6X FREE entries to International Airport Lounges, just that you must now use the DragonPass Mobile App installed in your Android or Apple Smartphone! Damn troublesome if you ask me.

Update April 2017 – RHB Premier Visa Infinite

The FREE FOR LIFE RHB Premier Visa Infinite entitles you to UNLIMITED FREE entries to all Plaza Premium Lounges if you spend RM100K annually with it. If you do not spend RM100K, no worries, you are still entitled to 10X FREE access 🙂

And if you do spend a lot on overseas transactions and you are into Enrich Miles, this card may be worth considering because you can earn 1 Enrich Mile with every RM0.75 spend overseas!!! Freaking damn good. Click here to my updated article titled The Best Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia 2017.

Update 20 February 2017 – Standard Chartered Bank Priority Banking Visa Infinite Reclaims The Title Of Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card Once Again in 2017

Back in 2011/2012, I signed up for Standard Chartered Priority Banking just to be eligible for their Visa Infinite credit card because it offered UNLIMITED FREE Entries to Airport Lounges worldwide with the Priority Pass Membership Card. I even awarded the SCB Visa Infinite credit card the title of The Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card. But in 2013, Stan Chart management went bonkers whereby they not only limited the FREE entries to 2X but you needed 48,000 Reward Points to redeem 1000 Enrich Miles!!!

Finally the management of Stan Chart have come to their senses and revised their Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card benefit effective 15th January 2017 where it once again offer UNLIMITED ENTRIES TO AIRPORT LOUNGES. Thus, the SCB Visa Infinite reclaims back the title I granted it years ago as The Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card.


According to SCB website, the annual fee of RM848 for their Visa Infinitie card is waived for the first 2 years.

When my wife and I had the card, SCB would waive the annual fee if we spend RM10K annually with it. Based on their new revised benefits which include 12X Cash Back for KLIA Taxi Ride (max RM80 cash back), I have no idea if SCB has increased the minimum spending per year in order to waive the annual fee.

Now, in order to be eligible for SCB Priority Banking status to enjoy the benefits of their Visa Infinite, you need to deposit RM250K or invest an equal amount into an investment product. Here is what you need to know about Standard Chartered Priority Banking. You need to maintain Assets Under Management (Cash + Investment Products) of RM250K monthly OR ELSE YOU WILL BE PENALIZED for that month!!!

Now if you deposit RM250K into SCB Fixed Deposit just to qualify for their Visa Infinite credit card, you will be losing lots of money for nothing. For example:

SCB 12 months Fixed Deposit Interest Rate as of Feb 2017 – 3%

Fixed Deposit Promos by other banks (click here to my FD PAGE to see Fixed Deposit and Term Deposit Promos) – 4% or above.

With a difference of 1% interest rate for FD and minimum RM250K deposit, that means you are losing RM2500 per year in interest if you park your money into SCB Fixed Deposit!!! Therefore, the UNLIMITED FREE Entries to Airport Lounges and FREE Taxi Ride (max RM80 cash back) is not FREE but you are paying for it!!!

And the worst part of holding a Standard Chartered Bank Priority Banking Visa Infinite is that you have to beg for annual fee waiver yearly (you need to call them) since it does not offer auto annual fee waiver mechanism with minimum spending.


Update 1 October 2016 – RHB Visa Infinite 8X Free access to lounges in Malaysia and Singapore.

Update 18 July 2016 – Valuable info shared by En. Ahmad Khairuddin Ismail at my Facebook Page.

Ahmad Khairuddin Ismail – Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve allows unlimited access to Sydney airport AMEX Lounge. Can bring one or two guests some more. Flew business and given Qantas lounge access, the food was terrible so I used the Maybank card and enjoyed better food at AMEX Lounge.

From the above, I learned that I should check if there is an AMEX Lounge in any airport. Thank you Ahmad Khairuddin Ismail.

Update: 8 May  2016 – Public Islamic Bank Platinum Visa/MC. AmBank Credit Cards – you no longer need to spend a single sen to gain FREE access to airport lounges worldwide.


1. CIMB Enrich World MasterCard – 8X FREE entries per year. Is it really FREE? Click here to read review of the CIMB Enrich World MasterCard versus Maybank 2 Cards Premier.


The new Ultimate Airport Lounge Credit Card in Malaysia effective 1st May 2016 and good until 31 December 2016 unless extended.

AmBank WorldMasterCard and Visa Infinite – UNLIMITED FREE entries to 26 Plaza Premium Lounges worldwide without any spending condition!!! FYI, all AmBank credit cards are FREE FOR LIFE without any condition whatsoever.

AmBank Airport Lounge Access for MasterCard Visa Infinite Signature


1. Maybank Visa Infinite stand alone – 5X (including Plaza Premium Lounges in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Vancouver).

2. Maybank 2 Cards Premier Visa Infinite – 5X (including London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Vancouver). Supp card(s) are NO LONGER entitled to any FREE access to airport lounges.

3. Maybank Visa Signature – No more FREE entries – Zero, Nil, Zip, None. Effective 1st March 2016.

4. AEON Gold Credit Card – 6X

5. RHB Visa Infinite – 8X FREE access to lounges in Malaysia and Singapore Changi Airport.

6. RHB World MasterCard, Visa Signature and Business Platinum – 5X

7. RHB Platinum  – Effective  1 March 2016, the complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge will no longer applicable to RHB Platinum Card.

8. UOB Preferred Platinum and UOB PRIVI Miles Visa  – 12X FREE access with minimum RM500 spending per month 3 months prior to visiting PPL (terms and conditions changes yearly).

9. AmBank Visa Signature (FREE FOR LIFE) – 5X effective 1st May 2016.

10. AmBank MasterCard and Visa Platinum (FREE FOR LIFE) – 2X effective 1st May 2016.

11. Public Bank Visa Infinite and Visa Signature are allowed 5X and 3X FREE entries until end of 2016 unless extended. I first came across this info at LYN posted by nahtanoj.

12. Public Islamic Bank Platinum MasterCard and/or Visa – 3X until end of 2016 unless extended (combined with KLIA2 and Green Market).

13. AMEX Platinum Credit Card – ZERO, NIL, NONE.

14. AMEX Platinum Charge Card – 12X.

15. Maybank AMEX KrisFlyer – 5X. Click here to read my review of the Maybank Singapore Airlines AMEX which can earn you 1 KrisFlyer Mile for every Ringgit spent locally or overseas!!!And you get to earn KrisFlyer Miles too from your transactions related to government.

16. CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite – 4X.

17. AEON Big Visa Gold Credit Card (click here to read my review) – 6X FREE entries PLUS 5% cash back for Petrol!!!

18. UOB Visa Infinite – 4X FREE entries (including Singapore Plaza Premium Lounge)


1. Alliance Platinum Visa or MasterCard – UNLIMITED for Alliance Privilege and Personal customers only. FREE FOR LIFE.
2. Citibank PremierMiles and Citibank Platinum – UNLIMITED but you got to go beg them for auto annual fee waiver.
3. Hong Leong Bank MATTA credit card.
4. HSBC Visa Signature and Premier MasterCard – please refer to latest terms and conditions as HSBC promos are limited time and changes every now and then.


1. Alliance Bank Visa Infinite – commencing from 2016, existing cardholders need to spend minimum RM150K to be eligible for FREE entries, please visit Alliance Bank website for more info. If you ask me, if you do spend above RM150K, better go with Maybank 2 Cards Premier and get to fly Business Class sooner and as such the PPMC is of no use.
2. Maybank Visa Infinite Stand Alone –TERMINATED effective 1st March 2016.
3. Maybank 2 Cards Premier Visa Infinite – TERMINATED effective 1st March 2016.
4. UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite – TERMINATED effective 18 April 2016.
5. Maybank World MasterCard.
6. Citibank Prestige World MasterCard Elite – UNLIMITED. No annual fee waiver plus their reward redemption program is not competitive. This card good for those who need bragging rights and happily don’t mind wasting money on the annual fees and earn less in returns.
7. Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite – 2X. This card reward points redemption program is amongst the worst on earth,
8. Hong Leong Bank Visa Infinite. The smart ones would go for Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX and Visa Infinite and earn more Enrich Miles (KrisFlyer and Asia Miles too).
9. CIMB Bank Visa Infinite i – UNLIMITED FREE Entries but other than this, the reward points redemption program is not competitive.


Those of us who have credit cards that allow us FREE entries to Plaza Premium Lounges at KLIA2, well, you may be able to eat for FREE at Green Market at KLIA Departure Hall (landside) too. I tell you, the coffee is freaking good. Bad news for those of you who only holds the Priority Pass Membership Card – you don’t get to eat for FREE at Green Market, hahaha.

And it is my pleasure to present to you an exclusive image, taken during a covert operation by yours truly, which list the cards that grant you FREE makan and a FREE drink at Green Market KLIA2. The images below were first posted in my article titled My Hong Kong & Macau Trip 2016.

Most of my articles have something to do with credit cards and my HK & Macau Trip 2016 is no different. In the article I shared with all which credit card allows you FREE makan at Green Market @ KLIA2; the room I stayed in; Chanel, Prada, MK & SK II prices; must go to restaurants; and Limited Edition Hennessy VSOP at KLIA2. To my surprise, there was Rolex GMT Master II Batman in stock and selling for less in Macau!!!

Please note, effective 1st March 2016, the AMEX Platinum Credit Card will no longer entitle you to FREE makan at Green Market.

Green Market KLIA 2

Green Market KLIA 2 Menu Credit Card