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30 September 2016

Last weekend I showed that apartment prices in several Sydney suburbs have fallen where one even experienced 24.7% drop.  To read previous Quickies/News Flash/Really Short Posts, click here.

Well, couple days ago in a Bloomberg report, Sydney was ranked fourth in a property bubble. Other cities classified as being the the property bubble risk are Vancouver, London Stockholm, Munich and Hong Kong. Below is a chart extracted from the Bloomberg report.


The Bloomberg report also quoted that UBS mentioned that buying a 60 Square meter apartment in most global major cities is out of the reach of highly skilled individuals.

With respect to the above paragraph, it also applies to skilled workers (low middle income/fresh graduates) in Malaysia where many cannot afford  to purchase an apartment in Klang Valley or Penang Island. But that’s not the case for the lower income group where they can purchase low cost apartment costing not more than RM100K, that is if one is lucky to secure a unit.

29 September 2016

The subject at hand today is about life and death matter and the future generation.

Did you know that Selangor has to highest cases of dengue, to be exact 42,636 cases reported between 3 January 2016 and 27 September 2016 with 126 deaths!!! But what has the Menteri Besar of Selangor done to eradicate the Aedes Mosqitoes? Nothing much as far as I am concerned because he’s too busy with Federal Politics! And the sad part is none of the other leaders from all the major parties are leading the fight against Aedes Mosquitoes as all of them are busy stabbing each other to remain in power.

I tell you, if the present Selangor government do not step up and eradicate Aedes Mosquitoes, the potential for Zika to spread like wild fire is freaking high and may even result in a  lost generation. And once Zika is out of control, the entire state of Selangor should be quarantined, and I would support that our PM use the recent approved National Security Bill where no one enter or exit Selangor (which means no in and out of KL too)!!!


If I was the Menteri Besar of Selangor, I would declare war against Aedes Mosquitoes and mobilized all state and local council officers to go search and kill all Aedes Mosquitoes and make Selangor free of Dengue and make the potential treat of Zika a non issue.

For your own good, I recommend that you go purchase Aedes Mosquitoe Killers and place them everywhere in your home. No point using repellents. For my case, I have found the Khind Insect Killer to be very effective. Ever since I started using the Khind Insect  Killer IK506 beside my computer table, I have not gotten a single mosquito bite when I am online using my PC. It is cheap for the price you pay considering that it may save your life and I would recommend that you buy a few and place them everywhere in your home to protect yourself and your loved ones. Visit http://www.khind.com.my or click here for more info on where to buy them near to your home.


28 September 2016

Scams Scams Scams everywhere on the internet.

I am sure many of you have read that Yahoo was hacked and more than half a billion email accounts info were stolen. Well, that’s how the really freaking good professional programmers do it, where they are able to penetrate security measures to steal info. The other method is a con job where we ourselves give the scammers our details!!! For example, you receive an email asking you to click on a link to update your email account. And a scam can be a combination of both these said methods, where the first step is to hack into someone’s system to steal emails info and the next step is sending out emails tricking the recipient to click on a link (so that their devices are infected or to steal info).

Last week I received a personal email from a person (a property management agent in Australia) asking  me to click on a link to update my account details with his company. But I knew the email was fake as I do not have any account with his company. Within half an hour, I got another email from the same person warning that his email account was compromised and that I should delete the earlier email and if anyone did click on the earlier link and updated their account to immediately change their password.

Recently, I received another email claiming to be from Microsoft telling me that my Outlook email account has been suspended. This is not the first time and won’t be the last either. The previous fake email claiming to be from Microsoft had tons of mistakes that tells me outright it is a fake, but that’s not really important, hahaha. Anyway, below is the latest scam I received (which also has lots of mistakes, hahaha):


Yesterday in The Star Online, it was reported that there is a WhatsApp scam circulating where people are asked to upgrade to WhatsApp Gold. And if someone did believe that the invitation was genuine and followed the instructions to install the “WhatsApp Gold” App, his /her device will then be infected will a malware. Click here to The Star Online article for more info.

In respect to the above, if you want to download any Apps, do it via Apple Store or Google Play only and not by clicking on any link provided via emails or other types of online messages.

Once again, never click on any email links. If you need to update any details in your accounts, go to the address bar and key in the web address yourself (or the link that you are certain is genuine where you have bookmarked it earlier).

If you have not read my article titled Credit Card Fraud & SMS Alert Default Value, please click here and read it for your own good and share it with others too.

Last but not least, we are more easily conned by people we trust. For example, sometime during end of March 2016, many people were conned by me when I “announced” that AEON is launching their first Platinum credit card in Malaysia, i.e. AEON GenX GenY GenZ co-brand Platinum credit card. If you are new to my blog and freaking free, click here to enter into my sick imagination to read my April Fools Joke titled AEON Kredit GenX GenY GenZ Platinum Credit Card – The Soon To Be No.1 Best Credit Card in Malaysia. Please take note of the warning in my Public Service Announcement in this said article – someone tried to scam me by sending me a fake email claiming to be from Pay Pal stating that my PayPal Account was compromised .

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