As announced in my Facebook on 28th November 2016, I, GenX, shall no longer be producing new articles here. The good news is, effective 29 November 2016, this blog will be handed over to selfless people who will continue to share with you beneficial information. So far, 2 people have been granted Author status where they can publish any article they wish, and they are Jerie Lim and Chin Yit.



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RERUNS – Below are two articles from my old blogs which I have decided to republish them here at GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom.

10 October 2016

I just republish me article titled Ass Toning Footwear where I “accidentally” came across an eye exercise for men that will also directly benefit his partner.
Warning to ladies – this is another article produced from my sick imagination, I used many colorful (but honest) words to make it more interesting and to make the person reading the article imagination go wild, So, if you have no sense of disgusting man humor and easily offended, please refrain from clicking on the link below as I won’t be held responsible for whatever you are going to feel after reading it. What you should do instead is share the article with your man because if he practice what I mentioned, you too will benefit.
As for the men, you must read this article, as I will introduce to you a new hobby that not only exercise your eyes but will make you want to accompany your partner to ladies shoe outlets and get equally excited too 🙂
I just republished my article titled Investment Wealth Retirement – 3rd Edition, to help you guys who are clueless about saving for your retirement. And if you are depending on your EPF for your retirement years, I will show you that it won’t be sufficient to last you until the day you die.
In this 3rd Edition, I have removed all links to my old blogs Ringgit Wise Fool and Generations XYZ and added some new contents. I will even show you how much cash I need today in order to survive up to 75 years old. You GenYs would definitely need much more than me when you retire in 20 to 30 years time.
In the article I also shared my experience in investing in the stock market in my early years plus the mistakes I made.

Without further ado, please click here to read my article titled Investment Wealth Retirement – 3rd Edition and hopefully after reading it you will change your spending pattern and start investing for your future without further delays.

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