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Those of you who previously loved the Maybank Mudarabah GIA which I taught you long long ago during my blogspot era – GOOD NEWS! Interest is paid once again even if you make premature withdrawals. Please click here to visit my FB Page and search for post dated 16 September 2018 for more info.

Latest and The Best Fixed Deposit / Time Deposit Interest Rates Promotion Offered by Malaysia Major Commercial and Foreign Banks – September 2018.

GenX Fixed Deposit Promotion

Last Update: 13 Sep 2018 AmBank. HLB, OCBC, RHB & UOB

 The Best Fixed / Time Deposit Promotions

Please CALL THE NEAREST BANK BRANCH to reconfirm the rates (go to the bank website to get the contact number of the branch nearest to you) before going to the bank to check if promotions are still valid.

Affin Bank

If you are not into chasing after FD Promos, Affin Bank FD Board Rates are the most competitive.

Affin Fixed Deposit Board Rates 2018

As of 24 May 2018, above are shown at Affin’s website.

Affin Bank – 4.4% for 12 months as informed by a Follower (not verified)

Affing Bank – 4.4% for 15 months as informed by a Follower (not verified).


Alliance Bank



AmBank FD Promo September 2018

12 months – 4.3%

Above info updated on 3 September thanks to Mr. Lye. You may need to seek Branch Manager’s approval for the above rate.


4.3% for 12 Months

CIMB unfixed Fixed Deposit Promo 2018.jpg


Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit Promos September 2018

HLB is offering 3.95% 6 months for eFD Online.


Maybank FD Promo



OCBC Fixed Deposit Promo until 30 September 2018

12 Months – 4.35%



RHB Bank – September 2018

RHB Fixed Deposit Promo September October November 2018


RHB eFD September 2018.jpg

UOB Fixed Deposit Promo for September 2018

  • 12 Month – 4.3%



For those of you who wants really short term deposit, i.e. less than 1 month. Go check out Maybank Q-Cash Money Market (similar to REPO).

Fund Minimum deposit RM50K

The Fund is suitable for Qualified Investors:
who have low risk tolerance;
who seek a regular income stream from their investments;
who wish to obtain a yield exceeding the Maybank Overnight Deposit Rate; and/or
who have very high liquidity requirement.

You can set the number of days you want your money in the Money Market Fund or just let it sit there until you want to withdraw. However, the cut off time for redemption request shall be at 10.30 a.m. on a Business Day.

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I can tell you this, if you think that the standard of living has deteriorated after the Government implemented the 6% GST, wait till we are in a recession and then only you will know what it means to have no money for food.

If you have yet to achieve the target to have 6 months cash reserve in the event of an unforeseen circumstances, it is best that you click here and read my article Prepare For Tomorrow So That You Can Sleep Soundly. In this said article, I once again shared with you the secret to being rich. It has nothing to do with how much you earn but rather are you able to save and not paying a sen in interest to the banks.

GenX 25 FD Promos by GenX

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