In My Credit Card Tutorial 2018, published on 29 December 2017, I have recommended that you guys reset the SMS Alert Default value to RM1.

I remind you, it is imperative that you follow my advise above because my Maybank 2 Platinum Cards AMEX and Maybank 2 Cards AMEX Reserve were used for authorized online transactions. The amount for each transaction was not huge, less than USD50. Actually for my AMEX Reserve, the amount was USD1!!!

But because I had reset all my Maybank Credit Cards’ SMS Default Value to RM1, I receive SMS notifications for most of my transactions and by fraudsters too.

After I posted my Credit Card Tutorial 2018, two persons commented at my Facebook which I thought I should share with you guys.


Below is what Mr. Lee Derk Huan commented at my FB post on 29 December 2017:

Lee Derk Huan FB Comment

Well, i did use my Maybank Visa Infinite to pay for lunch via Paywave on 31st December 2017 at The Gardens Mall. After a couple of days I remembered what Mr. Lee mentioned about SMS Alert relating to Maybank’s credit cards. So, I checked my phone and true enough there was no SMS from Maybank for the Paywave Transaction. However, I did received an SMS Alert from Maybank for a transaction (non-PayWave) made at Jaya Grocer (in The Gardens Mall too, right after lunch about 10 minutes after the PayWave transaction) to purchase the Limited Edition Hennessy XO and VSOP 2018.

So I called Maybank and was informed that for PayWave transactions, Maybank does not send out SMS Alert!!! Reason being, Paywave transactions are not linked to their SMS Alert System. So, I asked what if my card was cloned? The CS Rep then replied – that’s why there is a cap of RM250 for PayWave transactions and that I can always file a dispute in the event my card is cloned.

Well, there is nothing the CS Rep can assist me with any further, so I thanked him and hung up.

So far, I have no problems with Maybank where they have entertained all my disputed transactions and all I had to do was simply fill up a form. But it is still a headache if I were to find out days later after logging into my online account to find that my Maybank credit card was cloned and used for unauthorized transactions amounting to thousands of Ringgit.

FYI, my wife’s Australia Debit Card was cloned in December 2016. She logged into her online account in January 2017 to make a transfer and was shocked to find out that more than AUD900 was wiped out from her account in a single day. She then called the bank in Australia and was told that “her card” was used for small amounts at McD, 7 Eleven, etc via PayWave!!! All the unauthorized transactions were made in Melbourne. My wife was in Malaysia at that time, so no way she could have used the card. The bank said they will investigate and after a month, the bank reimbursed/credited every single sen back into her account.

Another friend who is also a Follower of mine and holds the Maybank 2 Cards Premier, visited Melbourne sometime last year. Guess what? After visiting Melbourne, his Maybank Visa Infinite (with PayWave) was also cloned and used to make payments of more than RM2K to Australian merchants. But luckily, most of the payments were online and therefore he received SMS Alerts from Maybank and thus called Maybank to report the unauthorized transactions.

From the above 2 cases, I reckon that my wife and my friend’s cards’ info were stolen via RFID/EMV Card Reader (go google and you will be shocked how easy it is to steal info from our RFID/EMV cards and anyone can buy the readers online).

What I need to do now is – GET A BRAND NEW ANTI-RFID WALLET to protect all my PayWave and PayPass cards, hahaha.


Below is what Mr. Leonard Robinson Chin commented at my Facebook post on 1st January 2018:

FB Comment Leonard Robinson


I terminated my Public Bank credit cards years ago and don’t hold any currently so I was surprised to learn that Public Bank no longer sends out SMS Alert for PIN transactions.

I was surprised when I read the above because my Maybank, RHB and UOB will send me SMS alert every time I transact with them using PIN.

So I went googling and below is what I found from Bank Negara Malaysia’s website relating to PIN transactions:




From the above BNM’s FAQ on PIN based transactions, we are suppose to receive SMS Alerts from PIN transactions. Therefore, why is Public Bank refusing to sent out SMS Alert which has been a BNM’s ruling since 2015? I hope they are not trying to save cost on the SMS Alerts. Considering the fact they earned BILLIONS of Ringgit every year for the past few years , why can’t they just send out SMS Alert which benefits everyone including them. That’s why I say Public Bank is super stingy, hahaha.

UPDATE 8 January 2018

The contents above were posted on 5th January 2018.

On 8th January 2018, Tessie Mah commented at my Facebook:

FB Comment by Tessie Mah

Based on the above  comment, looks like somehow Public Bank decided to reinstate their SMS Alert for PIN based transactions despite making an official announcement at their website. If you go to their website today, Public Bank announcement on 31st July 2017, as highlighted by Mr. Leonard Robinson Chin, is still there.


My New Super Heavy Duty Anti RFID/EMV Wallet Imported Directly from China purchased via 11ST 🙂

Here’s a tip from Mr. Kevin Koay:

FB Kevin Koay


I have been using a Ogon Aluminum Wallet for my PayWave PayPass cards issues in Australia for years. It can hold max ten cards which is good enough for my Australia Debit and Credit Cards.

Ogon Aluminum Wallet

Check out my new compact wallet specifically ordered for my FRID/EMV credit and debit cards with Visa PayWave and MasterCard PayPass, hahaha.

GenX RFID Wallet

My NEW Compact Steel Anti RFID Wallet on the far left.

GenX RFID Wallet 1

All my RFID/EMV credit & debit cards inserted into my new wallet of the left. Card remaining in the leather wallet are non PayWave or PayPass cards.

GenX RFID Wallet 3

ALL My Credit Cards and Debit Cards 2018 are inserted into the compact steel wallet.

GenX RFID Wallet 8

Before and After ALL My Credit Cards and Debit Cards 2018 are inserted into the compact steel wallet.

Above is to show you that my new steel wallet can hold 18 cards without any problems. But taking them out is a big hassle! I will only keep my non-essential cards in my new steel wallet. The cards I usually use, i.e. Maybank Reserve, Maybank VI, UOB VI, RHB VI and ATM Debit Cards are in my LV canvas wallet. But my LV wallet is not Anti RFID, so what I do is insert 2 Anti-RFID card sleeves (photo below) into both sides of my wallet…. hopefully it works, hahaha.

GenX RFID Sleeve

Update Feb 2018

Mr. Lee who informed me that he did not receive SMS alert for his Pay Wave transactions has subsequently that he did receive SMS Alert 🙂 Below is his FB Private Message on 6th Feb 2018

“Just want to update that for visa paywave. For transactions at McD, i do get notifications via sms on the maybank card.”

Another Follower shared with me that she bought an Anti RFID metal wallet at Daiso:

Daiso card case

UPDATE August 2018

Click here to read my article titled DO NOT ALLOW Merchants To Double Swipe.



My new anti-RFID wallet from AirAsia Duty Free when they had a Sale and delivered to me on the plane. It is kind of bulky like my Ogon aluminum anti-RFID wallet shown above.

Aluminium anti-RFID wallet

Vault Card

My new anti-RFID card that is to be place in my wallet to block scanners. One of my die-hard and generous follower (Project Team Member too) bought me a anti-RFID card all the way from London which cost him more than RM150 just for me!!! It is just perfect for my LV wallet which is not ant-RFID but I have one or two PayWave cards in them all the time.

Vault Card 1

Vault Card 2.jpg

Vault Card 3

Vault Card 4

Vault Card