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eCensus Malaysia – Ypu Need To Pre-Register Today In Order To Perform The Census 2020 Online Else You Will Be Visited By Strangers

I received a message yesterday stating that we have until end of this month to complete the e-Census Online.

So I googled:

I tell you, the Census website is a big mess….. took me sometime to find what I was looking for.

If you perfom the e-Census, you wont need to be interview face to face and your Duly Filled Census Form will be emailed to you.

When I found the Sign Up Page (image below), I thought I was set to go:

BUT NO! I need to have:

  1. Received an e-Census Postcard inviting me to participate in the e-Census; OR
  2. Pre-Register if I did not receive the above mentioned postcard!!!

If you refer to the image below, the dateline to Pre-Register is TODAY 23rd September 2020!!!

So, first thing first is that I need to Pre-Register.

However, the person who told me about the e-Census dateline inform me that she and her friends have Pre-Registered months ago and as of date have not received any email!!!

I called the hotline 1800887720 but it instead told me to refer to WhatsApp or email them!!!

I then tried the Chat-Bot and it told me it could not understand what I wanted, hahaha.

So, the best bet is that you pre-register via WhatsApp.

In the WhatsApp, state the following:

  1. You want to Pre-Register for the eCensus
  2. Name:
  3. NRIC No:
  4. Email Address:
  5. Mobile Number: This is extremely important as the OTP will be sent here.
  6. Your home address in full so that they can check with their system.

You can try contacting all the numbers above and if you are lucky you may get to speak to a human who can then assist you immediately.

Once again, today is the dateline so do it now during office hours before lunch as everything takes time. Don’t expect immediate actions. Good luck….