IQOS Officially Legal In Malaysia NOW!

IQOS fans, you no longer need to buy contraband Heatsticks!!! We can now get HEETS Heaststicks for freaking low price of RM14 everywhere!

And if you buy the HEETS Heatsticks at myNEWS dotcom, you can pay with your credit cards!!! Freaking awesome right.

Iqos Heets Cigarattes Malaysia Where To Buy.jpg

Iqos Heets Cigarattes Malaysia Where To Buy 2.jpg

AND THE BEST NEWS IS – The IQOS Device Multi 3 which is distributed by Philip Morris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd comes with 12 months warranty and you can even call their Customer Service Toll Free number should you require your IQOS device to be repaired!!!

You no longer need to pay exorbitant price for the IQOS Device by grey importers that does not give us warranty. I bought the IQOS Multi 3 for the price of RM350 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre using my credit card too!!!

iqos 3 multi malaysia price 1

IQOS 3 Multi Malaysia Price 3.jpg

iqos 3 multi malaysia price 4

The new IQOS Multi 3 Device is slimmer and can heat 10 heatsticks in a row before charging!!!

iqos multi malaysia price official

iqos 3 multi malaysia new device price

IQOS 3 Multi.jpg

So smokers, since IQOS is now legally sold in Malaysia where you would be contributing to the society whenever you buy the heatsticks (we pay taxes to help the government with their Trillion Ringgit debt), there is no reason why you should not switch to IQOS.

The IQOS is smokeless, therefore does not irritate the people surrounding us and best of all you will no longer hear non-smokers complaining about the “odor” after you take a puff, hahaha.

Update 27 Jan 2019

As mentioned above, we can use our credit cards to purchase Heatsticks at myNews dotcom šŸ™‚ Certain Petronas (e.g. NKVE) also sells the Heatsticks but not every Petronas. So, I will buy a cartoon of Heatsticks at myNews. And the Heatsticks are made in Italy!

iqos heatsticks malaysia with credit cards

A pack versus a cartoon of Heatsticks

Iqos Heatstickes Made in Italy.jpg

Made in Italy and legally imported by Philip Morris (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Update 31 Jan 2019

Heatsticks sold at Petronas NKVE near Damansara. However not all Petronas stations sell Heatsticks.

IQOS Heatsticks Heets at Petronas.jpg

UPDATE March 2019

I broke my Black/Grey Iqos 3 Multi freaking thin flat “heater” while cleaning it!!!

So I called Iqos Customer Service to ask where I can have it repaired. To my surprise, the CS representative told me that Iqos will replace if for FREE but only once. If I were to break the heater again, then I will no longer be entitled to a another FREE Iqos 3 Multi replacement. This is more than fair, it is unbelievable!!!

Anyway, I went to Iqos approved dealer to collect my new Iqos 3 Multi and the person told me best not to clean the Iqos 3 Multi just after smoking but to let the thin metal heater (made from platinum and gold) to cool down first.

Below is my New Iqos 3 Multi and this time I chose the blue colour.

Iqos replecment Multi 3 Blue FREE

Iqos replecment Multi 3 FREE.jpg

My new replacement Iqos 3 Multi

UPDATE 29th Jan 2020

It has been about a year since I bought the Iqos 3 Multi. Last year I paid RM350 for it and today it is selling for about RM270.

I have since stopped smoking the normal Marlboro lights and now smoking HEETS Brown Label which is much much smoother than the Orange Label we get in Malaysia. If you are in Europe you must try the Yellow Label which is really smooth.


Anyway, the stupid Iqos 3 Multi only allows me to heat up about 10 Heets before the battery goes flat and I have to carry a damn power bank with me!

Therefore I wanted to get another Iqos device and dropped by the Iqos Center at Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur located on the First Floor. So basically there are 3 Iqos device available, Iqos 2.4 Plus, 3 Multi and 3 Duo selling for RM169, RM269 and RM369 respectively.

IQOS 2.4 Plus 3 Multi and iqos 3 Duo

WTF! The Iqos 2.4 + is only selling for RM169!!! When Iqos was first introduced, we had to pay RM500 for a Iqos device without any warranty from the unauthorized sellers in Lazada and Shopee. Therefore RM169 for an “official” Iqos Device with 12 months warranty is a steal!

So I bough the Iqos 2.4+ and boy, it us so much nicer to use as I don’t need to keep charging it unlike my Iqos 3 Multi.

I am going to tell you a secret. the 3 Duo selling for RM369 is not worth it. All it does is let you smoke twice before needing to charge it.

It only takes about 4 minutes (which is damn fast) for the Iqos 2.4+ to recharge the Holder (the device the heats up the tobacco) where you can then smoke another stick. Actually you can buy a separate Iqos Holder (the device that heats up the tobacco) for only RM49!!! Therefore you can smoke continuous all you want and not limited to just 2 like the Iqos Duo 3 (which cost RM200 more versus the 2.4+). Get it? If you still blur, visit the Iqos Centre and you will understand what I mean by buying as separate “Holder” where there is even a special case to hold the Charger (with one Holder inside it) and the extra Holder.

And whenever you are at Mid Valley, drop by the Official Iqos Centre and they will clean your Iqos Device for FREE!!!

Those of you who like menthol cigarettes, you can try Glo which is like Iqos where the device heats up the tobacco and not burn it. The Glo device/heater is selling for less than RM100 and you can get them at myNews and 7 Eleven. However, I do not like the non-menthol because the tip has sweetness in it!!! Click on the Glo image below to learn more and enter password: 2000

Update 11th March 2020

Just like Glo sticks, Iqos Heets sticks are also now available at most 7 Eleven outlets. However, unlike at myNews where we can use credit cards to purchase Heets, we can’t at 7 Eleven.

IQOS Heets at 7 Eleven Malaysia

Update 18th April 2020

I received an email to inform that Heets are not allowed to be sold online and there are many places where you can buy them in Malaysia in addition to myNews, Petronas and 7 Eleven mentioned above. Heets are also available at WHSmith, BHPetrol, Shell, Family Mart, KK Supermart and Cold Storage šŸ™‚

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