Thank You For Your Continuous Unconditional Support

On 3rd September 2019, with “shiok sendiri” sensation, I posted at my Facebook that GenX GenY GenZ Facebook Page has reached the milestone of 8000 Likes.

GenX GenY GenZ Facebook 8000 Likes.jpg

I am so grateful to the 380+ of you who continued to show your support for GenX GenY GenZ by clicking on the Love and Like emojis at my FB Post dated 3rd September despite you not gaining any thing from it. From the bottom of my heart I thank you once again.

For those of you who had no qualms clicking on the Love emoji, which shows that you are capable of sending out unconditional love without expecting anything in return, thus you will be blessed with a wonderful life on planet earth.

For those of you who are in my Project 0.0 but clicked on the Like emoji, I thank you no less for your support BUT it shows me that you have learned nothing from Project 0.0 and I bet you still are controlled by money. I am telling you again now – it is to your own benefit that you start practicing what I taught you about Love & Gratitude which is the ultimate source to Inner Peace. So go change your Like to the Love emoji 🙂

For those of you who are not in my Project 0.0, by you clicking on the Like emoji unconditionally, it shows me your sincere support but I suggest you start clicking on the Love emoji and you will experience something wonderful 🙂

Those of you who passed my Project 0.0 but clicked on the Sad emoji, maybe I should revoke your rights to be in My Die Hard Supporter List, hahaha. Always emit positive and love and never any negative energy! So go click on the Love emoji and emit positive energy to your whole body too 🙂

If you clicked on any other emojis such as Wow – I ask you this – why did you click on the Wow emoji? You don’t care if I get 1,000,000,000 Likes or not as it makes no difference to your life right, hahaha. I suggest you too start emitting positive energy for your own benefit 🙂

Anyway, regardless if you clicked on the Love or Like or Sad or Wow emoji, I am extremely grateful for your unconditional support and I would like to share with you a thing or two tomorrow (i.e. 12th September 2019).

So if your FB Profile/Name is shown below and you promise that you will not share the password (if you do, God will know you are a sinner), take a screenshot of the image showing your name below and then message me as stated below:

  • if you are My Air Miles Disciple or in my Die Hard Supporter List or have direct access to me, please contact me via the relevant Social Messaging App (e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram and etc). Please do not contact me via FB Message as it will be jammed because only 20 messages can be in my Inbox at any one time until I read them.
  •  if you have no access to contact me via any Apps, then only message me via Facebook Message and I will then give you the password to a new tutorial on eWallet Apps versus Credit Cards.

Note: if your FB profile photo and name is not shown below and you message me for the password or anything else, I will set you to SPAM and I will no longer need to read any of your future message(s). The purpose of me opening my FB Message for a limited time is to thank those who showed unconditional  support of GenX GenY GenZ at my FB Post dated 3rd September 2019.

GenX GenY GenZ Love 1

GenX GenY GenZ Love 2

GenX GenY GenZ Love 3.jpg

GenX GenY GenZ Like 1

GenX GenY GenZ Like 2

GenX GenY GenZ Like 3.jpg

GenX GenY GenZ Like 4

GenX GenY GenZ Sad Wow.jpg

Once again, my  upcoming tutorial is produced out of love to thank those who have no qualms supporting GenX GenY GenX unconditionally. So those of you whose names and FB profile are shown above, please contact me for the password attaching your screenshot and message – I    (your name)  hereby promised that I will not share the password given by GenX with anyone including my lover unless a gun is pointed at my head.

Having said the above, I also have the absolute right to ignore any of your messages.