How To Activate Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 And SIM Active 365 Days Period

There is now a new Hotlink Plan that allows you to prolong your unused data up to 365 days. But what I really want is the 365 Days Active SIM period which non of my Hotlink plans previously allowed me to do so.

The Hotlink Internet 365 currently offers 2 basic Internet Plans which are really cheap for those who are connected to Wi-Fi and just occasionally need mobile data. And there is a current Prihatin promo where you can get 10GB active for 365 days for just RM5!!!

Like I said, what I really want is the SIM Active Period of 365 days!

You can purchase the Hotlink Internet 365 package online for RM25.

How To Upgrade to Hotlink Internet 365 For Existing users

Step 1 – Tap on SETTINGS at he lower right corner

Please note you need minimum RM5 to Upgrade your existing plan to Hotlink Internet 365

Step 2 – Tap on Rate Plan

Step 3 – Tap UPGRADE

Step 4 – Select Hotlink Internet 365

Step 5 – Tap Take Me There

Step 6 – Pay RM5

Step 7 – My Hotlink Plan has been upgraded to Internet 365.

My balance is RM1 and therefore I need top up RM30.

If you have balance credit of RM30 or more, you DO NOT need to top up.

Step 8 – Once you have minimum RM30 credit, select PASSES at the bottom Menu.

Step 9 – Select OTHERS and Tap on 365 DAYS SIM ACTIVE

Step 10 – Pay RM30

Step 11 – Completed. SIM is now active for 365 days 🙂