How To Activate Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 And SIM Active 365 Days Period

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There is now a new Hotlink Plan that allows you to prolong your unused data up to 365 days. But what I really want is the 365 Days Active SIM period which non of my Hotlink plans previously allowed me to do so.

The Hotlink Internet 365 currently offers 2 basic Internet Plans which are really cheap for those who are connected to Wi-Fi and just occasionally need mobile data. And there is a current Prihatin promo where you can get 10GB active for 365 days for just RM5!!!

Like I said, what I really want is the SIM Active Period of 365 days!

You can purchase the Hotlink Internet 365 package online for RM25.

Step 1 – Tap on SETTINGS at he lower right corner

Please note you need minimum RM5 to Upgrade your existing plan to Hotlink Internet 365

Step 2 – Tap on Rate Plan

Step 3 – Tap UPGRADE

Step 4 – Select Hotlink Internet 365

Step 5 – Tap Take Me There

Step 6 – Pay RM5

Step 7 – My Hotlink Plan has been upgraded to Internet 365.

My balance is RM1 and therefore I need top up RM30.

If you have balance credit of RM30 or more, you DO NOT need to top up.

Step 8 – Once you have minimum RM30 credit, select PASSES at the bottom Menu.

Step 9 – Select OTHERS and Tap on 365 DAYS SIM ACTIVE

Step 10 – Pay RM30

Step 11 – Completed. SIM is now active for 365 days 🙂