How To Send Your FREE Shopee Coins To Friend’s Account

So most of you should know by now how to generate FREE Shopee Coins and if you do not shop at Shopee, most probably you are like me where we will only used the FREE Shopee Coins to offset bills by 25%.

Just in case you missed my article on how to earn FREE Money where there is a section on Shopee Coins, click here to read The Best Apps In Malaysia To Earn FREE Money.

As you are aware, I can easily mine RM20 to RM30 worth of Shopee Coins per phone per month. And I use several phones and therefore I can easily earn RM100 worth of Shopee Coins per month.

Now, the Shopee Coins are useless unless we use them to offset payments for transactions. Therefore I have been using my Shopee Coins (and also GrabReward Points) to pay my bills in advance……. so much so all of them are overpaid except for TNB, hahaha.

I have good news for those of you who are like me were we have too many Shopee Coins 🙂

A Bro taught me how to send my FREE Shopee Coins to others and I have taken the trouble to guide you once again step by step 🙂


Below contents in italic are copied from Shopee:

You can transfer up to 20 transactions per day. However, you may only send and receive up to 1,000 coins per day and that includes only coins that have at least 1 month  validation before expiration. Shopee Coins cannot be exchanged for cash. 

*Transferring coins will not extend the validity period. 

You may check your Coin Balance and expiry date under your Me page > My Shopee Coins.

How To Send Shopee Coins

If you google, there is a Shopee Guide on How To Send Shopee Coins (click here).

However the guide above was useless to me and the Bro who taught me how to send Shopee Coins to another person BECAUSE both of us cannot find each other at the Chat!!!

Guide to Sending Shopee Coins To Others Taught By a Bro to GenX


In order to send your FREE Shopee Coins to another person, you must be able to chat with the person. Therefore first thing we must do is enable our Profile so that it can be searched by others at Shopee Chat.

Steps To Activate Chat:

  1. At Shopee Home page at the bottom tap on ME;
  2. At the very top right, tap on the SETTING/GEAR icon;
  3. Tap on CHAT SETTING; and
  4. Swipe the button to the right to activate Accept Chat from Profile Page.


  1. At Shopee Home tap on FEED at the bottom;
  2. At the upper left corner tap on the SEARCH icon;
  3. Enter the Profile Name at the Search Bar at the top;
  4. Tap/Select the Profile Name;
  5. Tap CHAT on the upper right;
  6. Tap the “+” icon located to the right where you key in your message;
  7. Tap Coins; and
  8. Select number of coins to send.

At Step 8 above, the max coins you can select is 100 Shopee Coins to send. But you can immediately send more coins until your daily quota is reached.

I did send a total 1000 coins to 2 separate persons yesterday, thus hitting my daily limit. BUT I tried to send again today and a message pop up stating that I have reached my daily/monthly limit.

I have also taken the trouble to prepare a YouTube Tutorial on How To Send Shopee Coins To Friend’s Account (click here).