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GenX GenY GenZ Episode VIII – Reborn


Under this Facebook umbrella called GenX GenY GenZ and the pseudonym of GenX, the following blogs used to be in existence:

1. My Credit Cards @ Blogspot;
2. My Credit Cards @ WordPress;
3. Generations X Y Z @ Blogspot;
4. GenX GenY GenZ @ Blogspot;
5. GenX GenY GenZ @ WordPress;
6. GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom; and
7. GenX Spirits @ WordPress.

In mid 2016, I embarked on a new journey and subsequently announced that I would stop blogging. I then handed over this facebook page to a few selfless followers to post/share info that benefit all of us.

In order that I was not distracted from my new project to help others on an entirely different level, in May 2017, I took this Facebook Page and GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom offline and deleted all the other mentioned blogs above (thus I myself don’t have access to my old articles, hahaha). And by doing so. GenX was blown into oblivion and thus no longer existed!!!

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My Credit Cards Have Come Full Circle – It’s Time To Move On


The very first “credit” card I managed to get was the American Express Green Charge Card in 1988 while I was still an undergraduate pursuing an Engineering degree in USA. I was upgraded to AMEX Gold Charge Card just before I graduated 🙂 Every time I see my AMEX Charge Card, I get “shiok sendiri” sensations because it states Member Since 88; and if you have been following my blogs the past years, you will know that I am really into the number No.8 🙂

However, I have not been using my AMEX Gold Charge Card for years ever since I got the Maybank 2 Platinum Cards (AMEX Plat + Visa Plat) and subsequently the Maybank 2 Cards Premier (AMEX Reserve + Visa Infinite).

Last year when I called AMEX to request for Annual Fee Waiver for my Gold Charge Card, my request was initially declined; but with my excellent begging skill, I managed to get the AF waived in full. This year (2016), once again I had to call AMEX to get the annual fee waived, however, this time I was told that because I failed to spend RMX amount with it, my request would not be entertained.

So, with a broken heart, I had no choice but to break off the long term relationship I have had with my AMEX Gold Charge Card. With much sadness, I instructed the Customer Service representative to terminate my Gold Charge Card immediately as it would be stupid of me to pay the annual fee and not getting any benefit in return. The CS rep then suggested that I downgrade to the Green Charge Card which is FREE FOR LIFE! I then asked whether the card would still have Member Since 88? And she said YES!!! Without any second thoughts, I immediately agreed to be downgraded – it’s FREE FOR LIFE and best of all I will still get to brag that I have been an AMEX Member Since 88 🙂

Now, most of you know that I have retired; therefore, I have no monthly pay slip, this makes it very hard for me to get a new credit card with an issuer which I have no current credit cards with (e.g. AEON and AmBank).

When we retire, our expenses would reduce drastically and we may not use our credit card as often. What we want is basically a credit card for convenience and emergency cases, therefore, I would suggest that you never ever terminate any of your FREE FOR LIFE (without any conditions whatsoever) credit card(s); because, once you have no salary, it is almost impossible to get a credit card from a new issuer.

Always remember – Cheap No Good, Good No Cheap, FREE IS THE BEST!

I would think that it is best to get FREE FOR LIFE credit cards from Maybank (e.g. Maybank 2 Plat/Gold Cards – AMEX + MasterCard/Visa) and CIMB. Reason being, these are the two largest banks in Malaysia; and thus the possibility of it being around in another 20 or 30 years from now is very good. AmBank credit cards are currently very good since they are also FREE FOR LIFE; but, do you think AmBank would still be around 30 years from now? I would think that it would most probably be merged with other bank(s) sooner or later. Having said this, you should still get AmBank credit card today as they are FREE FOR LIFE 🙂

Coming back to my latest AMEX Green Charge Card, I have now come full circle as far as “credit” cards are concerned. And I take it as a sign telling me to move on, haha.

For the last few months, actually since last year, I have been telling myself that my articles teaching you guys how to earn pocket money will be of no significance later in your life – that’s a fact. Most probably, the only articles that I have published that would benefit you in the long term are the following articles:

Children Education Path – in this article I mentioned that the only reading material you really need to teach your children is Ladybird Peter & Jane series. And by sending your children overseas to world class universities, there is a possibility that you will end up lonely as your children would be working somewhere else on planet earth.

Spending Your Children Future Inheritance – in this article I have taught you that you better go burn your money to accumulate happy memories for your old age and more importantly you can’t take your money to the grave. And if you do not spend your money to enjoy life to the fullest and leave it to your children, you would be pissed off big time in your grave and would try to dig yourself out of it when your child goes and spends your money on other people that are not grateful to you.

The Secret To Eternal Happiness – in this article, the most important message is that you must die happy!

Maybank 2 Cards Premier – those of you who applied for the Maybank 2 Cards Premier after reading my articles on it, would most probably have managed (or will be able) to redeem Business Class ticket(s) for FREE where you otherwise would only fly Economy Class.

With the above mentioned matters and in particular with me coming full circle on credit cards, I regret to inform you that I have decided to stop publishing new articles on matters relating to credit cards and how to earn you pocket money.

I most probably won’t be renewing the Dotcom website come December 2016; therefore, it should be automatically converted to I will let it run for now so other people can still benefit from the articles published.

All the posts in my GenXGenYGenZ Facebook Page will remain as it is for now. You can still message me and please do share good stuff with me; but, I will not necessarily reply or entertain your messages.

As for my GenX Spirits blogs (WordPress and Facebook), they have been deleted (or already in the process of being deleted).


Over the years, many of you have taken the trouble to thank me for my articles and I truly appreciate them. I have made some wonderful iFriends too where many of them share and teach me stuff.

Once again, I would like to thank the following people who have touched my heart in one way or another:

Aanies Contessa, Aaron Lee, Aaron Ng, Aaron Patrick Xavier, Aaron Tang, Adrian Lee, Adrian Soo Yih Ming,  Adrin Low, Afiq Xilantra Azmi, Ahmad Khairuddin Ismail, Aik Chun Tan, Alan Lim Tze Guan, Alan Ling, Alex Ho, Alex Lam, Alfred Khew, Alicia Kok Yu Ming, Alicia Quek, Allan Tky, Allen Sim, Allison Teoh, Alvis Lee, Andre Ooi, Andrew Woo, Andy Gen, Andy Lim, Andy Lye, And Giang Poh, Ang Kok Keong, Ann Lee, Anna Lim,  Anter Tey, AnQi Chew, Arvin Mogana, Asa Mi, Ayam Sam.

Barlog Teoh, Baskaran Basky Palgunen, Bayon Kit, Ben Yap, Ben Yu Yung Ching, Benjamin Jia Ming, Benjamin Son, Benjy Tan, Boon Hau, Frian Hong.

c teo, C F Lai Eric, Catherine Lim, Carman Lau, Carmen Lim, Cedric Kok Kee Wong, Cee Elle, Celeste Lee, CH Lau, Chan Hua Chin, Chan Wai Hong, Chan Wai Yoong, Chandler Kwek, Charles Lee, Chea Yee, Chee Chiew Wong, Chee Kian, Chee Poh See, Chen Hsian Hooi, Chen Siew Ping, Cheng Jit Ming, Cheng Leong Liew, Cheng Shan Chung, ChengWei Lau, Cheong Kwok Wah, Chew Ann Yuen, Chew Kian Peng, Chew Mei Leong, Chewie Kheng Yee, Chin Chun How, Chin Hong, Chin Theng Mee, Chin Yit, Ching Aik, Chong Kock Tong, ChoonKee Wong, Choon Seng Lim, Chris Teoh, Christine Heng, Christine Ong, Chua SY, Chun Han, Chun Hua H’ng, Ck Chin, Cindy Cheok, Cindy Liew,  CrossPlane Rumble, Cougman Chan.

Daniel Devaraj Arul, Daniel Lee, Danny Lai, Daren Teo, Darrell Lim, Darren Lim, Darren Loh, David Chua, David Jalleh, David Lim, Darien Fawkes, DC Bandara, Derek Kf Law, Derek Law, Dexter Ng Yong Hau, Dk Bandara Dwansno Eckree, Dimitry Foo, Donovan Low, Dzulhelmi Ismail.

Echa Mohamad, Eddy Loh, Edmong Wong, Edmund Teng, Edmundo Yoong, Edwin Bernard, EeVonn Siow, Ellie Sam, Elvin Wong, Encik Fitri, EngHwa Tan, Eric Ee, Eric Lau, Ethan Tee, Eugene Lim, Ez Wong, Ezra McQueen.

Fahruddin Najumudeen, Fe Leon, Felicia Loo LY, Felicia Pang, Felix, Felix Jong Chuan, Fion Tan, Flora Foo, Frank Tan.

Ganesharatnam Chandra Sekaran, Gerald Yeoh Kian Hon, Giko EE, Gim Howe Low, Ginny Wong, Glax Tan, Glenn Ng, Goh Lai Heng.

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Zaiman Noris, Zaini Elias, Zainul Anuar, Zena Zag, Zhi Jiang Tan, Zi Bing.


Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have signed up as a Follower at blogspot, those who have contributed to my past articles in one way or another and every one of you who have Liked my GenX GenY GenZ Facebook. I wish you the best of luck in your future undertakings and may you be blessed with perpetual happiness and good health.

Last but not least – always remember Cheap No good, Good No Cheap, FREE is the Best!

Goodbye and signing off for the last time as GenX.

The Best Credit Cards for Overseas Transactions 2016 – Maybank & UOB Visa Infinite versus AmBank & CIMB World MasterCard

Another credit card tutorial by GenX @

The Best Credit Cards Overseas Visa Infinite versus MasterCard plus Teacups

Update April 2017 –  The Best Credit Card for Overseas Transactions in 2017.

RHB Bank Premier Banking FREE FOR LIFE no conditions whatsoever Visa Infinite is freaking excellent for OVERSEAS spending (8X Reward Points). This card is currently The Best Credit Card for Overseas Transactions if you are into Enrich Miles. You are also entitled to minimum 10X FREE entries to all Plaza Premium Lounges nationwide plus 5 overseas. Click here to my updated article titled The Best Credit Card in Malaysia 2017 to learn more.

Update 24 April 2016 – Added transactions with Maybank & UOB Visa Infinite, CIMB World MasterCard and Maybank AMEX Reserve


Over the years I have presented to you guys many comparisons of overseas transactions’ conversion rates with my credit cards. A little more than a couple of years back, at my Generations X Y Z blogspot, I showed you guys that the Maybank Visa Infinite overseas conversion rate was lower/better than my UOB Visa Infinite and Alliance Bank Visa Infinite. Since then I have only been using my Maybank Visa Infinite for my overseas transactions and even terminated my UOB Visa Infinite P in mid 2015 because I needed to spend RM50K to get the annual fee auto waived.

If you are one of my regular readers, you will know that the Maybank 2 Cards Premier, i.e. Maybank Visa Infinite and Maybank AMEX Reserve Combo, are the best credit cards issued by a Malaysian Financial Institution as far as accumulating Enrich Miles is concerned. This is because we earn 5X Treats Points for every RM1 spent overseas with the Maybank Visa Infinite/Maybank AMEX Reserve. And the conversion rate from TP to EM is 4770 TP = 1000 EM; this means, we earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent overseas!!! No other card in the world can offer you this freaking good returns.

From my previous articles, many of you have been taught that we get the best returns (more than 10% cash back equivalent) from our credit card usage when we redeem for Business Class tickets. That is if you hold the right credit card(s). If you are new to my blog, for your own benefit, I strongly recommend that you read the articles below and you too can earn more than 10% equivalent cash back from your credit cards transactions:

Bragging Rights Europe 2016 Business Class Honda Limited EditionA Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That – Volume II, Chapter 1. Among other things I will show you how I earned FREE money equivalent to RM70,464,50 cash. Three of my children, my wife and I are flying on Business Class return KL/London this coming June/July all thanks Maybank. You will also be taught various ways to fly Business Class for FREE.

Best Credit Cards for Frequent Flyer MilesComprehensive Review of The Best Credit Cards for Redeeming Frequent Flyer Miles – Enrich Miles and KrisFlyer Miles. In this article I prepared tables showing you the best credit cards for local and overseas transactions to earn Enrich Miles and Kris Flyer Miles too. The info in this article are still applicable except for CIMB Enrich World MasterCard where they recently revised the Enrich Miles program. To learn more about CIMB Enrich (Elite too) World MasterCard, click here to read my Review.

And we now can use our Enrich Miles to redeem Emirates Business Class air tickets to Europe and America 🙂 However, you can’t redeem Emirates First Class tickets using Enrich Miles. To redeem Emirates Economy and Business Class tickets using Enrich Miles, you need to call Enrich Customer Service because you can’t do it online unlike redeeming for Malaysia Airlines Berhad’s tickets and get minimum 15% discount.

Enrich Miles Emirates

Effective March 2016, Maybank has revoked the Maybank Visa Infinite Priority Pass Membership Card but the 5X FREE access to local Plaza Premium Lounges was maintained for the Principle cardholder only (previously Supplementary cards were also given the privilege to enter our local PPL for FREE). Therefore, this means my children won’t be able to enter our local PPL for FREE. My wife still has her own cards that allow her to enter the PPL at KLIA and KLIA2. Actually, my children would be happy to know that I can no longer “force” them to go to the PPL KLIA2 as they hate the food there, hahaha. My children prefer to burn my money at Nanny’s Pavilion which serves pretty good food near to the PPL at KLIA 2 Mezzanine Floor.

Somehow, I am truly blessed and miracles always fall on my lap when it comes to credit card benefits. You see, effective 1st January 2016, UOB revised their auto annual fee waiver mechanism for their UOB Visa Infinite P whereby the card user only needs to transact with the card minimum once a month (i.e. minimum 1 time every month and NOT 12 times a year). Therefore, sometime back in February 2016, I went and reapplied for the UOB Visa Infinite P. The reason I reapplied for the UOB VI P was because it comes with a Priority Pass Membership Card that grants 6X Free Entries to Airport Lounges Worldwide.

The standard UOB Visa Infinite only grants the cardholders 4X Free access to local Plaza Premium Lounges and as of April 2016, the cardholder still needs to spend RM50K to have the annual fee waived unlike the uOB VI P.

According to UOB’s website, the Visa Infinite P is by “invitation” only. Generally, in order to apply for the UOB Visa Infinite P, you need to have UOB’s Privilege Banking status plus a certain amount of Assets Under Management (AUM) with UOB. When the UOB VI P was first launched, the AUM required to be eligible for the card was RM1M. However, I’m not sure of the current eligibility. When I reapplied for the UOB VI P, I did not bother to ask what are the latest requirements to qualify for the UOB VI P. I just simply went to UOB to see my Relationship Manager and she asked me to sign on the application form and she filled in the rest.

So today, I’m still blessed to have a Priority Pass Membership Card (from UOB VI P) that grants me FREE access to airport lounges worldwide and I do not need to spend RMX amount a year for the annual fee to be waived.

I still hold the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite issued via Privilege Banking; as such, the annual fee is perpetually waived. However, effective this year, in order to be eligible for FREE access to airport lounges, I need to spend RM150K with the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite. From my years holding Alliance Bank Visa credit cards (starting from their Platinum), I have found their overseas conversion fee to be amongst the highest, Therefore, I hardly ever use my Alliance VI; moreover, it does not make sense to use it since I will earn less Enrich Miles compared to my Maybank Visa Infinite.

Another credit card that one should consider for overseas transactions is the AmBank World MasterCard. However, this card is useless for overseas internet transactions.

The AmBank credit cards are useless to me as majority of my credit card reward points are earned via online transactions:

  1. My children’s tuition fees in Australia (Uni & High School) – I will use my Maybank  Visa Infinite and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent on their tuition fees.
  2. Paying for AirAsia and Malaysia Airline Berhad air tickets using my Maybank AMEX Reserve in Ringgit Malaysia and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent on air tickets.
  3. Paying for other international airlines tickets, e.g. United Airline and Air France, using my Maybank Visa Infinite and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent.
  4. All bills related to my apartment in Melbourne, i.e. Body Corporate, Electricity, Water& Sewerage and Taxes, are paid online and I will use my Maybank  Visa Infinite and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent.
  5. Overseas hotels mostly through Agoda paid in Ringgit Malaysia where I will use my Maybank AMEX Reserve and earn 1 Enrich Mile for every RM0.954 spent. Click here to read my article titled Booking Hotel Rooms – Agoda Maybank vs Expedia so that you won’t be fooled by Expedia who advertise lower rates compared to Agoda.

Maybank Treats Points Revision 2016Before I proceed any further, I have to highlight to you that effective April 15 2016, Maybank has revised their Treats Points program where you will no longer or earn miserable reward points from transactions relating to Utilities, Insurance, Government, Petrol and Education. However, I have good news for you, for overseas transactions, i.e. foreign currency other than Ringgit Malaysia, we are still entitled to 5X Treats Points for transactions relating to Education and Utilities. Click here to read my article titled Bad News – Revision To Maybank Treats Points April 2016.

I have been in Melbourne for the last 3 weeks and this gave me the opportunity to use and compare my credit cards’ overseas conversion rate for your benefit and mine. For this article, I will compare my Australia transactions with my Maybank Visa Infinite, UOB Visa Infinite and CIMB World MasterCard.

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A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That – Volume II Chapter 1

A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That by GenX @

Update September 2016 – Upgrading Economy Class to Business Class KL/Melbourne

Prelude – If you have yet to take my Comprehensive Tutorial on The Best Credit Cards for Redeeming Frequent Flyer (Enrich, KrisFlyer and Asia Miles) where you can redeem FREE flights with Malaysia Airlines, American Airlines, British Airway, Qantas, Qatar, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, please do not proceed to take this Advance Tutorial. First of all, you need to learn which credit card you should be holding to optimize earning Frequent Flyer Miles by clicking on the link below:

Comprehensive Review of The Best Credit Cards for Redeeming Frequent Flyer Miles – Enrich Miles and KrisFlyer Miles

Bragging Rights Europe 2016 Business Class Honda Limited Edition


I am well known for producing freaking long winded but damn good quality articles; and if you are a regular reader of mine, you just can’t get enough of them right? Hahaha. This article covers many subjects and as usual, you are sure to learn a thing or two………… or maybe nothing at all. And since this is my blog, in order to allow you to see and comprehend where I am coming from, it is only naturally that I also share and touch on matters relating to my personal life that gives me “shiok sendiri” sensations, i.e. Bragging Rights, hahaha.

Many of you are aware that I have been using my credit cards’ reward points to redeem Enrich Miles for the last 3 years or so. With the FREE Enrich Miles earned from my credit card transactions, I have redeemed FREE Business Class air tickets to/from Los Angeles for my eldest son and to/from Europe for my dad, mum, wife, eldest son, eldest daughter, sister and myself worth more than RM100K.

I have published many articles relating to Enrich Miles, but the most recent are as follows:

GenX Paris New York London 2014 200Click here to read my article titled My Paris, New York and London Trip 2014. This article covers many topics and may be useful for those who are intending to visit London, Paris and New York. Thanks to my lucky star, I managed to redeem 2 FREE Return Business Class tickets KL/Europe when Enrich Miles was having a 50% Sale! Yes, the best time to redeem your Enrich Miles for FREE ticket(s) is when Enrich Miles is having a Sale.


Click here to read my article titled My London Trip 2015. In this article you will learn that it may be cheaper to get an Oyster Card for the Tube instead of buying a Day-Ticket. And where you can get fantastic Indian food in London which also happens to be the 1st Indian Restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin Star.

As you are aware by now, I just went to London again in 2015 with my uncle and it was kind of boring since it was my second trip there. The thing is, I have to go again this year! The story is like this…..

Back in 2013, my eldest daughter started her undergraduate degree in Melbourne where the university is ranked amongst the World’s Top 10 Pharmacy Universities. And since the cost of boarding is freaking expensive in Melbourne (single bedroom apartment in Melbourne CBD can cost around AUD320/week), I thought I might as well send my two younger children to attend high school in Melbourne too and pay a little bit more in rent. But my two younger children need a maid as they can’t cook and they are so spoiled that they will never ever vacuum the floor or clean the toilet; therefore, I had no choice but to send a maid there to do the housework. And you guys know lah, I am very blessed, my children’s maid works for FREE and she is pretty, intelligent, bloody good cook and also happens to be my loving wife, hahaha.

My youngest Dragon daughter was given the very first iPad when it was launched back in 2010 (when she was 10 years old) and as such was exposed to God knows what kind of information, so much so, she thinks she’s the smartest person on earth.

My Dragon daughter started Year 7 in a Private High School in Melbourne back in late January 2013. Then came year end, we were invited to her school prize giving day, which initially we declined as we were flying back to KL that same night. But luckily we went as she was nominated for 6 Awards and won awards for Maths, Science and to everyone’s astonishment even Performing Arts (the crowd went WOW! Unexpected for an Asian I guess, hahaha). And the climax was she won the Year 7 Dux Title (DUX – from the Latin word meaning leader or from the English Dictionary top pupil of his/her class/school).

Click here to read my article My Bragging Right 2014 – where I also bragged about my eldest son being accepted into an Ivy League University, my eldest daughter who is forever watching KPop managed to get an ATAR score of 99.x and got High Distinction for all her subjects in her Uni 1st year (and was subsequently given a scholarship for her 2nd year) and my second son who was in Year 10 in a private high school also got straight As and won himself a scholarship for Year 11.

And in 2014, my youngest daughter won a place into the Best High School in the entire state of Victoria for Year 9. She sat for an entrance exam while still in Year 8 sometime in late 2014 where she had to compete with more than 4000 other students. But, initially, she refused to go to this new school in 2015! She had spent close to 2 years in her previous private high school and have made many friends and is well liked by the teachers. Heck, not everyone has the privilege and brains to enter this new school where more than half the Year 12 students achieved ATAR score of above 95 and 80% of the students score ATAR Score above 90 every single year! So, I was not going to let this opportunity of her attending the best high school in Melbourne slip away. But, like I said, she thinks she is smarter than me and equally stubborn as me too. So, in order for both of us to have a win-win situation (boy, nowadays, not only do we need to feed our children but we as parents also have to treat them like our business associates), I offered her a new iPhone 6 and in return she would go to the new school. But she refused to accept my very generous offer! So, to up my offer, I offered her a trip to Europe (London & Paris) on Business Class in 2016 and after a few days, she finally accepted my offer and started Year 9 in this new school. Well, I am pleased to say that she is now in Year 10 and has adapted well in her new school and have made new friends and more importantly to me, she received an excellence award too on prize giving day in December 2015 (for her Year 9 where is competing with the best of the best students in Victoria unlike in Year 7 and 8).

To read more about my children education achievements and matters relating to education, please read the below articles:

Children Education Path – which type of primary or secondary school (government, private, International or Chinese) your child attends is not really of any importance as all of them will lead you to the same Top 100 universities on earth! By attending the best university also does not guarantee that our children will be “successful” in life. The things that guarantee our children succeed in life is their attitude which is moulded from his/her surroundings, the people they mix with and the most important and only significant thing is – one of the parents have to play the role of tiger mum or dad, hahaha.

Having a smart child also gives the parent(s) a headache. Good quality education that enables your child to work anywhere on earth is not cheap. If you are currently (or soon to be) a young parent, I would seriously suggest you stop burning money on materialist stuff and not opt for 0% installment plan with credit cards for stuff which will be obsolete (e.g. smartphone) but instead invest whatever money you have (tip – I have been reiterating – if Maybank goes below RM4, buy buy buy) so that when the time comes you are able to provide a quality education for your child.

The major set back of sending our children to a world class university is that they may be working half way around the world leaving us all alone when we are old and useless!

Last but not least, in the above mentioned article I disclosed the secret/foundation as to why my siblings (my two sisters attended very prestigious universities in the USA) and my children are “smart” plus where I got my sick imagination from, haha.

My Bragging Rights 2013 – In this article I mentioned that my eldest son and daughter both scored 10As in their SPM and both were accepted into Top Universities in USA even before their SPM results were out. My second son and youngest daughter both scored straight As for their PMR and UPSR respectively and both of them did not even attend a single tuition class!

My Bragging Rights 2014

My Bragging Rights 2015

My Bragging Rights 2016. In this article I once again mentioned that I have reached the pinnacle as for as collecting credit cards are concerned. I am now collecting Spirits, i.e. Cognac and Degrees.

UPDATE – I am proud to inform the world that my second son who is addicted to Online PC Games has been accepted into a World’s Top 50 Uni for Accounting 🙂 Once again here are my latest bragging rights:

My Eldest Son: Bachelor of Engineering from a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni & Master of Engineering from an Ivy League Uni. Currently he is in his second year pursuing his third degree, Doctor of Medicine (M.D) degree, in a World Top 50 Uni for Medicine in Australia. Update July 2016 – my son’s Uni is still ranked in the Top 50 in the world for medicine in 2016 by both Times and QS.

My Eldest Daughter: In her final year pursuing a Pharmacy Degree in a Uni ranked in the World’s Top 10 for Pharmacy in 2012, 2013 and 2014; but their ranking dropped in 2015 and now only World’s Top 20, hahaha. Update July 2016 – for 2016. QS ranked her Uni Top 4 in the world for Pharmacy!!!

My Second Son: Just entered uni pursuing a four years Double Degree program majoring in Accounting and the second major to be decided next year in a World’s Top 50 Uni for Accounting. Update July 2016 – my son’s Uni is now ranked Top 30 in the world for for Accounting. And I am happy to report for his 1st semester, he scored High Distinctions for all his subjects.

My Youngest Dragon GenZ Daughter: Year 10 in the Best High School in Melbourne and the entire state of Victoria, Australia. I am not kidding, in 2015, her school is the No.1 in the entire state of Victoria where 508 students sat for the Year 12 Victoria Certificate of Education (VCE) and the ATAR median score was 94.87!!!

My Pride and Joy Who Also Makes Me Poorer By The Day – I have accepted the fact that I can’t take my money to the grave; as such, I have no qualms about spending my money on my children’s education and furthermore it is them spending their future inheritance anyway, and it’s for their own good.

A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit OF That – Volume I, Chapter VI – in this article I will tell you why the GenYs are so smart and who is responsible for it.

Coming back to the Europe trip in 2016 –

Why I offered my youngest daughter the trip to Europe in 2016? Two reasons. Firstly, I have to accumulate 382,500 (127,500 EM x 3) Enrich Miles in order to redeem for 3 return tickets KL/Europe – i.e. for my youngest daughter, my darling wife and me. Secondly, it can also be considered as her sixteenth birthday present 🙂

As of mid last year, I have already accumulated enough Enrich Miles for 4 return tickets to Europe on Business Class. But I did redeem one return Business Class KL/London to accompany my uncle to London in September 2015. Therefore, I still have enough Enrich Miles to redeem 3 return Business Class tickets KL/Europe.

Last December while having dinner with my children in Melbourne, we were talking about the trip to Europe next year; and out of the blue my wife said that my second son should go too (he’s attending uni in Feb 2016 and will have a month break in June/July) ). Then my second daughter also said she wanted to go as she has yet to visit London (she has been to Paris).

Well, to me, it is good that all of us go to Europe together as a family because time flies and soon all of them will be working or have a families of their own. But I wasn’t sure if I could accumulate enough Enrich Miles to redeem 5 return Business Class tickets KL/Europe. So I told my two older children that they will need to fly there on Economy and they agreed.

Actually, as of December 2015, I do have enough Enrich Miles to redeem for 3 return Business Class tickets KL/Europe and have a balance of at least 80K Enrich Miles. This means I will be able to upgrade my other two children to Business Class but one way only (40K Enrich Miles for one ticket one way). And in December last year, my wife had about 10K Enrich Miles but 5K was expiring, so I transferred all of them to my Enrich Account.

Sometime in Mid-February 2016, 2 of my older children paid for their 1st term Uni tuition fees with their supplementary Maybank 2 Cards Premier Visa Infinite. And fortunately, Enrich is currently having a promotion until end of February 2016 where we will earn 10% Extra Enrich Miles when we convert of credit cards’ reward points to Enrich Miles.

So on 19th February 2016, I called Maybank Premier Customer Service Toll Free Line to convert all my Treats Points to Enrich Miles. And when I checked on 21st February 2016, the Enrich Miles have been credited. I tell you, Maybank is really freaking efficient and I really like their excellent service. This is not the first time Maybank has credited the Enrich Miles into my account in less than a week, but every single time in the past. Not only that, click here to read my article titled A Little Bit Of This and A Little Bit Of That – Volume I, Chapter IV, where I mentioned I wanted to buy a Rolex GMT Master II Batman and called Maybank just before lunch to request for a second Temporary Increase in Credit Limit of RM50K (they have already approved a Temporary Increase of CL of RM30K weeks earlier) and they called me back just before dinner on the same day to inform me that my request had been approved!!!

Coming back to Enrich Miles, as of date, I now have about 600K Enrich Miles, which is slightly less than 637,500 Enrich Miles which are needed to redeem in full 5 return KL/London Business Class tickets 🙂

In my article titled Black Everose Rolex Yacht Master Versus BMW 118i F20 LCI Facelift (click here to read it) published back in August 2015, I mentioned that initially I wanted to get my eldest son a second hand car, but one thing lead to another, and I finally negotiated with a BMW salesman and was about to pay the deposit for a new BMW 118i for him. Only then did he tell his housemate that he was getting a car AND guess what? His housemate was also getting a car and they only had one covered car park allocated to both of them! So I wasted more than a week’s time and effort negotiating with salesmen from Honda, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini  and BMW for nothing. And in the Conclusion I asked my readers’ opinions if I should buy the new Rolex Everose Black Yacht Master for myself or a BMW for my son?

Well, my son has moved to another apartment this year and this time he booked the covered car park. However, since I did not buy the BMW 118i for him last year, I have used some of the money to buy more GIA certified diamonds and a new Rolex watch for my wife, hahaha. So, this time I only gave him a budget of AUD20K (half of the BMW 118i price).

And as I am drafting this article (started on 23rd February 2016), my son is currently at the Honda Dealership paying for his new Honda Limited Edition City with his Supplementary Visa Infinite and I just received an SMS alerting me that he has made payment for his new car. This means, in a couple of days time when the transaction is posted into my Maybank 2 Cards Premier Account, I will have enough Enrich Miles (converted from the new Treats Points) to redeem for 5 FULL return KL/London Business Class tickets 🙂

So, today’s FREE lessons are as follows:

1. Cost of transferring Enrich Miles from one account to another and cost to purchase Enrich Miles from Malaysia Airlines Berhad.

2. What options you have if you are short of Enrich Miles to Redeem in FULL for a Business Class Ticket.

3. What you must do first if you want to upgrade an Economy Class ticket to Business Class.

4. Advantage of using Cash + Miles versus Upgrade Economy to Business Class.

5. Is it cheaper to upgrade an Economy Class ticket to Business Class using Enrich Miles OR Redeem in Full for a Business Class ticket.

By performing the above analysis, it will also assist me to determine what is the best option for my coming Europe Trip 2016.

Now, if you are not aware, there was an Enrich Sale recently for Travel Period up to 20th May 2016 where one can upgrade to Business Class and get minimum 30% Discount. However, I did not get to enjoy the discount as we only intend to fly to Europe in June/July when my youngest daughter has her mid-year high school break.

Enrich Miles Discount London

FYI, June/July is peak period (summer in the Northern Hemisphere) and as such, the price of Economy Class ticket KL/London is higher than most other period.

Bragging Rights Europe 2016 and Enrich Miles Redemption KL London


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Ang Kau Ang Pau Lai Lai Lai

Another Chinese New Year Red Packets Presentation by GenX @


Chinese New Year is just around the corner and as usual, I am pleased to present to you another of my annual ritual which is to share with you the Ang Pau or Ang Bao or Ang Pow packets I have collected from the banks. However, this year I was kind of lazy to drop by Affin Bank and Citibank to collect their red packets. I am flying off to Melbourne this weekend as my youngest daughter’s high school is starting next week.

Click here to read my article titled Ang Pow Lai at Ringgit Wise Fool where I posted photos of Chinese New Year 2011 red packets from banks. In this article, I mentioned that I finally understood why my uncles and aunties would want to give me money (i.e. Ang Pow) personally, as I now also find joy in sharing my wealth with my younger generations.

Click here to my article Dragon Ang Pow also published at Ringgit Wise Fool where I posted photos of Year of The Dragon Ang Bao from banks ( including Premier, Privilege and Priority Banking red packets ) and a very aggressive looking Dragon from Coach!

And in 2013, I was in Melbourne for Chinese New Year, as such I posted photos of 2013 Ang Pow at my facebook page instead, click here to see them.

In 2014, for the second time in my life, I celebrated Chinese New Year in Melbourne. Click here to see Chinese New Year 2014 Red Packets at Generations XYZ blogspot and see what I had for dinner on Chinese New Year Eve.

In 2015, I was in Melbourne again for Chinese New Year. However, without fail, once again I posted the And Pows I collected before I flew to Melbourne. Click here to see Chinese New Year 2015 Red Packets at Generations XYZ blogspot.

Ang Kau Ang Pau Lai Lai Lai GenX


ALLIANCE BANK ANG PAU – as usual, Alliance Bank red packets are nice and colorful.

Alliance Bank Ang Pow 2016

ALLIANCE BANK PRIVILEGE BANKING ANG PAO – I tell you, I don’t even know who is my Alliance Bank Relationship Manager as they keep changing. So, when I dropped by my Alliance Bank Branch to collect their Ang Pows, the person I spoke to was new to me and she was damn kedekut and only gave me 2 “mini boxes” of their PB red packets.

Alliance Bank Privilege Banking Ang Pow 2016

Inside the “mini boxes” are 2 different designs of Ang Paus. And without fail, the quality of Alliance Bank red packets are very good.

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My Hong Kong & Macau Trip 2016


I just returned from Macau a few days ago. It was my third trip to Macau.

The first time I visited Macau was in 2011 and I published an article about it at my Ringgit Wise Fool blog. That article was pretty long as I tried to share as much info for those who intend to visit Macau. I posted many photos in that article including the rooms I stayed at in Grand Lisboa and The Venetian. Actually, I stayed in 3 different hotels for the 3 nights I was there, hahaha. The other hotel was Best Western Sun Sun (located near Senado Square) which was clean and pretty cheap but the room was really tiny compared to Grand Lisboa and The Venetian.

The second time I went to Macau and Hong Kong was in November 2012 and I wrote a freaking long article about it. It was full of very informative stuff and I published it at genxgenygenz.blogspot BUT google deleted that blog because they claim it was generated by a non-human! This said blog is now online again but it does not belong to me!!!

For this article, I won’t be as detailed as my previous articles on Macau but will highlight to you information that may (or may not) benefit you.

This time I visited Macau with a friend who has been there many times and as such he took me to restaurants in Macau which I most likely would not have visited. However, in Hong Kong I took him to 2 famous restaurants which he has never tried.

I flew to Macau with AirAsia where I used my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve to pay for my wife’s and my tickets and get to earn 1 Enrich Mile for every Ringgit spent on my AirAsia ticket 🙂 And for my hotel rooms, I will book with Agoda (most of the time) and also use my Maybank 2 Cards Premier AMEX Reserve and once again earn 1 Enrich Miles for every RM1 spent.


As of January 2016, less credit cards are allowed FREE makan at the Green Market (opposite Dome in the Check In Hall) compared to the last time I was there. Last year, I still could use my RHB Visa Premier Debit Card and RHB Platinum Visa Credit Card, but it’s no longer the case. Below is a photo showing you the cards that allows you the privilege of FREE makan at the Green Market @ KLIA 2. FYI, Priority Pass Membership Card is not welcome at the Green Market but you can enter the 3 Plaza Premium Lounges in KLIA 2 with it.

Green Market KLIA 2

Green Market KLIA 2 Menu Credit Card

Green Market KLIA 2 rice and coffee


We reached Macau in the evening and stayed 3 nights in Macau and took a day trip to Hong Kong. We took the TurboJet from Macau to Kong Kong and back where each trip cost about HKD160-180.

My Macau Hong Kong Trip 2016


The room I stayed in was a smoking room:) But I can tell you the stench from burned tobacco was strong unlike the smoking rooms I stayed in at The Venetian and Grand Lisboa which did not have this problem. As for the room itself, it is not as luxurious as Grand Lisboa or The Venetian but for the price I paid, I have nothing to complain and I will just show you some photos.

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0% Installment Plan Is A Trap – CC 164

Another Credit Card Tutorial by GenX @

Installment Plan Is A Trap


I have mentioned in CC 101 that 0% Installment Plans termed as Easy Payment Plan (EPP) or Installment Payment Plan (IPP) are well laid traps by banks to entice credit cardholders to spend beyond their means. You may ask, how can that be? Isn’t 0% Interest Good for us? The answer is Yes and No.

IF you have the cash in hand, then YES, 0% Installment Plans are great as it can earn us some pocket money as we can use the money in hand to go deposit into Fixed Deposit and earn interest.

IF you don’t have the cash in hand (savings) prior to signing up for a 0% Installment Plan, then the answer is NO. This is because you are spending beyond your means. And if you only pay the minimum payment due every month, don’t even consider using your credit card until your debt is fully settled.

The banks knows that many people who own credit cards have no discipline in controlling their spending.

In order to entice cardholders to spend more on materialistic stuff which are not required for survival, the banks offer 0% interest free plans. Yeah, the banks in Malaysia are really freaking generous.

So card users will happily swipe their credit cards for this and that using 0% Installment Plans as who can resist such a wonderful offer to experience a short burst of temporary happiness. What these people don’t realize is that every time they utilize the 0% Installment Plan on materialistic stuff, they are incurring more debts which means that they will have less money in the future to save (e.g. children education fund, retirement, etc) or spend on necessary expenses (as their disposable income has been reduced until the debt is paid).

In addition to having less disposable income in the future, if these people fail to pay the Statement Balance in full prior to the Payment Date, the banks then get to impose interest on the Outstanding Balance (including the portion that is supposed to be 0% Interest!!).

Seriously, if you have no money (savings in the bank) today to pay for a specific item you want to purchase, but still purchase that item with 0% Installment Plan, what makes you think you will have money tomorrow to pay for stuff that is really essential?


I shall now give you two examples as to how 0% Installment Plan Is A Trap laid out by credit cards issuers to make you fall into the shit hole of debt.

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Zillion Thanks To You My iFriends and My Bragging Rights 2016

An Article by GenX @



It is time of the year again for me to present to you another article on my Bragging Rights 🙂

This article has three main parts to it:

The First Part is to thank all my readers, especially to those who have constantly showed appreciation for my FREE work by taking the trouble to post words of appreciation at Low Yat Net Forum, Facebook and my blogs at Blogspot.

The Second Part is about my credit cards of course, hahaha.

And the Third Part is that I will get to “shiok sendiri” and brag to you, hahahahahaha.

GenX Bragging Rights


Back in 2013, I published an article titled Zillion Thanks For Your Support thanking my readers for their support when I was down and damn pissed off with google for deleting my GenXGenYGenX Blogspot. If not for my supporters back in 2013 (where many Liked my Facebook to indicate that they benefited from my articles and wanted me to continue blogging)  and words of encouragement by many of them, I would have stopped blogging years ago and this dotcom website would not exist today.

My blog is targeted at those who are educated and willing to read my freaking long articles in full as I will provide comprehensive information (and sometimes contrary) to make you think, show you insights and intrigue your powerful mind so that you can come up with what is best for you. Usually for articles relating to credit cards, I may produce in-depth analysis so that you have a clearer picture. And if I am in a good mood, I may even produce freaking long articles to address question(s) by my readers.

If you are looking to be spoon fed with point form format and have no interest in reading my articles, you have stumbled upon the wrong place, hahaha. And please don’t message me at Facebook if you have only read one or two of my articles – go do a search first, e.g. go google “GenX GenY GenZ – Citibank Cash Back Review” OR “GenX Best Entry Level Credit Card in Malaysia”

Now, my articles are FREE for your benefit, so don’t expect them to be top notch quality. Actually, occasionally you will find errors and mistakes. And many of you have taken the trouble to point out these said errors/typos/mistakes which I truly appreciate; because then only accurate information are shared with others for their benefit.

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Burning Away Fixed Deposits and Earning FREE Gold Bars with Credit Cards

An article by

Free Gold Bars


Please note this article was published in 2015 and Enrich has since inflated their redemption program, i.e. we need more Enrich Miles in 2018 compared to 2015 to redeem a Business Class ticket.  

Previously, in my Comprehensive Tutorial on The Best Credit Cards to Earn FREE Frequent Flyer Miles, I showed you the quickest way to get a “FREE” Business Class ticket to Europe from your credit cards transactions. And within 2 years of owning the right credit cards, you can fly to Europe for “FREE” with just RM1,668 spending a month! And in this said tutorial, I have also proven to you that it may not be worthwhile to redeem for a Economy Class ticket because you will get better returns by redeeming cash vouchers (example AEON Cash Vouchers).

In the above mentioned comprehensive tutorial, I also taught you that by using 127,500 Enrich Miles earned from the wonderful Maybank 2 Cards Premier (AMEX Reserve and Visa Infinite), one can save RM12,780 for a return Business Class ticket KL/London. And in order to earn 127,500 Enrich Miles, one has to spend RM121,635 with the AMEX Reserve (locally or overseas) OR Visa Infinite (overseas only). Therefore, the savings of RM12,780 is like getting an equivalent “cash back” of 10.50% One still has to pay RM2,374.90 in taxes for the “FREE” return Business Class ticket KL/London BUT it is still much cheaper than buying a return Economy Class ticket priced at RM4,287 (inclusive of taxes)!

Now, some of you may say that – I am not going to redeem my Treats Points for Enrich Miles but instead go for FREE cash vouchers and go buy an Economy Class ticket KL to London. Well, I am going to show you that this may NOT be a smart move, i.e. buying a return Economy Class ticket outright KL to London instead of using your Treats Points to redeem a return Business Class ticket KL to London.

In my previous example in my Comprehensive Tutorial on The Best Credit Cards to Earn FREE Frequent Flyer Miles:

a. Economy Class Ticket KL to London will cost RM4,287 inclusive of taxes.

b. By spending RM121,635 with the AMEX Reserve and converting the Treats Points earned to 127,500 Enrich Miles to redeem for a return Business Class ticket KL/London, one only needs to pay RM2,374.90 in taxes.

c. Total savings between buying Economy Class ticket (RM4,287) – Taxes for FREE Business Class ticket (RM2,374.90) = RM1,912.10.

d. So you are actually saving money by redeeming for the return Business Class ticket KL/London. And the cash back equivalent is 1.57% (RM1,912.10/RM121,635) which is better than redeeming cash vouchers earning you 1.25% (400TP = RM1 effective 1st May 2015 with the AMEX Reserve 5X TP).

Now, for some reason, not everyone wants to fly Business Class for FREE. And you have been shown examples previously that it may not be worthwhile to convert Treats Points earned from our Maybank credit cards to Enrich Miles in order to redeem a “FREE” Economy Class ticket; because, you may end up earning less in returns compared to redeeming cash vouchers where you will get 1.25% (400TP = RM1) cash back equivalent (for 5X TP).

And if it is not worthwhile for us to convert our Maybank Credit Cards’ Treats Points to Enrich Miles to redeem an Economy Class ticket, what is there to say about other credit cards from different issuers which give us much less in returns every time we use their cards to pay for essential stuff/expenses.

So if you do not want to fly business class, the other options you have to utilize your Treats Points are to redeem for selected stuff from the reward catalogue (e.g. smartphone, Coffee Maker, etc) or cash vouchers. Now, if you are using your credit card reward points to offset your credit card’s annual fee, you must be new to my blog…. Go lah beg for annual fee waiver or get a card that is FREE FOR LIFE (for example Maybankard 2 Cards which was Ranked No.2 in my list of Top 10 Best Credit Card in Malaysia!

But what if you are like me? I am not into redeeming goods because I am contented with what I have in my home (more like no more place to store new stuff) – flat screen tvs, refrigerators, air-conditioners, a microwave, two ovens, 2 Nescafe Dolce Coffee Makers (don’t even know where they are), a Philips Air Fryer, 2 bread makers, my wife’s tons of cooking utensils/cookware/dinnerware (AMC, Corelle, CorningWare, Pyrex and other unheard of brands from Cosway and direct selling agents), 8 units of PCs/notebooks in working condition, more than 10 tablets (iPads and Androids), tons of mobile phones, gaming consoles (XBox, Wii and PS), over flowing wardrobes with the girls’ shoes and clothes, tons of children’s toys in the storeroom, more than 5 guitars, etc, etc, etc.

As for redeeming a quartz watch, don’t waste your time as the watch won’t last forever. We only need one or two automatic watches (no need batteries for life; thus saving you the hassle of going to get a new battery every year or so). All you need is a Rolex plus a day to day entry level automatic watch (e.g. from Tissot or Oris). With a Rolex, we can get good money for it anywhere on earth, and it will still be ticking after we die.

As for redeeming cash vouchers for dining, clothing, electronic/electrical equipment and supermarkets or departmental stores, you should use your credit cards instead of cash vouchers to earn more Reward Points, hahaha.

So the question is – what is there to redeem if we are not into Business Class tickets or non-essential stuff for our daily survival or cash vouchers (which have expiry dates)? But we love money and would like to preserve our wealth for our future generations 🙂

In order to answer the question above so that is makes sense to you, I have decided to tell you a story. And the story is pretty long, as expected since the author has a reputation for producing freaking long winded articles, so much so it can be classified as a Fiction Novel and I think it would be a best seller soon.

Without further ado, I present to you my latest Fiction Novel (eBook) produced from my sick imagination:



It is the year 2015, where the government of Malaysia introduced 6% GST. As a result, the Rakyat has little choice but to once again adjust their lifestyle so that they spend within their means. Young people (GenY) who have been spoon fed and pampered all their life by their parents find it hard to stay afloat with their salaries which have not been adjusted accordingly with inflation for the last 2 decades, particularly those who just entered the work force. Many GenYs are in debt as they think 0% Instalment Plans are FREE Money and not treated as liabilities. As such, many young people still depend on their parents for survival when it comes to purchasing big ticket items (i.e. down payment for car and house) where they cannot go with the option of 0% instalment plans with their credit cards.

As for retirees who have ownership of their own homes, and in particular a double storey terrace house, in any of the cities in Malaysia, can most likely be classified as being among the wealthiest 10% of human beings on planet earth. However, many of them are still finding it very difficult to cope with the high cost of living (now even worst off with 6% GST) and their savings are slowly being depleted (e.g. money in FD). Most old people are not willing to enter old folks homes but instead prefer that their loving child/children take care of them in their own homes where they intend to die.

With the above in mind, let’s move on to Chapter I…….

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Spending Children Future Inheritance

An article by GenX @

In my previous, now defunct main blog (google deleted it because they said it was generated by a non-human and now it’s online again but it does not belongs to me!!!) I had several articles that are now lost forever. One of them was about burning away our children’s future inheritance and another about my son burning my money away by flying to and fro from USA twice a year and as such I decided that I should get my wife a black caviar Chanel handbag before all my children burn away all my money.

Today, I shall republish the article on Spending Children Future Inheritance here again.

Because of global peace (no World War III) for more than half a century, many of the Generation X are able to accumulate wealth that has continuously grown over time because of a phenomenon called INFLATION. If the world had stuck with Gold as a form of money instead of printing endless paper money which comes from the same source as toilet paper, many people would never see their wealth accumulate in an exponential rate during their lifetime or become millionaires.

Most people prior to Generation X in Malaysia worked hard for their money and actually only needed money for food and a roof over their heads as there was nothing much to do after sunset (that’s why the older generations produced children every other year because they relied on nature whereby breast-feeding was a natural form of contraceptive). Owning a car was a luxury then and taking public transport and “beca” (rickshaw) was the norm. And for these people, asking them to go have a drink at Starbucks today is a big no no and they would most probably vomit blood if they found out they just consumed a non-alcoholic drink which cost more than RM20. But these older people who have saved their money and invested wisely are by today’s standards considered rich where their stocks would probably be worth more than 100 times their initial capital and their properties worth much much more.

But, the sad thing is, many in Generation X and older generation, do not know how to spend their accumulated wealth while they are still alive and leave it to their children or grandchildren to burn away after they are 6 feet under. Later, observing from the spirit realm how their offspring are enjoying and having fun burning their inheritance on material stuff, the dead only realize what a fool they had been and I bet they wished that they can dig themselves out of their graves and cut short their offspring’s happiness.

Spending Children Future Inheritance


In my previous article I started off by telling a true story of a rich developer friend about what his teenager son said; and, I shall now repeat it here as this is how Spending Children Future Inheritance came to my realization.

One day a rich developer was vetting the Final Contract Sum of his condominium project and was looking worried when it came to the Variation Orders (VO) claims.

Son: Dad, you look stressed out, what’s wrong?

Rich Man: I am studying our Condo Project Final Contract Sum where my contractor has made many VO claims. They are claiming quite a substantial amount on VO.

Son: What is VO?

Rich Man: It is called Variation Orders. When I first signed a contract for our condo project, both the contractor and myself agreed on a particular sum that the contractor complete the project on an agreed scheduled time frame based on specifications outline in the contract. This sum is called the Contract Sum. During the construction period, the specification may change. Usually I will change the specification of materials used to a cheaper one during construction to that stated in the Contract, and as such I will get a Negative VO and the Final Contract Sum will decrease, which means we get to make more money from the project.

Son: Yeah, dad you are really smart. We should have more Negative VOs.

Rich Man: However, sometimes beyond my control I will be billed for Positive VO, which means we have to fork out more money and therefore the Final Contract Sum increases. For this Condo Project, I wanted to save some money on consultancy fees and therefore engaged some new consultants which I have never worked with and these jokers missed out many items in the contract which are required to complete the project. And as such, the contractor had a field day making tons of Positive VOs!!! I am now having a headache trying to justify the claims so that I can go back to the contractor and negotiate with them.

Son: In that case dad, you better not simply spend away my money and make sure you cut down the Positive VO claims as much as you can!!!

When I heard the above story about 5 to 8 years ago, it hit me what the rich developer was trying to imply. He and I agreed that whatever we saved and don’t burn away in our short time on planet earth eventually belongs to our children and as such it was not wrong for the son to say that his dad was burning his money in advance!

Like I started off in this article, many of us from the older generations work hard and practiced spend thrift ways and would only burn away money on necessities. If one does not gamble or spend unnecessarily on things like cars and china dolls or other temporary happiness factors, AND invest wisely and not go for quick rich schemes, the probability of one living and owning a terrace house in Klang Valley’s prime locations would most likely die a ringgit-millionaire today.

On the other hand, some GenXs born in the later years (including myself) and GenYs are exposed to easy credit designed in the Western World and brainwashed by advertisements into thinking that we find happiness by burning away money on gadgets, holidays, expensive restaurants, owning a particular car, etc.

I suggest you click on links below and read my articles to understand where I am coming from and a little more about today’s human unlimited wants for temporary happiness i.e. shiok sendiri.

LIFE – What’s It All About

Eat Shit Sleep

Anyway, the older generations and the “smarter” ones that do not burn money on material stuff find joy in seeing their wealth/money grow from day to day (applies to stingy people too). Some of these people would say that they want to leave some wealth for their future generations so that they can have a better life. This is a very reasonable behavior because our basic instinct is to protect our offspring.

In today’s world, our economy has been engineered by the western world where growth comes from spending and more spending and designed in such a way that inflation is inevitable, whatever cash we leave for our future generations would eventually be worthless with time if not burned away (however, this is not the case for land or other similar wealth preservation assets – that is, as long as the world does not experience another world war or is invaded by aliens or attacked by Godzilla).

Now, besides your future generations burning up your hard earned money, the fact is the third and subsequent generations would not even appreciate your generosity or even thank you for it. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you went to your great-great grandfather’s grave to thank him for enabling you to be born into this world? And for those of you who married late in life, your grandchildren which you seldom bonded with would most likely also not appreciate your kindness because to them it’s their dad (your son) who gave them protection and happiness.

And here is a fact that one seldom talks about. Your child only has half of your blood. Your grandchildren a quarter of your blood and your great grandchildren one eight of your blood in their veins. In other words, by the 3rd generation, you are leaving your money to other people’s blood line i.e. your blood is the minority running in your grandchildren where three other people’s blood summed up is the majority.


So the question comes to – why not stop being stingy or a scrooge and burn away some of our money (i.e. your children’s future inheritance) together with our loved ones including our parents and children? With this action of spending your children’s future inheritance, everyone gets to share and experience some temporary happiness right this moment while we are still alive and kicking especially when one has reached the level of “Chiak Bui Liow” (and thus not having to worry about retirement funds to survive).To learn more on definitions used in my article, please click here.

Like I have repeated over and over again in my articles (especially at, what we treasure most when we are old and useless (because our legs are weak) are happy memories. Seeing our wealth growing by the day is no longer a priority because we eventually accept the fact that we cannot take our money with us to our graves (in my case, since I am a Taoist, I have instructed my wife to burn stacks off hell notes where each note shall have no less than nine zeroes after the first digit and also several huge bungalows, fancy sports cars and plentiful of beautiful playmates – oops, I mean maids) and I have pointed out in the above paragraphs that your future generations would not give a damn about you.

In my previous article titled, I mentioned that before I had my first million, I would only buy my wife Guess handbags. She had to suffer in silence for many years before I bought her a Louis Vuitton handbag. Then sometime in 2012 while I was napping, she mentioned something about wanting black caviar so I say okay not knowing that she meant she wanted a Chanel Jumbo Black Caviar Handbag!!! Who would have thought that people would name their handbags after food!!? When I found out how much a Chanel handbag cost, I was like no way am I wasting more than RM10K on a stupid handbag which does not benefit me in anyway but only giving my wife temporary happiness. But that changed sometime during the 4th quarter of 2012 when I got pissed off with my eldest son for booking his air ticket last minute to fly back from USA as he wanted to wait and confirm the date of his last exam to maximize his stay in KL instead of booking the air ticket months ahead whereby he would have gotten a ticket at a much lower price. That is when I realized my eldest son who was flying to and from USA twice a year, while he was doing his undergraduate in a TOP 10 USA Engineering Uni, was burning more money than what a Chanel handbag cost; and a Chanel handbag can last for years.

So I thought to myself, why the heck should I deprive my darling wife (whom I love more than anyone on earth) from experiencing the joy of owning a Chanel handbag? I might as well spend away my children’s inheritance on my beautiful wife who have shared the bittersweet of life with me instead of having my son(s) spending my money by buying a handbag for his wife when I go to the next world or worst still investing on his girlfriend who may eventually be someone else’s wife and that would definitely freak me out in my grave. So when we were in Hong Kong/Macau for a holiday in late 2012, I surprised my wife by taking her to the Chanel Store in Hong Kong and allowed her to purchase her first Chanel Black Caviar handbag and she chose a Limited Edition handbag (they call it seasonal but limited edition sounds nicer, hahaha). There is a reason why I bought the Chanel handbag for my wife in HK – it is so that every time both of us see this particular bag, it will bring back memories of us holidaying with our children in Hong Kong.

My eldest son graduated in May 2013 and I flew to USA to become a slave by carrying his luggage and 2 guitars. Then while back here in Malaysia, at the very last minute he decided to attend an Ivy League Uni in USA for his Masters degree and it will cost me a fortune! But, then again he is the one who is burning his future inheritance away and he can’t blame me if he gets pennies in the event I don’t have much money left for him; and, moreover his blood consist 100% of my wife and my blood only. And later I  found out that he has assisted me to burn up my money faster by buying another 2 new guitars since he left for the North East USA in August 2013!!!

After my son obtained his Masters Degree in Engineering from the Ivy League Uni in 2014, he applied to a World’s Top 50 Medical School in Australia to pursue a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree; and he got accepted into the program. I tell you, this eldest son of mine is damn freaking smart, by going to Medical School, he gets to continue enjoying life without needing to work for another 4 years! In 2016, he will be in his second year of Medical School. Looking from another angle, my son is not really spending my money away on his education but actually spending his future inheritance for a good cause.

I am sure that you know one or two people who inherited lots of money from his scrooge dad and now are having the time of his/her life; whereas he/she was always complaining about his dad not loving him/her when he was alive. Do you want to be in that situation where your child feels that he/she is deprived of your love (by you not buying him/her the latest gadget or a car or taking them for holidays or to nice restaurants or whatever) while you are alive and they happily go burn your hard earned money with someone else after you die and not being grateful to you?

After I stopped being a salaryman because of my eyes, I had a lot of time to think about life and came to realize that life is short and there is no such thing as long term happiness. Every one of us will eventually experience some kind of illness and maybe suffer a bit before we die, e.g. cannot shit because our bowel can no longer function or cannot eat because we don’t have any teeth left in our mouth. Only the truly blessed ones are free from illnesses and get to die in their sleep without experiencing any pain while being happy in dreamland. I truly think that me getting glaucoma and being almost half blind is actually a blessing in disguise as now I get to spend more time with my children whereas I only see them on Sundays when I was working. And best of all I now practice spending my children’s inheritance to gather as much good times as I can have with my children so that I have endless happy memories for my old age; because, I know for a fact that my grandchildren’s off springs would not appreciate me or give a damn about me.


The action of spending your children’s inheritance only applies when it does not eat into your retirement fund which is required for you to survive until the day you die. It is about your wealth that you are unable to bring with you to the grave, i.e. “chiak bui liow“, and optimizing your wealth while you still have the time on planet earth by gaining as much fond memories for your old age instead of having your future generations burning your hard earned money and you missing out on the good times with them.

And if you have no children and leaving behind your assets to your nieces or nephews, I guess you better go happily spend your money as much as you can while you are alive instead of handing it to someone else’s children whose children will never visit your grave. And for those of you who plan to leave all your assets to charity after you die, let me tell you that you should do it now (as such, ensuring that the money is well spent on those intended for instead of leaving it to someone else to manage your hard earned money) and earn some good karma points because you ain’t going to get any karma points after you die.

And two of my readers mentioned in LYN that they were influenced by my previous article on Spending Children Future Inheritance…. one now takes his children overseas for holidays (to have fond memories later in life) whereas another is living a more relaxed and pleasurable life by spending his money on China Dolls (instead of his children having the fun burning his money when he is no longer around), hahahahahaha.

As for the GenY, I guess you should start saving/invest your hard earned money instead of being in debt by opting for 0% installment plans or other forms of easy credit (more importantly don’t go shopping online but go for FREE window shopping at the malls and also go for cheaper coffee instead of going to Starbucks) so that you too will have the luxury to spend your children’s future inheritance later on in your life.

And coming back to Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel classic timeless handbags, the prices keep increasing just like Rolex watches because of the phenomenon called inflation, like I mentioned earlier. So if you get a classic piece (i.e. non seasonal model or limited edition), the probability of the same classic model being sold in 10 years time at the same store you bought yours is very high. And in a decade’s time, the same classic handbag you bought may cost twice as much and it will bring a smile to your face knowing that you bought yours for less than half the price, it’s like you get a 50% discount and we know these classic pieces are never sold at discounted prices (same thing applies to Rolex watches).

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