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Prelude To The Ancient Technique To Earn FREE Money with Credit Cards


First and foremost, I truly thank you all for your support.

Secondly, I wish to put on record that I am not an expert on credit cards but it is you guys, my Friends and Followers, who feed/update me with info on credit cards and fixed deposit promos and I simply share it with the world by presenting a simple thing into a freaking long article, hahaha.

For example:

Mr. Loh highlighted to me that PB VS Cash Back cap was reduced to RM38 starting on 1st January 2018 even before I started to draft the review on it. He then also highlighted to me that he earned cash back with the SCB Gold Cash Back credit card for his PTPTN repayments and that’s why I decided at the last minute to do a review on the SCB Cash Back Gold Credit Card.

Mr. Lee informed that he did not receive SMS Alerts for transactions related to PayWave. I then did further research and published a new article titled SMS Alert Updates 2018.

Ms. Lee taught me the benefits of the AEON Big credit card back in 2016. And on 10 January 2018, she once again informed me that she received 5% cash back for paying her MBPJ Cukai Taksiran via Online with her Public Bank Quantum Credit Card!!!

Mr. Lye who updates me on almost all banks’ Fixed Deposit Promos very often.

And many others on other matters that benefit everyone of us which I then pick and choose to share with the world. So combining all the knowledge of my selfless Followers who willingly share info with me for FREE, GenX GenY  GenZ is then able to effectively assist all Malaysians for FREE.  So, basically, GenX GenY GenZ is community of selfless educated people who love to read long freaking articles and explore/research further on matters that enrich ourselves.

Well, one particular Follower actually took the time to message me via FB after I relaunched this blog and I was blown away by what she shared with me, i.e. she earned about RM2K in cash back with a single credit card product in 2017 that had a monthly cash back of RM50!!! I have since acknowledged her as my newest Sifu 🙂 Below is what my Sifu’s earned from a particular cash back credit card:

Sifu Cash Back 2017

From the above, you can see for yourself that my Sifu earned more than RM2.5K in cash back with RM20,068.38 spending – that’s 12.65% Cash Back!!! It’s all FREE MONEY!!!

However, as you are aware, credit cards’ issuers revise the terms and conditions of their cards every year and reduce their cards’ benefits. Therefore, some technique used by my Sifu for the past years may be ancient history. But not to be despair because yours truly have re-engineered the ancient technique for you to earn more free money for today’s cash back warfare 🙂

Without further ado, I hereby request all my STAR apprentices who have successfully passed my trial missions to click here and start your training on the Ancient Technique by True Cash Back Jedi Masters to Earn More FREE Money.

Young Jedi Cash Back War FB


Back to Basics, a Financial Health Check via CTOS and CCRIS


This is going to be a semi long rant. I would not pretend to know it all. But having talked to Gen X and Gen Y, there is an alarming amount of individual that do not kept a regular check on their Credit History. So let’s start with the basic again, what is credit history, why is it crucial to have one and the importance of maintaining a good credit score.

So how does bank knows if you have a good credit history?

Bank Negara maintains a list commonly known as Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS)


Banks and other financial institutions will each month submit to Bank Negara your repayment record. If you had never miss a payment, you get an egg. With each prompt payment, you accumulate more and more eggs each month. Therefore, Egg is Good!

If you start missing a payment, your Egg will hatch. First missed payment, you get 1 Chick, second missed payment you get 2 Chicks, third missed payment you get 3 Chicks, well you get my drift… So just remember, Chicks is Bad, Egg is Good. And you will be fine.

Other than CCRIS, there are also private credit reporting agencies that made it a business to keep track and sell your financial health info to interested parties. One of the more popular one is CTOS. They differentiate themselves by offering more information such as blacklist from non-financial institutions (telcos for example), CTOS Score, etc etc. They also allow easier access to your personal financial history without any delay from the comfort of your home, for a fee of course.

Keeping it clean

Starting your financial history usually starts with what could be the first “devil” in your life. Another loan…

Usually this happens when you began earning a steady income. But beginning from 2016 those taking PTPTN study loans will also get their repayment history submitted to CCRIS. Once you get the ball rolling, here comes the tricky part.

Maintaining a good financial history;

  1. Always observe your statement due dates. Paying one week ahead of the due date, just to be safe. Sometimes payment faced some problem that is out of your control. It would give you some leeway to resolve it. For some people this should be ok. Especially for those with low credit card usage. But if you want your history to look cleaner, read on below to understand how CCRIS inner works.
  1. If there is a dispute about outstanding payment, resolve it!! Don’t ignore and hope it goes away. It won’t and will likely come back to bite your ass. From time to time you can see a user dispute with telcos that ended up getting blacklisted in CTOS
  1. Don’t write bad cheques!! Always make sure there is adequate balance in your current account to clear the cheque.
  1. Apply only the credit card you need. Cancel the one you don’t use.

This is the ones I can think of so far… “You may suggest in the comments if you have a tip of your own to share.”

How early should I start be concern about my financial history?

I would say immediately after your own your first secured or unsecured loan (Car loan, Credit Card) or once you graduate (PTPTN repayment clock will start ticking 6 months after you graduate)

Understanding the inner working of CCRIS

As always, the devil is in the details. To make use of the system to your advantage, you need to understand a few basic mechanisms;

  1. Credit history is reported to CCRIS at the last day of each month.
  2. CCRIS will update their system with all the info on the 15th of following month

Why is this important to know?

Bank calculates your Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR) partly based on your outstanding as shown in CCRIS.

Example: If you were to pay only strictly based on the due date as stated in Rule 1 above, which may not be end of the month, in this example let say 13th of the month. Your statement says the payment due total is $5,000. You then pay it on the 6th of the month, a week ahead of the due. By the time CCRIS report is generated, it will show that your outstanding for that particular bank is still $5,000. This is because as of last day of the previous month, you still owe them $5,000 and this is what is reported to CCRIS.

But if you were to pay before the end of the month, this outstanding amount will be $0. As if you have not spend a single cent. Improving your DSR.

The same can also be said for not only statement balance but outstanding balance in general. Your statement might say $5,000 but then you made a big purchase worth $10,000 soon after the statement is out and now the total outstanding is $15,000. Paying only what is on the statement will still result in an outstanding balance of $10,000 at the end of the month. This $10,000 amount will still get reported and reflected in CCRIS. If you need your CCRIS to look clean come next 15th, you have to pay ALL outstanding by months end, not just the one in your statement.

Understanding this mechanism and timing your future loan application will make the system works to your advantage and not against you. Of course if you are not planning to take on any new loan, who cares…. as long as your egg don’t hatch, you will be fine.

Where do I get my credit history from?

I will share two most common sources,

  1. Direct from Bank Negara (
  2. CTOS website (

Direct to Bank Negara is the best because it’s free. Who no like free things right? Just walk into any of their branch with your MyKad and print it out. Alternatively they also allow you to print a form online, fax or email it to them. They will then request some verification info and will you will get it once it is verified. This way is slow… very slow. In my experience it took at least 1 week.

My preferred way is via CTOS. Of course this is not free, as they run a business. Each new request is charged RM25. You simply register an account on their website, attach a copy of your identification card, and once the account is verified, you can start using it. Once a CTOS report is purchased, you may download that copy as many times as you want.

CTOS report will include your latest CCRIS, the CTOS own portion of the report, and the new CTOS Score. The score is a neat addition as it gave an idea of how well is our overall credit score. Remember it is only for your reference. Each bank still has their own credit scoring system which is unique only to them.


CTOS also provides some general guidelines to improve your score.

So confirm I can get that loan?

None of this will guarantee you will get that loan you desire. At best, it will signify that you are in good credit health and that you might be eligible to take on further commitment.

Each bank has their own way to asses a person’s credit worthiness. And there are other additional factors to take into account like your type of employment, your tax filing and payment history, etc etc…

So how often should I check?

I would say at least every 6 month. And definitely before you decide to make any large loan applications to make sure all your Eggs are still Eggs.


The world today has become more complex than what it was X years ago. Gone are the days where people can skip on their PTPTN loan and still buy million dollar houses. The days of our fathers and grandfathers securing easy cheap loans are long gone.

Tightening regulation by banks to curb another financial meltdown has made securing loans that actually matters, a much more challenging task. And yet bank still dangles easy access to quick personal loans and easy payments scheme to entice spending. Your only protection is constant education.

So if you know someone that is still clueless about this basic financial prudence, please encourage them to start caring.

A word of wisdom,

You can only help those that choose to help themselves

Posted by Jerie Lim

Ass Toning Footwear – 2nd Edition

This article was first published on 13 February 2012 at I have decided to republish it here at GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom, just in case Google delete/ban my Ringgit Wise Fool blog, for the benefit of all gentlemen by introducing a new  eye exercise that will also benefit their partner/spouse/girl friend. You ladies will thank me for introducing this eye exercise to your man too. You see, your man can perform this exercise without bothering you for hours at the mall as he won’t get tired and nag that you hurry up with your shopping; therefore. you can waste hours at the mall taking your sweet time visiting every shop and trying out as many dresses and shoes as you wish without him nagging you.


Every woman loves shoes and can’t  get enough of them. I can’t really understand why women need so many pairs of shoes. I have mentioned before in one of my articles that men hardly look at what shoes a woman is wearing UNLESS she is wearing a micro mini skirt and has long slender smooth legs which lead the guy’s vision to the shoes (which is obstructing the guy from checking out the legs in full). Now, you ladies, if you don’t understand what I just said, the guys are admiring your species’ smooth long slender legs and whatever shoes you are wearing is of no significance. Even if you are wearing a RM2K shoe with diamonds, most guys will not care less and think the diamonds are fake anyway. However, if you have long slender smooth legs and wear RM2 Japanese slippers, the guys will be drooling when they see a lady with long slender legs with mini skirts or hot pants 🙂

Here is what I mean, if you ladies still cannot comprehend what I wrote above. Who cares what shoes go with those beautiful long slender legs belonging to Jessica Alba. Whatever shoes she wears is irrelevant.



Here is another example where the shoe is irrelevant but I don’t think any guy will even bother to peek at the shoes she’s wearing after seeing those legs!

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GenX GenY GenZ Are All Playing Pokemon Go

Update 14 August 2016 – Melbourne CBD is the best place on earth to play Pokemon Go which is the best FREE game ever designed.

Update 31 July 2016 – I am going to tell you how you can play Pokemon Go in Malaysia


I announced back in May 2016 that I have stopped blogging here at GenX GenY GenZ but I am freaking excited, so much so that I must share with you that I am playing Pokemon Go in Melbourne, hahaha.

GenX GenY GenZ Pokemon Go Intro

If you are a follower of mine, you will know why my blog is called GenX GenY GenZ – Generations Of Our Time. I am from Generation X, and three (3) of my children are Generation Y and my youngest Dragon daughter Generation Z.

If you guys did not know, we from Generation X are the first video gamers on planet earth (those prior to Generation X were more into Pin Ball, hahaha).

I have been playing electronic games ever since I was a kid. The very first video game I played was “table tennis” in a black and white television with a Philips console. My very first “serious” video game console was an Atari (in the late 70s) followed by  Coleco Vision ADAM where I got to play in colour for the first time (1982) and then SEGA Master System (1987). After my sons were born, it was only natural that I got them Playstations, Nintendos and XBox, hahaha.

Between my Atari and Coleco ADAM, I was playing games on a Apple IIe clone in monochrome (green and black).

While I was in Uni, I got my first Intel 8088 laptop (late 80s) where I played Sim City and Romance of The Three Kingdoms in monochrome too.

I tell you, when Ragnarok Online was launched in 2002, I was playing it online together with both my sons (aged 9 and 5 then).  Then when Maple Story Online was launched, all my children played it with me including my youngest Dragon daughter (she was 5 years old at that time). FYI, I have many laptops and PCs in my home as I do burn lots of my hard earned income on electronic devices.

Throughout my working career, I continued to play PC games, sometimes until early in the morning (i.e. 6am if I did not have a meeting in the morning) and then only I will go catch some sleep for a few hours. Sometimes, I would even lock my office room door and play games (if I did not have to visit my work sites), hahahaha.

So from the above, you can see that I am a gaming addict but I had to stop playing serious PC games after I was diagnosed with Glaucoma in 2010.

Sadly, nowadays I only play FREE games that require me to tap here and there on my iPad to past time. All my children and also my wife use Iphones, except me, because I’m too “kedekut” and instead have 3 android phones.

POKEMON GO for Generations X, Y & Z

I flew to Melbourne on 23 July 2016. When I reached my apartment, my eldest daughter told me that she had caught more than 50 Pokemons in the last few days without even leaving the apartment! However, it was kind of late and I was too tired to go check it out.

Today, 24th July 2016, after lunch I installed Pokemon Go into my iPad and Android Phone and I have been playing none stop until just before I started drafting this article!

Well, I managed to catch more than 100 Pokemons in my apartment alone without having to step outside!!! I tell you, my apartment is infested with Pokemons. They are everywhere…. flying around my TV, on my dining table, on my sofa, flying around the refrigerator, on the floor, on my foot and even when I am shitting I managed to catch a Pokemon, hahaha. See photos below:

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My Credit Cards Have Come Full Circle – It’s Time To Move On


The very first “credit” card I managed to get was the American Express Green Charge Card in 1988 while I was still an undergraduate pursuing an Engineering degree in USA. I was upgraded to AMEX Gold Charge Card just before I graduated 🙂 Every time I see my AMEX Charge Card, I get “shiok sendiri” sensations because it states Member Since 88; and if you have been following my blogs the past years, you will know that I am really into the number No.8 🙂

However, I have not been using my AMEX Gold Charge Card for years ever since I got the Maybank 2 Platinum Cards (AMEX Plat + Visa Plat) and subsequently the Maybank 2 Cards Premier (AMEX Reserve + Visa Infinite).

Last year when I called AMEX to request for Annual Fee Waiver for my Gold Charge Card, my request was initially declined; but with my excellent begging skill, I managed to get the AF waived in full. This year (2016), once again I had to call AMEX to get the annual fee waived, however, this time I was told that because I failed to spend RMX amount with it, my request would not be entertained.

So, with a broken heart, I had no choice but to break off the long term relationship I have had with my AMEX Gold Charge Card. With much sadness, I instructed the Customer Service representative to terminate my Gold Charge Card immediately as it would be stupid of me to pay the annual fee and not getting any benefit in return. The CS rep then suggested that I downgrade to the Green Charge Card which is FREE FOR LIFE! I then asked whether the card would still have Member Since 88? And she said YES!!! Without any second thoughts, I immediately agreed to be downgraded – it’s FREE FOR LIFE and best of all I will still get to brag that I have been an AMEX Member Since 88 🙂

Now, most of you know that I have retired; therefore, I have no monthly pay slip, this makes it very hard for me to get a new credit card with an issuer which I have no current credit cards with (e.g. AEON and AmBank).

When we retire, our expenses would reduce drastically and we may not use our credit card as often. What we want is basically a credit card for convenience and emergency cases, therefore, I would suggest that you never ever terminate any of your FREE FOR LIFE (without any conditions whatsoever) credit card(s); because, once you have no salary, it is almost impossible to get a credit card from a new issuer.

Always remember – Cheap No Good, Good No Cheap, FREE IS THE BEST!

I would think that it is best to get FREE FOR LIFE credit cards from Maybank (e.g. Maybank 2 Plat/Gold Cards – AMEX + MasterCard/Visa) and CIMB. Reason being, these are the two largest banks in Malaysia; and thus the possibility of it being around in another 20 or 30 years from now is very good. AmBank credit cards are currently very good since they are also FREE FOR LIFE; but, do you think AmBank would still be around 30 years from now? I would think that it would most probably be merged with other bank(s) sooner or later. Having said this, you should still get AmBank credit card today as they are FREE FOR LIFE 🙂

Coming back to my latest AMEX Green Charge Card, I have now come full circle as far as “credit” cards are concerned. And I take it as a sign telling me to move on, haha.

For the last few months, actually since last year, I have been telling myself that my articles teaching you guys how to earn pocket money will be of no significance later in your life – that’s a fact. Most probably, the only articles that I have published that would benefit you in the long term are the following articles:

Children Education Path – in this article I mentioned that the only reading material you really need to teach your children is Ladybird Peter & Jane series. And by sending your children overseas to world class universities, there is a possibility that you will end up lonely as your children would be working somewhere else on planet earth.

Spending Your Children Future Inheritance – in this article I have taught you that you better go burn your money to accumulate happy memories for your old age and more importantly you can’t take your money to the grave. And if you do not spend your money to enjoy life to the fullest and leave it to your children, you would be pissed off big time in your grave and would try to dig yourself out of it when your child goes and spends your money on other people that are not grateful to you.

The Secret To Eternal Happiness – in this article, the most important message is that you must die happy!

Maybank 2 Cards Premier – those of you who applied for the Maybank 2 Cards Premier after reading my articles on it, would most probably have managed (or will be able) to redeem Business Class ticket(s) for FREE where you otherwise would only fly Economy Class.

With the above mentioned matters and in particular with me coming full circle on credit cards, I regret to inform you that I have decided to stop publishing new articles on matters relating to credit cards and how to earn you pocket money.

I most probably won’t be renewing the Dotcom website come December 2016; therefore, it should be automatically converted to I will let it run for now so other people can still benefit from the articles published.

All the posts in my GenXGenYGenZ Facebook Page will remain as it is for now. You can still message me and please do share good stuff with me; but, I will not necessarily reply or entertain your messages.

As for my GenX Spirits blogs (WordPress and Facebook), they have been deleted (or already in the process of being deleted).


Over the years, many of you have taken the trouble to thank me for my articles and I truly appreciate them. I have made some wonderful iFriends too where many of them share and teach me stuff.

Once again, I would like to thank the following people who have touched my heart in one way or another:

Aanies Contessa, Aaron Lee, Aaron Ng, Aaron Patrick Xavier, Aaron Tang, Adrian Lee, Adrian Soo Yih Ming,  Adrin Low, Afiq Xilantra Azmi, Ahmad Khairuddin Ismail, Aik Chun Tan, Alan Lim Tze Guan, Alan Ling, Alex Ho, Alex Lam, Alfred Khew, Alicia Kok Yu Ming, Alicia Quek, Allan Tky, Allen Sim, Allison Teoh, Alvis Lee, Andre Ooi, Andrew Woo, Andy Gen, Andy Lim, Andy Lye, And Giang Poh, Ang Kok Keong, Ann Lee, Anna Lim,  Anter Tey, AnQi Chew, Arvin Mogana, Asa Mi, Ayam Sam.

Barlog Teoh, Baskaran Basky Palgunen, Bayon Kit, Ben Yap, Ben Yu Yung Ching, Benjamin Jia Ming, Benjamin Son, Benjy Tan, Boon Hau, Frian Hong.

c teo, C F Lai Eric, Catherine Lim, Carman Lau, Carmen Lim, Cedric Kok Kee Wong, Cee Elle, Celeste Lee, CH Lau, Chan Hua Chin, Chan Wai Hong, Chan Wai Yoong, Chandler Kwek, Charles Lee, Chea Yee, Chee Chiew Wong, Chee Kian, Chee Poh See, Chen Hsian Hooi, Chen Siew Ping, Cheng Jit Ming, Cheng Leong Liew, Cheng Shan Chung, ChengWei Lau, Cheong Kwok Wah, Chew Ann Yuen, Chew Kian Peng, Chew Mei Leong, Chewie Kheng Yee, Chin Chun How, Chin Hong, Chin Theng Mee, Chin Yit, Ching Aik, Chong Kock Tong, ChoonKee Wong, Choon Seng Lim, Chris Teoh, Christine Heng, Christine Ong, Chua SY, Chun Han, Chun Hua H’ng, Ck Chin, Cindy Cheok, Cindy Liew,  CrossPlane Rumble, Cougman Chan.

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Zaiman Noris, Zaini Elias, Zainul Anuar, Zena Zag, Zhi Jiang Tan, Zi Bing.


Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have signed up as a Follower at blogspot, those who have contributed to my past articles in one way or another and every one of you who have Liked my GenX GenY GenZ Facebook. I wish you the best of luck in your future undertakings and may you be blessed with perpetual happiness and good health.

Last but not least – always remember Cheap No good, Good No Cheap, FREE is the Best!

Goodbye and signing off for the last time as GenX.

BAD NEWS – Revision To Maybank Treats Points April 2016

Another credit card Announcement by GenX @

UPDATE – after I published this article, an iFriend messaged me at Facebook to inform that the AEON Watami is no longer being issued to new customers!!! WTF!!!

A few of my iFriends messaged me yesterday and today to highlight that Maybank will be downgrading their credit cards’ benefits once again Effective 15th April 2016!!!

Maybank Treats Points Revision 2016

Maybank Premier Credit Cards –

MAybank Revision Premier Cards April 2015

From the above table, effective 15 April 2016, we will get ZERO Treat Points relating to government transactions, e.g. Quit Rent and Assessment. PTPTN repayments may also be affected since we have to pay online via a government related website (click here to read my PTPTN article).

But what will affect me most is that I will only be earning 1 Treat Point for every  Ringgit spent with my Maybank 2 Cards Premier for transactions relating to Education and Insurance. WTF! Looks like I have to switch to other cards to pay my children’s tuition fees.

Maybank Platinum and Gold Credit Cards –

Maybank Revision Treat Points Credit Cards April 2015

Maybank Revision Treat Points Gold Credit Cards April 2015

For Maybank Platinum and Gold Credit Cards, as you can observe, it is worst off but generally the Maybank American Express credit cards will still earn 1X TP for transactions relating to Education (but not many school accept AMEX), Utilities, Petrol and Insurance.


Education Related Transactions

Like I mentioned above, what will hit me most is the Education Category where I will only earn 1X TP for every Ringgit Spent. What this means is I will only earn 1 Enrich Mile with every RM4.770 spent on my children’s tuition fee in Australia.

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AEON BiG Gold & Classic Visa Credit Card Review

Another Credit Card Review by GenX @


I often get messages from people asking me what credit cards are good based on their spending pattern instead of simply asking what’s the best credit card. This is indeed good as it shows that my FREE articles/tutorials have somewhat taught others that no 2 credit cards are the same and one needs to have the right card to earn some meaningful returns based on his/her own spending pattern.

And if someone gives me the breakdown of their monthly expenses and have done some homework to identify cards that may benefit them, I’m more than happy to assist them further for FREE.

The best are the ones who use the info I have provided in my articles and then go do further research on the card, e.g. by calling Customer Service or reading the T&C, and then message me to let me know their findings (and even correcting my mistakes) so I can share with others 🙂

And what I appreciate most is when someone selflessly takes the trouble to share detailed information that benefit everyone. For example, below is what Sherine Lee commented at my Facebook Page recently back in January 2016 when I published my Top 10 Credit Cards in Malaysia – Episode III:

“Hi would u consider aeon big credit card? I think it’s a good entry level credit card as the gold card give 6X plaza lounge access, up to 15% for Aeon big grocery purchase, and 2% cash back for overseas and online purchases. So far I had been quite happy with the card”.

In my reply to Sherine Lee’s comment, I mentioned that I will look into the card after I return from Melbourne.

Well, I did look into the AEON Big Credit Card and to my surprise, the AEON Big Credit Card is indeed a freaking good credit card. If anyone were to ask me now – “what is The Best Credit Card to use at AEON Big? The answer will be the AEON Big Credit Card!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sherine Lee for teaching me about the AEON Big Credit Card 🙂

AEON credit cards are mostly entry level credit cards, but this does not mean that they are useless. In actual fact, AEON credit cards are packed with really good benefits, e.g. FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges nationwide (AEON Gold Credit Card Visa and MasterCard) and meaningful cash back ( click here to read my review of the AEON Watami Visa Credit Card which earns you 3% cash back for any type of  transactions including online except for Petrol).

Now I am going to present to you a freaking long review of the AEON Big Visa Credit Card,  just kidding…. it’s kind of short for my standard, hahaha.

AEON Big Gold Classic Visa Cash Back Credit Card


Annual Income Requirement: RM24K for Classic and RM36K for Gold.

Annual Fee: Waived with 12 transactions per year.

AEON BiG Member Card: Upon signing up for the AEON BiG Visa Credit Card, you will be issued an AEON Big Member Card that earns you BiG Points which you can use to redeem for Cash Back at AEON Big Cashier Counters. 1000 BiG Points – RM1 Cash Rebate. Consider the AEON BiG Points as bonus to the “real” cash back benefit mentioned below.


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