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CNY 2020 Huat Ah! Ang Pow Lai, Ang Pau Lai And More Ang Pao Lai

Another Chinese New Year Red Packets Presentation by GenX @ http://www.GenXGenYGenZ.com

I am pleased to present to you another of my annual ritual which is to share with you the Ang Pau or Ang Bao or Ang Pow packets from the banks. But I have been getting lazier over the years and this year did not even bother to visit my RHB Premier Banking RM and Alliance Bank Priority Banking RM for ask for Ang Pows. I was at Maybank but forgot to ask for their red packets, hahaha.

Since it is the year of the rat, I will start of with Mickey Mouse 🙂 Many companies have adopted Mickey Mouse design in their red packets this year.

Mickey Mouse Red Packet Ang Pau 2020

Malaysia Banks’ and Finance Related Ang Pows

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