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A Message To Prepare You For 2019 And Beyond

Happy New Year 2019!

Well, I guess it is customary for everyone with good intentions to wish you the best and it is the same for me. I wish everybody reading this a wonderful 2019 and beyond.

However, the good wishes you get means nothing if you have no planning for the future. Yeah, it is like running around like a headless chicken and ending up nowhere.

I tell you, shit happens! And if you are prepared for every possible scenario, whatever bad situations you are in can be easily tackled without any issues.

If you have been reading the news, real news not Facebook okay, you will know that the stock market has been falling globally. Now, it is not guaranteed that we will be in a recession in 2019 BUT based on stock market which is a leading indicator, we may.

Most if not all of you who are reading this are educated, thus, earning big bucks or will eventually. My article titled EPF and Average Salary of Graduates in Malaysia (click here to read it) which was published back in March 2018 shows you the best paying jobs in Malaysia. As you can see, graduates do command high salaries once they reach managerial position especially if one has a degree related to Accounting, Engineering, IT and Medicine.

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